Monday, February 27, 2006

BMX Bandits caught on camera during their recent Japanese tour.

New album MY CHAIN out soon on Rev-Ola...
Ben Weasel telling it like it is and oughtta be. Amen, etc.


It's time for THE GREASE MONKEYS first gig of the year (hey - we bin hibernatin'!) w/ a coupla great bands in the form of Edinburgh's PLASTIC ADULTS and Glasgow's hardy perrenials, THE POISON SISTERS Here's the lowdown....

FRIDAY 3RD MARCH at STEREO, Kelvinhaugh St., Glasgow; doors: 8.30, first band: 9.15; just £3 entry...


...and if you're not all rocked out after that, THE THANES are playing a late-nite show at the Barfly that same night. Punters wishing to catch both shows are welcome to cadge a lift in the Grease Monkeywagon down to the Barfly (space allowing!) Thank you and Goodnight! ...Jim (the Grease Monkeys CEO)"

Saturday, February 25, 2006

On top of everyting else here, it seems like there are some problems with this here computer. Might take a week or so to facilitate a fix so that's the situation. Over and out (before I catch the cyberequivalent of bird flu or whatever).

Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Arthur Lee's back in Memphis, and has a new Love!

In probably the strangest, and most pleasing, bit of music news that I can remember is the revelation that Arthur Lee is currently in his home city of Memphis, rehearsing with a new line-up of Love, comprising of the Bluff City's finest rock'n'rollers!

The new line-up looks like this (hold onto yer hats, kids):





Guitarist Ron Franklin also chipped in with the comment, "The Arthur thing is a constant suprise. Phone rings and I just do what they tell me. but pretty far out to play Love songs I play with The Natural Kicks and then look over and, hey, that's Arthur." Seems a perfectly resonable, very Memphis attitood to me!

So there you have it, ladies and germs, something of a musical match made in Memphis ...

I can't wait to see these guys play!

Joss (Sonic Reducer)"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Kid Congo Powers is celebrating the release of two albums on March 3, 2006 at Tonic.

The first, Solo Cholo, is a career-spanning compilation focusing on the legendary guitarist’s work as a vocalist and songwriter from 1985 to the present. The second, Philosophy and Underwear, is the debut recording of his current New York band, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds - in which Kid not only sings, but also plays blistering dual guitars with ace Jack Martin (Knoxville Girls, Honeymoon Killers, etc.). After twenty-five years in the recording business (The Cramps’ Psychedelic Jungle was 1981), these two albums are the first full-length recordings that focus on Kid’s songs. The event also marks New York Night Train webzine’s debut as a record label. For this momentous occasion Kid has gathered an all-star cast of collaborators, friends, and favorites that will amount to one of the most unusual assemblages of underground figures in downtown history.

The headliner is of course Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. The Birds will also back up Thalia Zedek (ex-Come, Live Skull, Uzi, etc.) on a few Gun Club numbers (Zedek is the vocalist who reminds Kid most of Jeffrey Lee Pierce).Another highlight of the evening is the reunion of the original New York version of Congo Norvell – Kid, Sally Norvell (actress, ex-Norvells, Prohibition, etc.), Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Vanity Set, ex-Sonic Youth, Cramps, etc.), Paul Wallfisch (Botanica, ex-Firewater, Love and Rockets, etc.), and Brian Emrich (film composer, ex-Foetus, Toasters, etc.). In addition to the pairing of both a current and former member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the show is also significant in that it marks this acclaimed ensemble’s first performance of the 21st Century. Kid will also join German experimental musician/producer/arranger Marcus Schmicklr (AKA Pluramon) in providing the accompaniment for Twin Peaks diva Julee Cruise. The Electroputas (Social Registry Records!), Botanica (Paul Wallfisch’s project), and Stu Spasm (ex-Lubricated Goat, Crunt, etc.) will perform short sets. A final significant musical event will be the New York debut of a brand new downtown supergroup, Size Queens - featuring Jack Martin, Bob Bert (International Shades, ex-Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, etc.), Ron Ward (Speedball Baby, ex-Blood Oranges, etc.) and Sean Maffucci ( Icewater Scandal). The night’s master of ceremonies is none other than Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), and the evening’s DJ is the eternal sassiest boy in America, Ian Svenonius (Weird War, ex-Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses, etc.). A few unannounced special surprise guests will make appearances as well.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"ok, so this time it's solid. this will be our only show stateside before heading over for the gigs in Spain. Ledge, Aaron, Mort and Dave C. will all be present and accounted for. Advance tickets will be available thru the nightlight via their website.

Here's the dope:

MONO MEN [Bellingham, WA]
THE BRIAN ELLIOT BAND [Anacortes, WA] - featuring ex and current members of Gravel, The Pounding Serfs & Burl

SATURDAY APRIL 8TH - 9:30 PM - $10

PHONE: 360-527-1531

hope to see y'all there!

Dave C."

