Thursday, July 28, 2011

So has this damn fezbook real time, rolling update malarkey gone for good? I hope so. Although there are plenty more wee niggles to do with the place where a lot of us spend way too much time these days. Activity here will be limited ‘tween now and Sunday with the exception of maybe Friday.

Still… some stuff happening around that you ought to attend if you’re within gittin’ there distance.

The Surfin' Lungs 30th Anniversary bash on Friday night (29th) down the Brighton.

Eric and Amy are making with a short burst of shows starting tonight ahead of their heading US-ward. But don’t worry, they’ll be back in November.

The Wee Stramash is happening in Edinburgh seeing as it’s Uncle Big has been postponed.

And last but by no means least – Reine Laken will rock Risør in Norway on Saturday as part of Fyrjam 2011.