Saturday, June 10, 2006

Just heard something on the news about “intelligence” and that big police raid in London last Friday or whenever it was. Talk about leaving yerself wide open… Anyway, it’s the 11am bulletin because Wreckless Eric was on Jonathan Ross. The "play it again" feature is a real godsend for situations where you just can’t be in front of the radio. Of course, you WANT to be but it isn’t possible sometimes. Even the most seasoned shut-in has to venture outdoors now and again. I had to go and have an eye test. Some would say I should have had my napper checked at the same time but the offer wasn’t made. I’m sure the relevant authorities are keeping tabs on the situation. But anyway, I’m safely back indoors. Not basking in the sun here, in Florida or anywhere else. This is just a hobby for me, etc. Got a bunch of music to tell you about. Eventually.