Mort has set up a Mono Men web site, so check there for updates...

and the Spanish dates for those who find themselves there:

MONO MEN – 3 únicos shows en España tras 10 años


12/April/2006 – Vitoria @ Helldorado

14/April/2006 – Madrid @ Gruta 77

15/April/2006 – Ponferrada @ Freakland Festival – Cottom Club + The Beasts Of Bourbon + The Black Halos + Demolition Doll Rods + Paul Collins (The Beat) +…

"Following on from our last night where 300 January revellers came out to froog, shimmy and groove to the likes of The Sonics, Buzzcocks, and Groovin With Mr Bloe, MONDO A GO-GO welcomes guest DJ's Vic Galloway (BBC Radio 1 and Scotland) and Mark Bain (Mod Rally Trooper and All-nighter Veteran) to its decks this Satuday 25th February. It will all be happening in The LOFT @ THE VENUE, Calton Road, Edinburgh. Tunes start 11pm, fun at Midnight."

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Just been given the nod to reproduce this fine testament to Alpo which appears on the Norton website. There are some photos there too so please visit the source...
(Thanks to Miriam and Billy as always)

As Tears Go By: I Remember Alpo

by Miriam

I saw the Real Kids for the first time in the Spring of 1977 when CBGB's hosted a weekender of Boston bands. They blew my tiny little brain to bits and proceeded to do so each and every time I saw them. The original lineup of John Felice, Allen "Alpo" Paulino, Billy Borgioli and Howie Ferguson has continued to deliver the same brand of pure teenage energy in their occasional reunions over the years. I became pals with the band that first night at CBGB's, just before they signed with Marty Thau, who was hatching his new record label, Red Star Records. In fact, it was the band who asked Marty to hire me as the press agent at Red Star, a job that taught me a lot about the biz. One of the first tasks at hand at the label was attending the recording sessions for the Real Kids debut album, an amazing experience that I'll never forget. (I had been in a recording studio just once before, when the Cramps recorded their first demos at Bell Sound with Richard Robinson-- and that had been quite the experience, banging the tubs in the same room that Teenage Head was cut.) But now, watching the Real Kids explode with their own brand of anger-exuberance-angst fueled with endless beer and pizza, near fist-fights and regular blow-ups, I felt like I was privy to the making of something that would change the world. Records had always been one big giant mystery to me- how a piece of revolving plastic could initiate a physical and emotional response from the listener was incredible enough, but watching the band blast through the sounds that would end up on wax was, and still is, nothing short of miraculous.

It would be some years before I visited a pressing plant in person and saw blobs of PVC being stamped into rock n' roll records-- that, friends, is better than any thrill ride in the world. The sight, sound and smell of molten wax and steam and sweaty machine operators, the clang and bang and hiss-- oh, man! But I digress. So, John and Alpo came stayed at my apartment on East 5th Street when the band came down from Boston to record the debut album, and I got to know them as the genuine, fabulous people that they were. I remember one night off from the studio, we went to the Bottom Line to see Tom Petty, who was starting to make some noise. The guys didn't like him a bit, and expressed their displeasure. Alpo was quite vocal in his peanut gallery commentary and sure enough, all three of us were quickly pulled up by the collars and removed from the premises. John decided to stop over at Marty's pad and Alpo and I headed over to my place to listen to records and read old teen magazines. He was great at doing soft spoken Brian Jones imitations-- a major Rolling Stones fanatic. That one night, we were blasting records and yapping til about three in the morning, waiting for John to come back. When he didn't return, we figured he'd decided to stay over at Marty's with Howie and Billy. Early in the morning, when the sun was coming up and we were on our umpteenth cup of coffee, we heard a loud thud in the hallway. When Alpo opened the door, we found John lying on the floor, covered with blood. "Why didn't you open the door?" he wailed. He had been beaten up by some jocks on the block, and had made it up six flights before he had collapsed. He said he didn't have the strength to knock any more, but could hear us in the front room blasting records, having fun. I'll never forget Alpo dragging John in and cleaning him up, all logic and clarity and responsibility, quietly promising vengeance on the curs who had done this to his friend. That night came back in conversations with Alpo over the years-- we would talk quite honestly and naturally about life and music and the future and how great it was to be alive and how everybody who thought different were obviously wrong because we were so RIGHT.

