Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's The Hall Monitors clip that I forgot to post earlier. Divot.

So I've been catching up on reading bulletins and whathaveyou. Time I'll never get back I know but I seem to be hell bent on consuming this stuff y'know... my funeral and all that. There's all this stuff about Boner and his crew and how they (allegedly) have musicians under the stage to fatten out their sound. Far as it goes, anybody who buys into that shit deserves to be taken. At this point, let me state that I know people with perfectly reasonable taste (usually) that like this guff. I don't understand it and I won't judge. Stop sniggering.

What I'm getting to though is the illusion of perception. It's about making an audience believe and if a band can mime and dupe an audience into having a damn fine time then wtf. There's a little Milli Vanilli in all of us when it comes to the business of show. If you go to one of these stadium fiascos then chances are that what you're getting has to be doctored to fit such terrain. The good lord knows that sound doesn't have to be perfect but please, leave the enormodomes to those that deserve them. Support and cherish venues like Stereo and Sleazy's in Glasgow, Debaser (both) in Stockholm, El Sol and The Wurlitzer Ballroom (Madrid), Sidecar (Barcelona) and scores more. You know where they are and what you mean.

The corporations don't need any more money (well actually they do but fuck 'em - they just squander it) so support the smaller, more-deserving, unique aspects of great music. Whenever and wherever you can. Because if we don't then we're really gonna miss it when it's gone.

I had never heard this before but thanks to the turbo-charged Yum Yums version on "Sweetest Candy", I have now... and I figured that, if you didn't hear it then you'd certainly want to. Or wait, maybe you prefer it like this...

You can't deny the potency of the song...

The Nomads and Dundertåget in Uddevalla tonight! Ungawa!!

Celebrate 30 Years of the wonderful Pet Sounds Record Store in Stockholm. (I just typed Scotland, wishful thinking I guess). God only knows what we'd have done without it. This book by our departed brother, Lennart was launched the other night in that great city with a shindig attended by local dignitaries. Thanks to the very Rev. Nick V for the info.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturday 24th – Monday 26th… the finale...

The relatively early conclusion to the previous evening meant that a leisurely build into the day could take place. I still never grabbed one of those big custard donutty type things from Casa Mira downstairs. Still, probably for the best. So I managed to locate the second part of the Eros exhibit which was better than the first to my mind. Took a wander through another part of the city on the other side of Gran Via and happened on a couple of small streets where the “cho-cho” trade was in full flow. My original intention was to catch “Whatever Works” at the Capitol Cinema but luckily Mr Birrell tipped me off to the fact that it would have been dubbed there.

So I just wandered around taking in the sights until the YFF squad made it back to the city limits. I caught the movie at Cine Ideal in the early evening. This provided a nice segue to the main event. Not bad but I’m not sure that the mix of Allen and David works on the whole.

Couple of Mahou’s at Chez Munster in the run up to heading out for the Young Fresh Fellows return to Madrid and a rammed El Sol. Unfortunately just getting into the venue as The Hall Monitors were finishing. You can see from this clip that they would have been worth catching. Singer Kathleen Wilson possesses real star quality charisma and a voice that embodies Rachael Nagy and Winehouse with elements of Chrissie Hynde.

And the Young Fresh Fellows, one of the quintessential combos in any language or currency, a tightly loose supernova with a dynamic that swings in and out of new and old songs plus standards like “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White”. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a better drummer to watch than Tad Hutchison. That cymbal apparatus of his was a trip and I’m told that it’s being held in a secret location until the band returns to Spain sometime in the future. And while we’re on the subject of custom designed, “art of the state” materials, I give you the most sought after piece of iconography since the fragment of the Vambo wall… No – immense is not too strong a word. And piss off Saatchi because you’re not getting it.

Grand to see Scott again. A guy who keeps himself busy propping up acts that sell gazillions of albums when it should be this troupe that are scoring the swimming pools and big mansions. An honour too to meet Jim Sangster and Kurt Bloch, two individuals responsible for services to rock’n’roll beyond the call forever. If I was Ralph Kramden, I would call them a regular riot.

The clips will give you a taste of the show. Sometimes words aren’t enough. “Would you let your sister? Go with a Rolling Stone??” just doesn’t have the same meter on paper.

Thanks to Joanne Hendricks for the link.

From there to El Tempo Del Gato and surely the shindig that Andrew WK had in mind when he wrote “Party Hard”. If there ever was an off the richter explosion of unabated fun then this was it. Hey, I even banjo’d my glasses, always the sign of a successful night. Special shout out for Juan Perez-Fajardo, the man who kept the smash hits comin’ one after another into the wee hours.

Closed that place and Christophe and I made a pitstop at the very wonderful Wurlitzer to cap off the evening. When we got there, some of the “Gatosquad” were already there and continuing the revelry. You’ve heard the one about the city that never sleeps right, meet the world champeen location! But hey, everything was alright – the clocks were going back so that meant that we called time on this one at 5.30am. My compadre from Belgium was catching a flight at 11am. Hardcore.

