Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP: Joseph Hill

Only just got word of the passing of Joseph Hill, lead singer in reggae trio Culture.
Two Sevens Clash, the band's debut album, is one of my all time favorite records. The well worn copy that I've had for nearly three decades is a perennial stand-by.
The tunes, the lyrics and the vocal inter-play coupled with Joe Gibbs' amazing production job makes this one of the most spiritually uplifting records ever. Even with it's message of impending doom. I've seen the band live several times, and even tho' they were always deliverin' the goods, a 1986 (or thereabouts) show here in Utrecht really stands out in my memory, with the band performing a stellar set of goose bumps inducing proportions.
Culture have released many records over the years, and all have at least some merit, but nothing tops Hill's vision on Two Sevens Clash, and it's sad to learn that we will never be able to hear him sing those songs in person again.

Obit in the Guardian and some Youtube links (1) (2) (3)
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