We had the same conversation six weeks ago, right around Christmas, when Alpo called, bursting with joy about a great idea that he was putting into action. He said he had quit being a drug counselor and that he was looking to get a job at a coffee shop so that he could concentrate on putting together a band called C. Watts (for Charlie!), made up of guys who had never played instruments before. In fact, they were on their way to go buy some drums, and Alpo was asking about what all they should get-- I advised him to get the smallest kit possible and we have some laughs about the less-is-more mentality. I was thrilled to hear Alpo in such excellent spirits, and again we talked about how great it was that the Stones were still on top and that rock n' roll was still running our lives. Alpo was a gentleman, a considerate, intelligent, thoughtful, energetic human being with immense talent, not only as a bass player, but as a singer. His harmonies with John are absolutely inimitable, and essential to their sound. He never veered from that attitude, that he was clued into the Real Deal, that he was doing good work by playing and living rock n' roll. You've heard stories of his heartaches, his battles with personal demons, his overcoming the accident in which he lost fingers- no small thing to a stringbuster! He overcame all of these setbacks, survived them with a heart as clear and fresh and busting with positivity as I had ever heard it. He said he would call again from a C. Watts rehearsal and have the band play some stuff over the phone, but that call did not come. I figured either they weren't ready to be heard, or that some members had fallen through the cracks. But I had counted on getting that call eventually, with some wildass beat-happy mayhem blasting incoherently over the other end, probably blazing through an inept Get Off My Cloud with a great bass line. Alpo's funeral is tomorrow morning. It'll be a cold, lonesome drive up to Boston on the Mass Pike and then further along on Route 128 (and the power lines) up to Beverly, where last prayers will be canted in memory of our friend. Our love and condolences to Allen's family, and to John, Howie, and Billy of the original Real Kids and to the sophomore lineup's Billy Cole, too, and to the Nervous Eaters, the Cheater Slicks and unnamed C. Wattsters and everyone everywhere who basked, at one time or many, in the glory of our friend Alpo.

Better Be Good...

- Miriam Linna

Billy and I drove up to Beverly, Mass (Alpo's home town, north of Boston) for the funeral yesterday. John Felice, Billy Borgioli and Howie Ferguson, the remaining original Real Kids-- brothers-- as far as I'm concerned- these guys were more of a gang than a band! It was a freezing cold New England day, the wind whipping across the cemetary. A huge old oak tree had lost a massive branch near Alpo's final resting place. I kept staring at that branch. A lifeless metaphor, torn from the defiant oak, which will bud and continue to grow after the winter. So much for waxing poetic, nature and its glaring glory! So there was a graveside service and afterward, Alpo's family (survived by his dad and his brother Conrad "Connie" Paulino) asked friends and neighbors to share memories at the Danversport Yacht Club, which was the closest location for folks to gather. It was pretty hard, a lot of original fans and new ones too. Slides and a filmed interview with Alpo were shown, and the family had brought out photos of Alpo as a kid, the usual humorous diapers and Santa Claus stuff. I dug the teenage "don't take my picture" photos that we all can relate to! When the time came for Conrad to say some words, he couldn't do it, so I was asked to get the ball rolling, I guess as the outta town olde-tymer. I was unprepared to yap but once I got behind the podium, it was easy to praise this fabulous friend who gave us great sounds and shared an attitudinal exhuberance that fairly flies out the grooves of the records he played on. I called Howie up, as I knew he had plenty to say, being as he was Alpo's bookend as the Real Kids rhythm section. Howie spoke haltingly, pausing several times to gather his thoughts, about the special relationship he had with Alpo, about the unique link between drummers and bass players. It was a tough afternoon. One of the lighter moments, however, was meeting the guy who "Do The Boob" was written about. He came over and said, "I'm the guy who did "The Boob". We spoke for a while, he confessing that the only thing he remembered about the dance was clapping with his wrists, as mentioned in the song. The guy is immortal, as far as I'm concerned-- only in Boston! Billy and I drove the four and a half hours back home and planned to go out and catch the Dirtbombs at Southpaw and the Black Lips at the Local, but we both passed out with our clothes on, mid-sentence, like proverbial lights, once we got home into the warm. I guess we were way more exhausted than we thought. It's hard to grasp the meaning behind mortality. But life is for living-- full speed ahead, 'cause the boat starts a slow leak from the day we pop off the dock. I know Alpo went full throttle, even when his little ship started taking on water in a big way. God bless Allen Paulino.

Not since its inception in 1984 has Cinderella story record label Pravda Records released so many diverse, exciting, and important releases in the month of March. Here is a taste of the sweetness…


From the man who penned sweaty, low-down R&B cuts such as Shake A Tailfeather, Cadillac Jack, Jailbait, Twine Time & Bacon Fat is back! The Black Godfather may have just turned 70, but damn he looks good and still sounds so delicious. Andre called on the “ambassadors of instrumental soul” The Diplomats Of Solid Sound (Estrus) to deliver his most soul-soaked album to date.

THE GOLDSTARS: “Purple Girlfriend” Coming March 2006!

Our favorite Chicago “All Star” foursome stumbled out of the garage and handed us their most raucous, high-powered opus to date. Producer Ted Cho somehow captures the energy & intensity of The Goldstars live act while realizing the great songs that make Goldstar fans shake their asses on the dance floor and hum there tunes on the cab ride home...

CHEER-ACCIDENT: “Variations On A Goddamn Old Man II”

This is the second installment in a series of recordings made at home and the band's practice space between 1995 and 1999. It can only be described as a voyeuristic glimpse into the psyche of Cheer-Accident, one of Chicago's longest running and most fascinating musical groups. Always unpredictable, but never disappointing.

FORTUNES: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - featuring the music of Tobin Sprout

From former Guided By Voices guitarist & songwriter comes the perfect backdrop of a story about three old friends (Mike McGlone, James Urbaniak, Tony Hale) who find themselves receiving visions of there future from a Fortuneteller. Which leads them to the timeless question: Are our lives simply what we make of them or is there indeed such a thing as “fate”? Also includes music by The Mulchmen, Chris Day and others.