Still high on adrenalin but slightly the worse for wear, I dragged myself out of my lair to head for the Rastro Flea Market. Desperately trying to keep out of the sunlight with varying degrees of success. It was a little too overwhelming in terms of crowds and well, junk, but there’s one place down there you need to visit - Satanasa. Callejon del Mellizo 6 is the address.

So I slid back to the Hostal. To grab some rest that might make me feel human again later. To be honest I should have felt much worse but my throat was shredded from the screaming and the smoke. Events were presenting themselves to me in flashback form and there must be photographic evidence I’m sure. It was safe to go out again as the sun was going down so a final wander was in order. Capped the whole thing off with a quiet, low key dinner. This was ideal because I quite literally could not talk by that time. I felt like I’d been gargling glass.

And that was it. The game was a bogey. Next morning I stopped by the Munster offices to bid farewell to the crew and then headed to the airport with Lisa who was flying back to the US a little earlier. Barajas isn’t a great place to burn time but it was better to be there ready. No point in trying to postpone the inevitable. By the time I landed in Edinburgh it was damp and driech. The total opposite of the past few days.

I still haven’t fully recovered and actually the swollen gland on my neck probably needs some assistance. That wasn’t really the kind of keepsake I had in mind when I left.

My thanks to Iñigo, the best host a guy could ever imagine. And to Francisco for making it all possible though the gentle art of persuasion. Ha ha. And also to Ruth, a real sweetheart.

And let’s not forget the multinational rock’n’roll crew that kept the flame burning and will see to it that it always does. Gracias folks. Hope to see each and every one of you down the road apiece.

If you're heading out that way and need a perfectly located place to stay? Check out Hostal Aguilar...

So that's about it troops, for some reason - the right side of my neck has become a tad swollen. I look like one of those talking trees on HR Pufnstuf. Just so long as it lasts over hallowe'en. Talking of which, I hope you all get what you deserve. One way or another.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

You need to tune into these guys...

78RPM action from another dimension!

Further information + tracklists!


"This Friday October 30th at The Sunset in the Ballard Region of the fine city of Seattle... help celebrate the release of The Tripwires "House To House" on Spark and Shine records.

There'll be CD's for sale and plenty of fine rock music on display, as we'll be joined by local titans The Small Change and (the much anticipated return of) Llama!"

This wearing me old glasses lark is a strain. There could be even more typos than ever as a result but beggars cannae be choosers. I do have a pair of prescription shades that I’d try but sunglasses after dark is one thing but not in front of a screen. Can they be any more confounding than this? Well and truly crashed and burned today. Woke up with a swollen gland on the right side of my neck and will just have to tholl the discomfort. Struck out on the doctors appointment because it’s a system a little like trying to get through to fucking tickettwonk. Verging on impossible. So we’ll see, it’ll either pass or I’ll peg out. By the time I got through, all the places were taken. I could camp out at the surgery at 8am in the morning. That might work. There was no mention of the word “would”. Part two of the Madrid story coming right up...

Friday October 23rd continues into the smallish hours of Saturday 24th…

My closing song at the Wurlitzer had been "(I’m) Out of It" by The Nomads. This was apt in a number of ways. Up again to bid adios to the kids who were headed for Bilbao to raise some havoc there. There was some traffic chaos going on that postponed the blast off time and we ended up walking to another part of town so they could get the van. After that, I zig-zagged back through previously unexplored territory to my room to grab a little more rest.

Decided to do the Tears of Eros exhibit that I found out later was in two parts. It did seem like the initial circuit was a bit sparse, even taking into account the enormity of some of the individuals whose work was being displayed. Loved the Lugosi image by Warhol and am generally suspicious of video installations within the context of a gallery exhibit. That was just a tiny part though. I’d figure out the route to the place that the other section was being displayed later because the life force was once again beginning to flag. A wee siesta was in order, prior to heading along to Chez Munster for some top nourishment.

The original plan was to go catch the one and only Gene Taylor who was in town for a week long residency with Red House at Café Central. It was swamped but it sounded great from the sidewalk outside. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to catch another set but it was very cool to meet the great man in the street albeit for a matter of minutes.

Inigo and I met up with Simon and headed for La Pequeňa Bety where Los Platillos Volantes and Els Trons were playing. Nice spot and the bands were OK but at this point in my existence, I never have to hear another version of “7 and 7 is” during what fate might have in mind for my lifetime. Heartening to see a Thanes poster on the wall in there though. I think we all felt like something a little more sedate by that time and headed for a place that seemed to be kind of exclusive where you have to ring a bell or something to gain entrance. Anyway, it was a very classy, upscale – old school joint. Lot of cool old wood panels and a distinct sense of history.

According to the knapkins the place was called “Bar Cock”. Cue hails of mirth from the UK contingent along the lines of seeing “ausfahrt” in Germany. Not really but you can just imagine it though – right? The only thing wrong was the music. Like a techno dripping water torture, albeit at low level. It reminded me of the place I saw Amy and Eric in Newcastle and wished they were there playing instead of this insidious din.

