Saturday, September 15, 2012

Manitoba makes its Euro-debut in October. They'll bring the roof in (not literally but you know what I mean?) at the fabulous El Sol in Madrid on October 4th of this calendar year. Here are all the dates...

Miércoles 3 - VALENCIA - El Loco

Jueves 4 - MADRID - El Rudie Sol

Viernes 5 - SANTANDER - Escenario Santander

Sábado 6 - VITORIA - Hell Dorado

Lunes 8 - Cadiz - Supersonic

...Martes 9 - ALCALÁ DE HENARES - Ego Live

Miércoles 11 - LOGROÑO - Biribay Jazz Club

Jueves 11 - SANTANDER - Centro Niemeyer

Viernes 12 - BURGOS - Estudio 27

Sábado 13 - Bilbao - Kafe Antzokia

Thanks to Stephen Doyle for the head's up.

Update - well, further signage if such a thing is necessary of my grey matter disfunction, DR is obviously one of The Boys and I guess that should have been evident. Anyway hands up to being a dolt, that doesn't take away from this being great and the album sounds like it's probably a belter too. Check out his site.