ANDRE WILLIAMS AND THE GOLDSTARS: “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock N’ Roll)” special 7” single

While on tour in Europe recently, Andre dragged around an old beat-up boombox blasting this AC/DC gem and demanding he record it at once. What Andre wants, Andre gets. But who better than Chicago’s own garage “All-Star” misfits The Goldstars to back him. But here’s the catch, they wouldn’t do it unless the B-side was The Beastie Boys #1 party anthem “Fight For Your Right”. A classic.

For further information, contact Matt Favazza at"

Michael Davis of the MC5 - March 3 @ Debaser in Stockholm...
It's both weird and satisfyin' at the same time to see how this thing I was involved with about a decade ago keeps rearin' it's ugly head. This week it's made the short-list for best-ever Dutch rock book. And yeah, your vote will be mucho appreciated ;-) (scrowl down, and vote fore 'Het Gejuich Was Massaal'). Maybe this will gear-up somebody to put up the cash for an updated/expanded edition. It's doin' $75 on eBay these days, so obviously there's a market for it out there...
OK, start packin' you kids. The first acts for this year's Primitive fest in Rotterdam are now confirmed...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some guy clearing his attic. Forget about the prices. Just take a peek, copy 'n paste...
RIP - Ray Barretto

Check this website out, lots of free mp3 from the singer in such excellent Norwegian bands as Cosmic Dropouts, Kwyet Kings and The Lust-O-Rama.

Best, Tom Erik"

Thanks to Tom for the heads-up...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whats goin on with Crypt??
Let's hear it for a severely disturbed sleep pattern... however, I did discover that there's a new entry in the Wreckless Eric diary which includes an op to score copies of the Hitsville House Band elpee. I'll probably feel like falling over by the time it's time to go to work. I'm sure there was something else that should be communicated at this point but it doesn't seem to want to spring to mind. Bollocks to it then.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gary Pig Gold Recommends Ten That You May Have Missed in 2005...more

"Question: You’re in an up and coming band… Having spent the previous three years gigging around the clubs and theatres of the UK and mainla nd Europe, you’re offered the chance to open for one of the world’s biggest bands at the start of their European Tour. After three sell out shows and a warm reception at each, what’s your next move?

Well, if you’re TV21, you split up. Backstage at Edinburgh Playhouse and three nights into the Rolling Stones European Tour, TV21 chose to break up… 24 years ago, in May 1982.

Formed in 1979 and having released a string singles and one album, “A Thin Red Line,” the band had grown frustrated at their inability to break through to the next level and decided to quit while they were ahead. And that was the end of that, until last October, when out of the blue, they agreed to perform as part of the John Peel Day gigs organised around the country to mark the anniversary of the DJ’s death.

Peel had been a huge influence on the band and it seemed entirely appropriate to get together for the event. The gig, at Edinburgh’s Citrus Club, was an unqualified success, if a little rough at the edges, though that was hardly surprising after twenty three years, the introduction of a new drummer and only two rehearsals! Most surprising for the three original band members was simply how much they enjoyed playing again. So, now they’re back – for fun and as long as it stays that way.

Catch them while you can!"

TV21 are: -
Neil Baldwin – bass guitar
Simon McGlynn – drums
Ally Palmer – guitar
Norman Rodger – vocals, guitar

"Sonic Reducer vs Must Destroy - The Final Countdown? Saturday February 18th!

Hey Folks

Alan and Ian from Must Destroy obviously know a whole heap about wreck'n'roll, from The Darkness to Guitar Wolf this DJ duo has grappled with the best of 'em, so it'll be a bout to remember at Sonic Reducer on February 18th, when they face-off against yer ever-lovin' tag team of BigKegShandy and TeenSlain. Under the watchful eyes of the 'Reducer massive, and special guest referee Tony 'Birthday Boy' Thewlis (The Scientists/Interstellar Villains/The Scoundrelles/Chris Wilson & His Famous Groovin' Flames), this eight-handed double-dream team will do vinyl battle (to the deaf!) with the finest 45rpm chokehold ammo!

As per, our righteous aural onslaught of rock'n'drool, soul, funk, psych, garage, electronica, mutant country, beat, ska, soundtracks, etc, will be accompanied by the finest visual treats from the Sonic Reducer archive - big beat on the big screen!

We'll also be spinning a vinyl requiem for Boston, Mass. rock'n'roll idol Alan 'Alpo' Paulino of The Real Kids, who passed away recently ...

So gird yer loins, check that jockstrap, polish them spurs, tease yer barnet, and make for the bar ...

See ya there!