From there to "Circulo de Bellas Artes" (Thanks Simon) and a final libation for the evening. Like a giant version of the Café Royal in Edinburgh maybe. As we left there, I heard Joey Ramone whisper through the ether, “Whaa? You leavin’ already?” as only he could. Not far to fall from there to the Hostal Christina as I’d christened it and that was a very good thing because the next 24 hours would be jam packed with the highest jinks imaginable.

Part three coming up when I can confirm that it actually happened - to some degree.

Still with Madrid, the amount of shows there this past few weeks is incredible. And I just found out that Annika Norlin and Andrea Kellerman will be at the Fikasound’s Voces Femininas festival tour in Fotomatón Bar on November 18th. And of course, The Fleshtones at Sala El Sol on November 20th.

Mr Zaremba enters the blogosphere. Welcome him now...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday 21st into Thursday 22nd…

Getting into Madrid from the airport is a skoosh now with the advent of the new train. Once you actually get to Metro from the terminal. Apparently it’s only a couple of months old but what a pleasure to be in a place that actually has a workable transit method. When I emerged from the station, there was some drizzle in the air. It was too late for any kind of hook up so getting my bearings in relation to the Hostal, I plumped for a quiet start to the visit. All sorted for a bright and early start.

But let’s just back up here a little and provide some background. Francisco Munster was campaigning for the troops to get together for the return to the ring of those Young Fresh Fellows. As much as I would have loved to have made the entire trip, the long green wouldn’t stretch that far and then there was the thought of doing Madrid only. This gained momentum when I discovered that The Quattros would be playing there with The Yum Yums two days before. All of a sudden it was done and dusted and I was there.

Great to meet all those fabulous Munsters, who didn’t seem to mind me putting them off their work as I waited to surprise Lisa. Another main feature of this was to see Ms Fancher prior to her heading off for more YFF action. It was great to see Inigo again too, it had been too long. Afterwards that gave me a couple or three hours to stake out the locale prior to my rendez with BB on the "Plaza del Cho Cho" sometime after 6pm.

Madrid is a helluva city as I’ve reported before and having the chance to explore was a treat. Big diff compared to being there a little over a year ago for a mere matter of hours. So I duly met Captain Quattro and we headed in the direction of a very agreeable little café where I would encounter The Yum Yums. Always dug their music but now I love ‘em even more knowing that they’re as solid a bunch of twisted citizens as I’ve ever been fortunate to meet. With them was Paul Collins who would join ‘em on stage later for a couple of uberpop classics he penned way back that have since become staples. So after a small libation, it was back to my temporary HQ (just along from the Museum of Ham) to prepare for what would be a long, groovy night.

It was an honour to meet Marcela, the first lady of El Sol. Quite possibly the greatest gig venue on earth with audiences that can clearly rival Glasgow. I hadn’t realise it had been there for 30 years. Time sure flies when big fun is being had in the bayou. To have this place in such close proximity to the one and only Wurlitzer Ballroom is nothing short of amazing. Plus you can scope out the hookers on the way to and from. What’s not to be addicted to?

There are no crash barriers. The audience is free to interact with the band but there’s no menace or security vibe. These kids can police themselves and yes, the odd beer might go flying but that’s all part of the sense of occasion. It’s a privilege to be in a place where health and safety hasn’t sucked the life out of the room in the name of wrapping people in cotton wool. A positive example of just how things can go with the right attitude.

Showtime and it was an auspicious occasion for Suzy and Co because it was the first show with Marky, the guy who is replacing Joey. It was also the last time that Joey would join them onstage so it was a kind of passing of the baton. Here’s a combo that can segue. Don’t you hate going to see bands that lurch from one song into an extended footer about? Not these kids. Not even with breaking in a new guy. Just great.

The Yum Yums are effervescence supreme. It’s not entirely clear why they aren’t a brand name or even a corporation such is the gargantuan nature of their tuneage. Hit after smash hit sound being battered out of the park. They too were breaking in a new member, their drummer Ulf. This was his second show, his first in front of such a rabidly up for it audience maybe.

“Buenos Nachos” was Morten’s intro before he and André hit eighth gear with Egil’s bass propulsion providing the ballast. And woah - Vibeke - a secret weapon and a half if ever I saw and heard one. With more positive energy than I think I ever saw exude from anybody ever.
By the end of the set there were dozens of people on stage and no apoplectic bouncers trying to deal with it. I guess that’s the difference between Spain and this dump in essence. Right there.

If you add Caroline Andersen to the mix, ably assisted by Line and Stine then you have a pneumatic cheerleading squad to die for. These gals have all the moves and a few besides. Just incase. I'm sure Tura Satana is very proud.

From there to the Wurlitzer Ballroom whereupon I was manning the decks for a wee return bout in honour of the two world-beating ensembles that had just played around the corner. A grand time was had by all and Alvaro made us very welcome. I recall Line saying something to me about Vibeke’s “rhythm machine” and handing me her mobile phone. Played some more when BB split and the natives were beginning to get restless due to a lack of Led Zep or Joy Division on my playlist. I deserve a good hard kick up the rectum for the lack of Redd Kross and Slade though. That was unforgiveable.

