Monday, February 02, 2009

No disruption to report in this 'hood but "the London" has ground to a halt after something like 6 inches of snow. We're supposed to take a hammering tonight but I'll believe it when I get up tomorrow and find out I can't get to work. Once again, the UK has proven itself to be utterly incapable of handling something that really shouldn't make one iota of difference.

It's just damp and slushy here. Fairly unpleasant with the possibility of slipping and landing on one's tucus high. And I have to go bloody out in it... maybe you do too? You have my sympathies if that's the case. I've mislaid the links I was gonna put up here. That's clever isn't it?
It's actually snowed overnight so that should present some fun in getting around today.

How about that, the weather report was actually right(ish) for once. Let's hear it for "severe disruption across Britain". Provided that you're not stuck in it or have been affected.