Thursday, November 20, 2014


A little over a quarter century ago, I had the privilege of putting out the debut album by Girl Trouble entitled “Hit It or Quit It” here in Europe. This kicked off a lifelong camaraderie that found all of us together in Benidorm, Spain of all places. In a giant UFO, that doubles as a venue for the biggest annual outright rock’n’roll party in Christendom.

And I finally got to see Isaac Olsen’s “STRICTLY SACRED”, a documentary film that explains exactly why the whole world should care about this crew from Tacoma, WA. Watching it, even on a TV screen and one of those pull-down screen contraptions in a resort pub, was an emotional experience. Here were people that I’ve only ever met a few times but they feel like family. Always did, always will.
Hopefully the flick will get to play in a few places over the coming months ahead of its eventual release with a ton of additional material on DVD in the not so distant future. Ideally it would be shown alongside a performance but ain’t there always logistical hiccups actually doing that. Not least with what it might cost irrespective of the outcome being the most valuable commodity on earth. So anyway, I’m on a mission. I want to be able to hang out with my Pacific Northwest crew again so maybe you know people or have connections to a film festival, or a pop-up cinema or any damn thing that can get this great work of art out to the people who need it.
Which is pretty much everybody, as the world trundles toward hell in the proverbial handbasket.
If you do, then please contact me and together we can maybe bring a little joy to folks ahead of the conflagration. There’s a line in the film that states, “every once in a while, we do land a good gig” or words to that effect. As we ponder the UFO gig after they raised the rafters, that is THEE proverbial understatement. Viva T-Town and then some.