Looking at my watch I figured that maybe that fact that it was 5.20am was causing some static. When I left there a little after 5.30am the joint was absolutely jumping. No doubt happy that Alvaro was back on the music. So I sauntered down and through Puerto El Sol to my temporary bunker and crashed out having had a thoroughly rocktastic night.

So let’s log this as end of part 1. Somewhere just prior to 6am on Friday 23rd October. Or. Er. Thereabouts. I'm going to have another crack at watching the Krautrock doc that I fell asleep during last night now

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo by Gene Taylor.

So here's the story. I had too much fun for the past few days and need time to assimilate whether it actually happened or not. In addition, my gregs got gubbed so this spare pair isn't exactly doing it for the ability to stare at a screen for too long. Not sure if it'll be two or three parts plus I'm waiting on pix and need to collect a lot of links so this could take some time. So while this is all coming together, let me share the majesty of Baby Dynamite with you.

I heard them on Morten YumYum's i-POD on Gran Via while they were waiting for the van. Top gear, I think you'll agree.

On top of a seriously grand spell out of the country, this month will be our biggest in terms of "viewers" ever. By a long chalk. I've no idea how or why but that's not important just so long as we be undermining the relentless grind of reality for a moment or three.

At Otto's Shunken Head, no one can hear your screams...because Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. will be screaming louder! Candy corn? Eh. Two hours of near-patented "ballads, boogies & boos"? Guaranteed!

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29th / OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD TIKI BAR & LOUNGE / Our long-standing last-Thursday-of-the-month residency continues! /
538 East 14th Street (just west of Ave. B) in zombie-ridden Manhattan / Two terrifying shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover! Plus, if you've a craving for warm, moist, finely aged flesh...

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8th / "BROOKLYN BEEFSTEAK" at THE BELL HOUSE / A nineteenth century tradition -- the pairing of beef and beer, all you can consume! With "beefsteak" history by our own "Hot Dog Buddy", Paul Lukas, and two sets of SIT & Die Co. choice cuts!

Yours from beyond the medium rare grave,

Michael - Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.

"Ballads, Boogies & Boos"

OK, I'm back to the driech, damp environs of home. And as I try to catch up on messages and gather my scrambled thought of 5 top days in Madrid I found this sad news...

RIP - Soupy Sales

Monday, October 26, 2009

ISSUE #29 looks like being one of the best ever issues. The top cover stories include a huge feature on Australias mighty Masters Apprentices as well as a tribute to the late, great Sky Saxon of the Seeds. We also have here in-depth stories on 60s beat group the Fenmen (featuring pre-Pretty Things members), UK pop-psych faves the West Coast Consortium, outrageous LA proto-punks the Imperial Dogs, and seminal California garage folk-rockers Wildflower. Also, Doug Sheppard unravels the twisted tale of 70s hard rockers Stepson, Ron Ryan reveals the juicy details of his role as the ghost writer of some of the Dave Clark Fives biggest early hits, and Phil Milstein relates his experiences with doomed junkie chanteuse Nico. All this plus Midwest garage combo the Nomadds, Ollie Halsall and Timebox, French Riviera punks Dentist, the Remains, the Shadows of Knight, and an exclusive chat with Tony Cahill of the Easybeats. Not forgetting our famously extensive review section covering all the latest reissues, and R&R-related books and DVDs.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fleshtones will be super-rockin' it to Spain in November...

Not a lot of time on my hands but today would have been Lux's 63rd birthday.

Raise a glass of red or whatever - wherever you may be.

Catch you folks on the flipside.

Mr Tom Phobic has a message for you...

Hi Kids,

First up a big thanks to all of you who said such nice things about our set on Saturday at The Gate for Mick and Bage's half century extravaganza with The Fallen Leaves. It was an honour to play in such esteemed company. We were also grateful for the wonderful spread and 1959 cocktails too. By the time we got home everything was in black and white for some reason.

Secondly, heads up for a special night at the Birds Nest in Deptford this Saturday 24th October. we are joined on the bill by The Lone Sharks who will be speeding down the motorway from Bristol/Bath to blast you with their brand of hot rocking punk action.

In their number resides Marc who used to front The wonderful Milk Monitors who in the mid 80's were sparring partners with my own (and Charlie's) garage goodies Bad Karma Beckons. Kids, the stories we could tell but we wont, purely to protect the innocent and keep the guilty from the long arm of the law... you understand?

Well apparently, we've all grown up since those wild and wanton days (yeah right) and some of us have even bred children..... They say youth is wasted on the young but it wasnt as wasted as we were then, hahaha! stick that in you pipe Asbo kid!

It kicks off at 9 and did i say it was FREE to get in?

We expect to see you there or questions will be asked!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amy Farris Memorial Show set for Oct. 21 at the Continental Club in Austin

With the sudden and tragic death of Austin native and revered musician Amy Farris last month, friends and fellow musicians of the beloved fiddle player plan to come together for a night of music and remembrance set for Oct. 21 at Austin’s Continental Club. The lineup is as follows:

Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women
Kelly Willis
Exene Cervenka
John Dee Graham
Jesse Dayton
Damon Bramblett

The show will begin at 9 p.m. with a very special violin performance
by some of Amy’s former students.