Joss & Joe"

Sonic Reducer @ Filthy MacNasty's
68 Amwell Street
London EC1V
Nearest Tube is Angel / King's Cross
Saturday February 18th, 7pm-11.30pm, FREE ENTRY"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Playlist and general update: It's kinda weird, but my fave disc of the past week or so is Chris Stamey's The Summer Sun (Ork, 1977). Not that it's a weird disc or whatev, it's just that it's still icy cold over here and I've been sufferin' from a ongoin' cold/flue for well over a week now. Coughin', weezin', sneezin' and the compulsory tsunami of snot. Hardly the right mindset for diggin' this Chilton produced Spectorish gem. "Oh summer sun where art thou?" Speakin' of uncle Phil, I've recently dug up this 1976 45 by Stars In The Sky, a duo consisting of Dan and David Kessel, sons of Spector sidekick Barney Kessel. Both Baby Hold On and Love (What A Feeling) have that patented wall of sound, while the former also sports a stingy Edmunds-type solo. As good as anything on Shake Some Action, no kiddin'. Speakin' of which, The New Legion Rock Spectacular's take on Second Cousin (Spectatcular, 1975), must be one of the first (and best!) Groovies covers ever, almost beatin' Loney & Co. at their own game. Anybody familiar with their full-length from around the same time? The Fast's Kids Just Wanna Dance (Ram, 1977) is a solid Chin/Chap-like pop tune (produced by Richard Gottehrer, no less). These guys got a recent comp on Munster that's OK-ish at best, but this and their track on the first Max's disc are their best songs. Standard powerpop fare by now I guess, but the Rubinoos' I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Beserkley, 1979) is still on heavy rotation here at HQ. Fans of this kind o' stuff might wanna check out Nada Surf's latest album The Weight Is A Gift, slightly more moody in Big Star-ish way next to the exuberant Rubinoos, but a contender anyway. One day I'm gonna write a re-appraisal for the mucho malignered Akron Ohio scene, 'cause I've been spinnin' these age ol' Clone 45s like hell recently. Bizarros, Human Switchboard, Rubber City Rebels, Waitresses and even Tin Huey. The Stiff comp that started the hype is still available cheap and serves as a fine introduction. Damn, it's gettin' late and I still wanna tell you about the Twinkeys' Aliens In Our Midst and the Quick's Pretty Please. Better save 'm for next time. Over and out. Aaaaaa-choo!
Upcoming showings of the ROKY film in Europe, YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME (Thanks to HT for the heads up)

» 24 Mar - 9 Apr 2006: NatFilm International Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)

» 26 & 27 Apr 2006: Triptych Festival (Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Barrence Whitfield and the Hemsby House Band were on fine form last night at the Water Rats in London. Barrence dusted-off several tunes from his early platters - Big Mamou; Juicy Fruit; Stop Twisting My Arm - while the Hemsby House band kicked-up a storm every bit as potent as the Savages (#1 or #2). Tickets for the show were a bit on the steep side, fifteen quid to see a band in the back room of a pub, but towards the end mind and body started to go their separate ways as the mesmerising force of the music took hold. Money well spent as plainly the there is at least one black man who can still sing the rhythm and blues. Mr Whitfield returns to Europe in May so make plans to reinforce your windows now.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Oh dear, the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time.
Of course, everybody is entitled to their opinion but sometimes that angle is just plain wrong. That intrinsic right, in such an instance should be vetoed. Take for instance the somnabulist journalism involved with a swathe of the bozos who have reviewed Amy Allison's new album. One gimp had the audacity to suggest that Catatonica's singer's chalk-board screech was bearable and Amy's unique style wasn't. Leaving the voice aspect to the side for a cotton-pickin' minute, there is NOTHING vaguely listenable about said singer or combo AT ALL. When I come into contact with them, I switch the appliance that is foisting 'em upon me OFF. Leave it for 3 minutes and turn it back on again (sometimes). Anyway, I've sent a note to the cyberpublication that printed said pish, suggesting that the idiot who wrote it be acquainted with the utensil known as the cotton bud.

My faith in just about everything has taken a severe tanking lately. The death rattle of what was once known as the music business is just the tip of a very, what looks like from this position (known as the arse-end), unscaleable iceberg. Still, forward motion must be attempted and that's the direction I intend attempting. It might involve some doubling back. Or a short-cut here and there but I've fucking had it up to here with this holding position. Moving and shaking. Movers and shakers. All trying to pile in to a lifeboat that is going down, down and thrice down.

Somewhere on the flipside, common sense will reign and said idiots will be washed ashore somewhere very far from my line of sight or sense of smell and that's about as upbeat as I can muster at the minute.

Myspace crashed my pc again a wee while ago as I was investigating the Girl Trouble domain. Such occurrances don't buoy the mood.
Readers in Japan should be aware of this, just snaffled from the BMX Bandits site

"Three of us BMX Bandits will be coming to Japan in February 2006 to do some intimate semi-acoustic shows. The three are David Scott, Stuart Kidd and me (Duglas T Stewart). We'll be doing special stripped down arrangements of BMX Bandits songs, including golden oldies and songs off the soon to be released MY CHAIN album (February/ March 2006). You'll also get the chance to see and hear versions of some excellent songs from The Pearlfishers' book of perfect pop. Here are the details of the dates and venues:

14/02/2006 Osaka BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with The Cannanes, Tenniscoats

16/02/2006 Kyoto BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with The Cannanes, Tenniscoats at cafe-independant

17/02/2006 Nagoya BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with The Cannanes, Tenniscoats at Nagoya kd japon

18/02/2006 Tokyo - David Scott solo performance - venue to be confirmed

19/02/2006 Tokyo BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with Plectrum, Miniskirt at Shibuya O'nest

We'll have a few special surprises for you so hope you can come along."

