Monday, April 04, 2011

Travelled to what used to be deepest, darkest Leith yesterday evening. No evidence of sunshine by that time but certainly, in terms of gentrification, the area is unrecognisable. The bus service is good too and could virtually be perceived as joined up until you get to Waverley and what passes for a rail timetable. But still, it’s not often that a resident of Springfield, Mo. Comes to town so a certain amount of effort needs to be exercised. I won’t be travelling down there to visit the mall anytime soon that's for damn sure. The Scottish Government offices look like Marineville and I guess that Stingray was out in the forth someplace?

The hastily arranged Auld Reekie debut of Cindy Woolf went pretty well under the circumstances. Hopefully the next one will be subject to a little more notice.

Just about to switch this thing off. I'm doing reasonably well with not firing it up in the AM so a similar experiment for the evenings would seem like a plan. Not that I have anything better to do but it's a test of sorts. Pretty sure I'll fold and jump on again in a couple hours but you never know.

Maybe I have more willpower than I think I do.