Amy Farris, 40, was an accomplished musician, a beloved human of light and a giant heart with sparkling eyes, packed into a pint-sized frame. An Austin native, Amy moved to Los Angeles to expand her music career and talent for playing violin, viola, cello, mandolin and some of the sweetest vocal harmonies ever recorded. Artists Amy worked with include Ray Price, Kelly Willis, Brian Wilson, Bruce Robinson, Charlie Robinson, Alejandra Escovedo, Stan Ridgway, Peter Case, Greg Dulli, and many others. Amy was seen and loved by millions; she performed on Late Night with David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, The Grand Old Opry and Austin City Limits. Most recently, Amy recorded and was touring the United States as one of Dave Alvin’s Guilty Women.

Cover for the show is a suggested donation of $10, with all proceeds going to Amy’s charity of choice, Hungry For Music, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire underprivileged children by bringing positive musical and creative experiences into their lives through instrument donations, concerts and workshops.

For more information, please contact Courtney Mabeus at Yep Roc Records at or visit Dave Alvin's Web site.

In addition to this event, plans are being made for another memorial in Los Angeles Nov. 8th at McCabes. Details will follow soon.

Get with the BOB400!

RIP - Vic Mizzy (Thanks to Ben for the info)

Monday, October 19, 2009

One thing and another is hampering my ability to compile and review regular posts the way that I’d like to. In all honesty, I’ve never fully recovered from being “off the air” earlier in the annum. This is something that’ll have to work itself out along with my trying hard to limit use. It’s unlikely that an ideal balance can be struck but I live in hope.

I'm a couple of hours away from completing my "dj" discs, then I can get to compiling the stuff that's hanging around my various inboxes. Probably not tonight though. The Barman drew my attention to this however...

RIP - Steve Ferguson

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm a little distracted by making arrangements for a special mission this coming week and I just realised that I hadn't made an appearance here today. So here I am and there are a few bits and pieces you ought to know depending of course on where you are. There's bugger all happening around here until several events that will sadly be missed but hey, I'll just have to live with it.

The Tremolo Beer Gut is at The Hot Club (Nice and Sleazy) in Glasgow with Big Ned next Saturday night. A rare big screen outing for "American Movie" at GFT on Sunday is a must for anyone who has seen it or not. A Monorail Film Club service to the community.

The Zombie events are at The Cameo and GFT next weekend also. Quite the Culturefest.

Further afield, Maia Hirasawa and Jonna Lee will be "on the road" in Sweden. Dates here.

Wreckless and Amy are playing some Euroshows with Yo La Tengo soon. Check where. A few weeks later they'll be part of a Kevin Coyne tribute troupe that will be setting about Belgium. And that's about as much as I can muster. Oh yeah, there's a BBC4 documentary about Krautrock airing on Friday 23rd at 9pm...

Better get back to what I oughtta be doing before I give in to my favourite pastime...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The counter-culture reminiscences were most entertaining and being that I'm not long in the door and have to fix myself something to eat then this will be short and, er sweet (now that's a nifty segue). This fine Yum Yums comp was launched in Oslo earlier today so we all missed that. Unless of course YOU were there? Anyway Morten had this to say with regard to reasons for making the scene...

1. It's our new drummer Ulf's (Ex. Graves / Tip Toppers) debut Yum Yum show.

2. It's a warm up show before we leave for a tour of Spain on tuesday 3. It's a release party for our latest compilation on Dave Parasite's Kid Tested Records It's called "The Sweetest Candy" and is a compilation of our more punkish song. for the US "pop-punk" people. The only "new" songs are the re-recordings of "Just Another Girl" and "9999999 Tears" from our "Funzone" 10" on Alien Snatch Records.

Ths shows with our exquisite friends Suzy & Los Quattro are as follows...

Tuesday 20th October -Estudio 27, Burgos

Wednesday 21st October - TBA, Ponferadda

Thursday 22nd October - El Sol, Madrid

Friday 23rd October -El balcon De La Lola - Bilbao

Saturday 24th October - Sidecar, Barcelona

Sunday 25th October - Four Seasons, Castellon

Stand by for a list of Fleshtones shows coming up in that fine part of the world also.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A cold clear sky this morning that signalled the way for a bright blue Friday. Thus far. Of course that could all change but remains to be seen. As always of late, I’m rushing to be someplace so this’ll be short and sweet. Just wanted to remind folks around these parts about this tomorrow. Meant to post this earlier but time got the better of me... doesn't it always.