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dutch readers are advised to tune in to Nederland 3 this tuesday (20:25) for an edited version of the excellent End Of The Century Ramones documentary.

Brother Patrick caught The Fleshtones in Évreux, France on 10th February 2006

"Last night, The Fleshtones played in Évreux as part of their European 30th anniversary tour. Opening act was The Neurotic Swingers, a French combo who seem to have success elsewhere, like in Japan and Spain. Maybe for us Frenchies, they sound too much like The Dogs – that's The (French) Dogs, who released “19”, the best 1977 punk song ever (no, it’s not the Users “Sick Of You” and if you don’t agree, well, you're wrong). By the way, The Swingers covered “19” at the end of their set. Another connection with The Dogs is that the Fleshtones latest record is a 10” titled “Allo Brooklyn, Ici montmartre”, sung in French by Tony Truant & the Fleshtones. Tony was a member of the Dogs Mk. 2, the line up that recorded “Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood”, an album for all Flamin’ Groovies fans circa “Shake Some Action”, “Now” and “Jumpin’ In The Night”.

The Fleshtones are older but are still like teenagers. Happy to be on stage and their enthusiasm is infectious. They are true entertainers and no one in the audience can stay static, Peter Zaremba and Keith Streng left the stage often to bait the crowd. During “Push Up Man”, 3 guys were enrolled to play and sing while the band were doing their exercises. I declined the invitation because I was recording the show which ended with a long encore that featured many old favourites including “Girl From Baltimore"

If anybody out there reading this is in Paris then cut along to see THE BOONARAAAS at Gloria Club tonight. I know I would if I could.
That lone Warholian chili on the cover of Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3’s “… tick… tick… tick” looks unassuming enough but signifies the afterburn of the material it’s composed of. Pleasing to hear a proper set of songs clocking in at a cool duration and sequenced like a good old-fashioned slab of vinyl. Some nice dustbowl Velvets type panorama nestling up along with primo garage pop. “Wild Mercury” and “Cindy, It Was Always You” are particularly arresting. This is more scotch bonnet than habanero if you know your peppers but like a good bowl this won’t burn you. Savour the flavours that are in here and you’ll be making an acquaintance that’ll be taking up quite a slice of your time.

"...tick" is almost Scandanavian in places and talking of which, "Five Spanish Minutes" is the most recent Dee-Rangers release on Screaming Apple. I think Steve may have mentioned it already but here’s my tuppence worth on the swingathon it manifests. The authentic sixties-sounding swirl is tempered with that mod(ern) sounding gusto that the Swedes have down pat. “Easy to See” could be The Fleshtones so you know that’s (the right side of) a good thing. The proper way to catch this would be to watch ‘em bangin’ it out from a club stage but 5SM is a groovy estimation to re-create that live scene in your own living room.

The Magik Markers
are set to play the Yeah Yeah Yeahs curated day at the upcoming All Tomorrows Parties weekender. “A Panegyric To The Things I Do Not Understand” is the latest Gulcher release to fall through the letterbox here and their unothodox clatter is a hit and miss affair but when it does sashay into some kind of disjoined groove it recalls the free-form freakootery of stoner noise sometimes frequented by Magic Dirt. One of these two “compositions” would appear to have been recorded in Paris.

Phantom weigh in with “Rock‘a’billy Vampires” but there’s no actual ‘billy on it. More like Fatboy Slim on a b-movie bender to snag a snake oil soundtrack to some schlock flick he found sealed in a capsule. Wee bit of Badalamenti here, shot of radium and blues there and a stab at Jody Reynolds “Fire Of Love”. Saucerman’s latest escapade is at odds with what passes for owt that might be standing in a line expecting 15 seconds of fame to slap it in the kisser. A peculiar concoction that conjures up a Rev/Vega vignette as it twists and turns to ultimately end in a John Carpenteresque shimmy. Still, not a glimmer of anything approximating that gear you associate with big hair and the prerequisite gel.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The SECOND MARIBOR GARAGE EXPLOSION (link courtesy of Bigor)
RIP: Alpo (Real Kids).

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Now everybody can see what the world has been missing! She might not be ON TOUR any time soon (Ever) but ANGEL has some video action available through that never-to-be- missed non-tour diary of hers. JET BOY, JET GIRL and BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. The clips were shot by Cynthia Lloyd in 1994 and the great Mr Stim might not have been caught on camera during the stramash but he was all over it in spirit. You can also access MX-80's "We're An American Band" via this portal...

And while you're in the video mood, catch Ms Amy Allison on Irish TV just last week performing her dad's song "WAS" from the new album, "Everything and Nothing Too" on Spit and Polish. US readers can order it via her website now.
Brother Joss has some info for yers...

