Sunday, August 21, 2011

Encore by mxrich

I need to compile a complaint form to First Scotrail. They’re useless. They can’t cope with demand for their services and yesterday was the proverbial straw that broke the big hairy spitting creature’s back. A rugby game and the world’s biggest festival on a very sunny day – droves heading east to spend their hard-earned in Edinburgh and the infrastructure can’t cope. It can’t bloody cope under normal conditions.

Still that aside, the David Sedaris show was great. I was always a big fan of his sister Amy but my pal Fiona gave me one of his books last Christmas and I actually read it. My info junkie demeanour doesn’t often grant me that patience but I did. So to catch his reading was a great opportunity and it’s the coolest thing of its type I’ve seen since David Lynch at the GFT. He is a little DL-ish to my mind. At the signing, he told me that he’d never heard an accent like mine and Mr Shaw – who went to the show last night, I went Friday – he said he mentioned what could have been me. Alluding to the fact that I had the strongest Scots accent he ever heard. Which kind of counters what Brother Don reckoned when we spoke last week, ha ha.

I did drop by to get another book signed yesterday evening so that was another mission accomplished.

Today I’m gonna take a walk up to the “set” for World War Z that’s taking place close to the oil refinery. Brad Pitt is apparently in town and until now that’s always been Glasgow rhyming slang for something a bit unsavoury. I’m sure you can figure it out. Anyways I’m only going because Gry said I should.

This has been a weird day, could be about to get weirder but I just transferred an important new pop opus to my mp3 player and I’m heading out the door. Laters...