More "crisp autumn sunshine" on the agenda this weekend according to the weather report. Bring it the eff on!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No near miss on the cereal front this morning but I would imagine that rising thinking that it was Friday qualifies as some kind of impediment for the day. Somewhere deep in the circuitry of what passes for a napper, I was figuring what time to go into Glasgow to met Emma’s bud, Rob. I’d even decided on catching the minute to 3 train…

It all came crashing down pretty damn quick when I turned on the wireless. Look on the bright side I figured, “you’ve gained a day”. By now I hope most of you have recognised the extreme irony of that last statement. Driving through that dark, driech-ness to the strains of Mudhoney Live At El Sol at 6.55am is the equivalent of quaffing strong drink. This recently-released Munster monster captures what I saw last Friday, bottles it sonically and spits it out of whatever device you have in mind. Artwork courtesy of Art Chantry (with Skip Jensen).

On the opposite side of the coin, I’m an extra day away from my mission which is kind of a dissy but I really need all the time I can grab to sort stuff out. In bygone days I’d be prepared but I’ve become tardy in direct correlation to there not being enough hours in the day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIP - (Cap'n) Lou Albano

I guess that I got a glimmer of how the day would turn out when I just stopped short of pouring fruit juice over the ol’ corn flakes. That’s not some kind of triple rhyming slang for something more exciting incidentally. More the outcome of being worn down and maybe too much sleep after trying to ward off that “heid in a vice” feeling that came calling yesterday evening. Or maybe it was seeing that terrible Devendra Whassname on Jools Holland last night? Who knows. It could have been Wolfmother though. Likely both. I’m confused but not surprised that these acts enjoy critical and/or actual acclaim. It vexes me a little so rather than kick in my TV, I turned it off.

So you’ll excuse me because I have have some gear to prepare that will provide some of the soundtrack to a hysteric occasion in far off parts. Just before that though, take a minute and vote for Matt and Kim to score the best video award because let’s face it, there’s no bloomin’ competition. They should just be given it. I know, but you know how MTV likes that ol’ rigmaroll...

And don’t forget, they’ll be here in November. Incase you missed the memo here's a refresher...

RIP - Al Martino

(Thanks to JD King)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Though I’m not a great believer in “daylight savings”, it’s un-naturally dark in the mornings at the moment. The hour back ain’t so bad for however many days it makes a difference for but I sure grudge being cheated when the clocks go forward again. Maybe it’s an age thing but I find myself operating at peculiar hours of the day. I used to like the darkness but have to say that, these days, I prefer the light, Lucifer not withstanding.

And I never did get to meet Brendan Mullen. The man behind the Masque and mucho else LA punk rock and beyond. I did fairly recently reacquaint him with Mr Arnoff though. Bit of a shocker to hear of his exit this morning as I was browsing the interweb when I should have been thinking about getting out of the door. My condolences to his friends and family at this time.

As part of my cyber-slimming exercise, I’m unsubscribing from a ton of mailing lists. This will hopefully mean less flab or spam or whatever they’re calling it now. Less useless information is the spin that I’m putting on this latest initiative. Another possibility is to be posting here less often but we’ll see how that goes. I fear that might be along the lines of my “100 items” pipedream.

But there’s still important info to impart. I’d forgotten about this Ghoulardi doc that Ben flagged up on Staysick and it’s being reported that Buddy Bradley and Co are headed for TV?!

I’m wondering why it’s taken so long...

RIP - Brendan Mullen

(info via T Tex Edwards)

Monday, October 12, 2009

RIP - Richard "Dickie" Peterson (Blue Cheer)

Info from Mark Pyskoty via facebook.

It was an eventful few days then. That being that events were attended, not that anything life-changing actually took place other than the fact that stuff that might have been attended to wasn't. The Hot Rods show was pretty great last night and well attended. There was a sociological aspect to it all but hey, Falkirk on a Sunday night with Monday morning on its tail. What can I tell you? Murray sent me a link to a recording of “Do Anything You Wanna Do” from The Citrus Club, Edinburgh on Saturday. Go grab it.

Having OD’d on all that culture, the heid has been a bit woozy today. I’m saying that’s the cause, it probably isn’t at all but I can’t blame it on overindulgence in either alcohol or some exotic narcotic. Just auld age and my coping mechanism of passing out in front of the TV around 8pm of yer average evening kicking my arse.

Looking at last week’s stats, it suggests it was the second highest ever. Just 50 behind the week that Lux passed away. In mentioning that, if anyone is planning any kind of celebration on October 21st then let me know and I’ll pass the word on. With regard to the “viewing figures”. If they are indeed kosher then maybe there was a plug someplace that escalated the visitor traffic. Anyway, thanks and happy trails however the heck you ended up here.

Kjell hepped me to these. I don't think any other explanation is necessary.

Thankyou - goodnight - interwebland!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

If you’re in Glasgow, or visiting, then you have to check out the new Trongate 103 facility. They did a great job of creating a base for every facet of the arts. With the exception of a “music” space maybe but the city has plenty of those already. Street Level Photoworks, Project Ability and the Transmission Gallery are just three of the spaces that exist within this newly opened complex.

With the demise of “The Lighthouse”, it was interesting to even feel how much more welcoming T103 is compared with there. I always felt like an invader the few times I went in there.