"Hey folks

Just got off the blower with co-founder of DIY punk legends The Homosexuals, Bruno Wizard, who gave me the spiel on their first reunion gig since 1981, which is happening on February 16, during a Glitz club night at London venue Madam JoJos on Brewer Street. Bruno and Homosexuals co-founder Anton Haymon will be playing, the doors open at 8pm, and it's £6 to get in."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


At this month's Losers expect a fair number of Real Kids songs, in remembrance
of bassist, Alan "Alpo" Paulino , who went to bed on Tuesday night, complaining
of a cold, and didn't wake up in the morning...

PJ from Dirty Water and Max from Club for Losers present a night of unhinged

at Clockwork, 96 Pentonville Road, N1 (nearest tubes: Angel or Kings Cross)

Doors open 8:30. Live sounds from:

"Tonight might be Bonfire Night, but for The Horrors, every day is Halloween. Comprising five identical-looking Hoxton sticksmen covered in zombie make-up and fake blood, this is surely the thinnest band in history - if they stand side on, they disappear. There's nothing skinny about their sound, though. Yes, as a
black hearted mess of primordial sixties garage punk (their version of The Witch
by The Sonics is particularly surly), The Cramps, feedback and the most unlistenable bits from the first Public Limited Image album, it's ghoulishly good stuff. The fact that they don't even know enough songs to play anything more than a 14-minute set - and that an upset looking audience member spends all of that time with his fingers in his ears - is ultimate proof of their total perfection." Pat Long, NME

Pink Riot have known each other for seven years and have been playing music together for three years. There was a phase last year where they decided not to play music with each other, as it wasn't going anywhere, they weren't pleased with anything that they were doing - but being young and inexperienced it took them a while to figure out that having them both playing guitar wasn't the best way to go about making music together. So Josh bought a bass and then then found that they'd started playing some half decent music. But they still were not completely satisfied with what they were doing, so they bought a £30 kids keyboard from Argos, stuck it through an effects pedal and an amp - and, hey, whadya know it, sounds very, very nice!

The Stupid Club fill a void. They fill that void where content must always triumph over style. They refuse to throw their lot in with the synthetic scenes created by people desperate to be part of something important. The Stupid Club see the bigger picture. They are happy to make music for music's sake. They overcome nerves at their first ever gig to realise this truth. The music they make is an attempt to transcend factionalism with day-glo choruses and razor-sharp hooks that could turn the boogyman into mincemeat. This is pop classicism stuffed into a blender. They stare nervously ahead, looking for the exit if it all goes wrong. Luckily for them, and us, there is no need for such drastic action. Their power-pop agenda is perfection with a volatile beauty of which the Pixies would be proud. The melodies might be pretty but the underlying discordance proves that The Stupid Club are unafraid to get grit under their fingernails. With a slightly odd whirring noise, the left of centre rhythms, the throat-shredding they create something wonderfully original with their schizophrenic catalogue of songs. They're a droning post-rock monster. Like Sonic Youth molesting a robot, it really explodes.It explodes like a nail bomb. Feedback and random shards of noise fly out everywhere, making your eyes bleed.

Plus a late set from CASA ELECTRO NOVA

C.M. Smith's one man electronic music performance seeks to bridge the gap between Vegas style showmanship and Electro-Rock at high speed. An American ex-pat, he lived in Berlin for three years after leaving New York City where he went to art school at Cooper Union, but has now moved to London and its more vibrant music scene. He has performed all over Europe from Copenhagen to Vienna with his specially made suitcase that has a microphone, sampler, and hard disk recorder built into it. Despite my misgivings about his described style of music, I was won over by the man's performance, his pure showmanship. If it's entertainment you want, then Casa Electro Nova will give it to you.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

KIKE FOREVER! (link courtesy of Cap'n Dynamite)
THE GREASE MONKEYS will play a live online set on Sub City Radio tonight (Tuesday 7th Feb) between 8pm & 10pm GMT - tune in & crank it up!!!

I can't seem to upload photos on this, not sure if that's a problem at this end or at Blogger? I tried the "republish index" button but it didn't work. Bollocks. No time to futz with it just now...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Please excuse me while I toot my own horn here, but it was great to see some of my past "achievements" actually earnin' some cash on eBay. First, the second 45 by my 80s band earned somebody slightly more than loose change, and next up a book I co-wrote provided someone else with a decent meal. Too bad I haven't got a stack of copies of both here at HQ...
BB Quattro kindly sent a link via the band's myspace page to a video for "Lipstick To Japan" shot during their tour in the land of that rising sun beastie. Dunno about you but any attempt to connect with myspace completely crashes this pc so I used the YOUTUBE portal instead.
RIP - Al Lewis.

Reunited with Gunther and Francis at the great precinct in the sky. I remember meeting him outside his restaurant, Grandpa's in New York in the late 80's. He was exactly like Leo Schnauser, carnapcious but gracious with his time.