The event itself was very well attended and brought home to me how much I’m interested in dialogue where culture is concerned these days. Joe Boyd has been affiliated with many happening artists, no more so than The Incredible String Band, who I never got and don’t to this day. That said, it’s great to hear discussion about how such an act affected those who did find an in to appreciate them. And how the influence bleeds into what is happening now. Bruce Findlay’s recollection of the old shop and his first two customers was priceless. All the more so because the gentlemen concerned were there, maybe you can take a guess at their identities?

Another discussion with Jim Haynes, Barry Miles and Jenny Fabian is scheduled for next Saturday between 2pm and 5pm.

And in the wee hours of this morning, insomnia provided a window to watch this great David Simon interview that JD King flagged up a week or two ago. If you haven’t had the chance to catch him in person anyplace, then this is the next best thing.

It’s just gotten light and 'tis therefore time to go get some supplies. The plans I’ve been hatching for today since 5am are already becoming psychologically unravelled but let’s see what happens... Eddie and the Hot Rods tonight is set in stone though. The former ISB labelmates are at Behind The Wall in Falkirk, not a venue synonymous with yer rock'n'roll but just 3 earth miles from The Bunker.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time to deal with some random stuff here...

I know some of you are sick to death of hearing about The Stooges but this is a great piece. Thanks to Tom and Randy for bringing it to my attention.

They may be bringing the beat to Europe but those kids at Norton checked in with this...

Greetings, Nortonians!

New Fall releases are almost upon us!

Covers for all the new loot n' booty at

Do not miss this news.. our biggest motherlode to date! We are super glad to announce some of the coolest sounds ever set to wax, all from KIM FOWLEY's cranium! Dig a double dose of his rarest and earliest tracks with ONE MAN'S GARBAGE and its bookend ANOTHER MAN'S GOLD, a killer pair (LP AND CD) that will whack you upside the noggin in case you've been dozing and have forgotten to write Kim a letter lately. Do it!

We've got three volumes on LP and CD of SUN RA's early Chicago-era vocal group recordings, including a mess of unished mayhem and an entire set of Muck Muck YOCHANAN and other delights. Copious notes from Arkesta trapsman Michael D. Anderson and the Norton crew, fastidious transfers and mastering, and beauteous packages make these an essential trio for all.

Dig also a superb seven inch spoken word 45 RPM single of Sun Ra!

Kids, the TANDOORI KNIGHTS, the hot n' spicy new stars from Canada have joined the roster, too. Pick up their 45, and also the hitbound JACKIE AND THE CEDRICS 45 Tall Dark Stranger and the A-BONES historically correct Shallow Grave!

Big Big news is that Norton is home to two of our favorite albums ever by our beloved FLAMIN' GROOVIES! Yes, the bigwigs at Sony/BMG have licensed FLAMINGO and TEENAGE HEAD to Norton for footlong release! Hell has frozen over (what, again)! Check the fans attack circa 1978 kicks at! So if you're still wedged into your chair, please take a moment to take a sip of that Diet Coke on the coffee table because we have more news!

KICKS BOOKS has announced a paperback line with the first one due with our wax stacks! See it at at and check back for the whole ballyhoo, up by Monday Oct 5... it's called SWEETS by Andre Williams and it will blow a hole in your gourd, to put it sedately. So, now have we left anything out? Halloween shoppers at the WFMU fair, and ye in the hinterlands, ought to pick up goodie bag essentials like the new adhesive back iron-on patches (yes, we will have an ironing board at the WFMU fair to iron a patch where you need it. We can also iron your hair and unwarp your wax wares.)

And if you need an official Norton Records bag for ya goodies ("Buy 'Em By The Sack!"), pick up the boss new Norton Records canvas LP totes - two styles so people know who they're dealing with when you ring their doorbell and demand Snickers and Mentos. Dig order info and more ballyhoos and know that ship date is Nov. 3 for all the bash-ola that previews at the WFMU fair! Ready now? A-one, a-two... GO TAKE A SNEAK PEEK NOW

soon on the website, too.

Chuck Berry, with support from The Jim Jones Revue, at the O2 Academy in Glasgow on November 23rd. And just £45 + booking fee per ticket. He's having a fucking laugh but not at my expense. Unless of course, The Skeletons are his backing combo. Then I'll pay.

Actually there's more and I can't find it. My desktop is like the bottom of the proverbial budgie's cage. Thanks for your continued support of this disarray.

I’d never been at a show in the revamped Caley cinema, now rechristened The Picturehouse. Had a wee peek in when Mr Graboff was here last December but wasn’t at a show in there since probably The Scientists/Sisters of Mercy – whenever the heck that was?

Word on the pavie has been that the sound in there was a bit guff but not last night. Nope. Got down there a little after 7 and made a pitstop at Filmhouse because the doors weren’t open. My understanding was that St. Deluxe would be on at 7.25pm. Nope. Turns out it was more like 10 minutes early so we only caught three of their agreeable squalls. If they can get the kids to connect then they could do pretty good.