Billy and Miriam took me along there with some friends and he was just sitting outside. To me it was the equivalent of meeting royalty or whatever. I'll never forget it.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Here's a random selection of new wax you kids out there might enjoy; The Reigning Sound's Live At Goner Records (Goner) beats Telstar's live offering from last year by several miles, esp on the fidelity front. Great tunes and fantastic delivery, here's hopin' for a Greg Cartwright solo country album! Soul Jazz is really churnin' 'em out, the year has hardly started and there's 4 new sets already. The latest duo again stem from the Studio One vaults (v/a - Studio One Soul vol.2 and Sound Dimension - Jamaican Soul Shake vol.1), and good as the music is, it seems that the Soul Jazz compilers have reached a bit of a dead end. Over familiar rhythms and a total lack of "surprise!". From the people who have brought you Las Vegas Grind and Jungle Exotica comes The Lavender Jungle, a compilation of gay-ish exotica supposedly all originating from Hollywood's Senor Charro label. You're bound to see some raised eyebrows when people locate this disc in your collection, but the sounds are top notch, and on a par w/ the stuff on the Jungle & Grind comps. From the same source come two volumes of Barnyard Soul!, two LPs or one CD of greasy, gritty and groovy southern soul stompers. Short on liners (there's none!), but soundwise A-OK!. While checkin' the soundtrack of the Broken Flowers movie, which also includes the Greenhornes and Holly Golightly, I came across this great jazzy tune by Mulatu Astatke, who, on further investigation, turned out to be a Ethiopian keyboard player. I picked up a untitled LP by him on the L'Arome label (LAP005LP). And it's a great blend of traditional Ethiopian music, Jazz and funk from the 70s. One or two cuts don't really cut it, but the rest sure sounds fine. Not sure what it is but all African recordings have this wonderful muffled/dusty sound that might be caused by the fact that the mastertapes have been stored in overly warm conditions, who knows, but it sounds great. Next up is more 70's u-ground from the U.S. of A. Stay tuned...
ROBBIE FULKS is headed for Kilkenny in Ireland and The Borderline (London) in May. If you haven't seen him then you have to go. If you have then you'll be familiar with the fact that he ain't to be missed.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Uncalled 4 story. Straight outta, er... Waco!

The YOUTUBE phenomenon is gathering pace... David Snyder just hepped me to this BARRACUDAS clip.

Following last night's triumphant show at the ABC2, Amy Allison will play a half-hour set in Glasgow tonight (Friday 10pm) at THE MIXING ROOMS 224 W. Regent St. No cover charge as far as I’m aware. Drop by if you can.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Amy Allison at Glasgow's ABC2 tonight...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

RIP: Pig Champion (Poison Idea).

"press release…February 2nd 06…

…after a frustrating year - thanks to circumstances way beyond our control - The Star Spangles return to CBGB’s for a series of shows. Starting in February, the band will play there every third Wednesday of the month – that’s

February 15th, March 15th, April 19th and May 17th

…stage-time will be 11pm sharp, and a different set is promised each time. In June, we will switch to a weekend and play monthly until the club closes. More details will be announced later…

…many of you have inquired as to our well-being and we appreciate your concern. We are determined that all the set-backs we experienced last year will make us stronger and better. Unfortunately, our inactivity was just too much for Nick & Joey, who have moved on to other things. We wish them well in their future endeavors. The line up for February’s show will be: Ian Wilson, Tommy Volume, Warren Franz and John Weber (drums). Warren has been a friend of ours since we first went to the UK and John was introduced to us by Bazooka!!! producer and honorary Ramone, Daniel Rey…

…a permanent drummer and bass player are still being sought, so if you know anyone who has their own equipment and likes to make the beautiful noise, have them get in touch. Obviously, you have to live in the NYC area and if you know who Earl Palmer and Danny Mihm are, even better… write to:

…the 2nd album, “Dirty Bomb” has been finished since Oct 28th and still awaits a release date…


10.02.06 - D-Strassbourg, Le Zanzibar

11.02.06 - F-Paris, Gloria Club

12.02.06 - F-Valence, MJC

14.02.06 - I-Turin, Velvet

15.02.06 - I-Riva del Garda, Lochness

16.02.06 - I-Forli, Diagonal

17.02.06 - I-Castelnovo, Madly Pub

18.02.06 - I-Roncà, Jack The Ripper
My recollection of Robyn Hitchcock records from "back in the day" was that they were Barrettesque anglodelica. Nothing terribly thrilling for me at the time but when he hits Glasgow with Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck in his combo then it has to be worth a look. Even on a bleak winter school night. Nothing could have prepared me for such utter power pop-rockin' flawless set. I didn't know many of the songs but they seemed to have been rejuvenated with an infectious energy. I wonder if Hitchcock's stage banter is the same every night because his ability to veer off on a tangent is exemplary. Maybe it's a loose script or something. Anyway, it doesn't seem like yer usual monosyllabic Hello - "insert placename here", and is very entertaining. It teetered precariously close to parody between Spinal Tap and The Rutles but the sheer gusto of the sound reigned supreme throughout.

The first part of the encore had Scott perform two songs from the just-released Minus 5 “Gun Album”. In this fucked up world there are still people who can transport you and these gents provided that conduit for me on Monday night back yonder.

The Gun Album is released by Cooking Vinyl on February 6th.