Was never a fan of The Vaselines until the “Dum Dum” album came out and they split shortly afterwards. So I never saw them before but on last night’s showing, it’s been my loss. Augmented by a 1990, the great Stevie Jackson and a bass player I recognised but couldn’t place – they blitzed through a highly entertaining selection. Frances and Eugene trading banter with each other and the crowd. I’d almost go so far as to describe it as charming. And nowhere near as puerile as I figured it might be. My good mate Peter Tjolsen will be smiling and thinking “told you so” right about now. In short, these kids did great. Guess I was wrong. Again.

And Mudhoney – 21 years + since that Eurodebut in Berlin and I haven’t been in an Edinburgh audience that “up for it” in a very long time. There was a genuine crackle of electricity and anticipation, the kind of which is generally lacking in this commoditised world. And by this time the band has quite the catalogue to draw from and they do. The thing about these guys is that it all seems so effortless. To my mind, they are to The Stooges what the Hellacopters were to the MC5. They made it directly possible for Iggy to hotwire his old compadres and most importantly make new generations care. It’s when you see a display like this that you figure there might just be hope for this hoary old rock’n’roll after all.

It’s a pleasure to see a band that has kept doing their thing on THEIR terms. There were a lot of youngsters there who quite patently hadn’t seen the band before and were going ballistic. There’s something to there being some time between shows. This isn’t a cash hoover that comes around every 6 months after all. They were good at ATP a couple or 3 years ago but last night was a cut above.

As memory circuits crash and burn, I think that a lot of people will recall last night’s show as a highpoint of their time here on Planet Earth. It never flagged for a second.

My thanks to Mark and Kelly. Also to “Orange Slice (Leafy Green). Grand job fellas.

A hot tip for the wee small hours from Seth Gordon...

Friday, October 09, 2009

I am experiencing some general electronic turbulence this fine Friday afternoon. Pain in the proverbial arse but I don't have time to let it rain on the general parade. meanwhile, I need to hep you to this... happening in Glasgow tomorrow...

Joe Boyd and Bruce Findlay in discussion with John Cavanagh

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I’m trying to balance between answering mail, etc and my curfew and making quite the hash of it. October is flashing past and maybe I’ll relent on Saturday and try to catch up some more.

Anyway, as mentioned yesterday – here’s Lenny’s account of his sojourn close to the Thames last week. Seems like those of us who weren’t there missed out on a very groovy thing.


Mott The Hoople - Hammersmith Apollo October 1st 2009

This was the first time I’d ever seen Mott The Hoople and also my first time at the Hammersmith Apollo (that used to be the old Odeon). Would have loved to have seen them back in the day but was just that little bit too young and didn’t have hip enough parents who would’ve taken me to a Mott show. From ‘Honaloochie Boogie’ onwards I was a fan of their records, tv appearances and the pictures I saw in pop magazines.

Despite the thirty-five year gap since the original line-up played together, this was always gonna be something incredibly special to witness. Not only that but this was also the first of the five gigs. There were even folks at the t-shirt stall and in the bar who said they’d flown in from all over Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA. Wow!

The intro tape played ‘Jupiter’ from the Planets Suite - which apparently was their intro music since '72 or so (thanks to Kris Needs' online Shindig review for sorting that one out, as I thought it was something like the music added to William Blake's ‘Jerusalem’ poem ha ha)
and a huge roar greeted Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs, Overend Watts, Verden Allen, and Martin Chambers - the Pretenders’ drummer who is helping them out due to original drummer Buffin’s frail health. Opening with the Mott album’s Dylanesque slowy ‘Hymn For The Dudes’ set the scene perfectly before changing up a gear into ‘Rock’N’Roll Queen’. After their take of the Velvets’ ‘Sweet Jane’ and the yikes-here-comes-Bad Company-just-around-the-corner hard riff of the mighty ‘One Of The Boys’, it soon became clear that this was something altogether truly great, inevitably woolly and totally wild…all of that and more!

Some unexpected greats too like ‘Sucker’, ‘Ready For Love’, ‘Angeline’ and the heavy stomp of the Hoople album’s ‘Born Late ‘58’ where Watts and Hunter swapped instruments, Overend (in eye-catching white shoes and other loud apparel) took lead vocal. As great as all these songs are, they were always gonna pale a little in stark comparison – electrifyingly so – to the sheer ferocity of attitude and content unleashed in ‘The Moon Upstairs’, that killa dilla cut from their ‘71 Brain Capers platter. This was a pretty deadly rendering for sure with all the elements in place that made / make MTH one of the best rock groups Britain has ever produced. Watts’ thundering bass lines, Hunter’s pre-punk, pure punk vocal sentiment, Mick Ralphs’ incisive main riff and cool economic wailing (read non-noodling) lead and, forget us we not, Verden Allen’s most excellent screeching and skronking via his vintage Hammond complete with a couple o' weighty Leslie speakers. Loved the way Watts was prowling around in front of the monitors like he's really missing being up there on his stage.

This last few minutes of pure unmitigated rock mania led into a quieter, sit-down Mott The (folk) Hoople style interlude, where the Wildlife LP cut ‘The Original Mixed-Up Kid’ and Mott’s ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’ sat side by side, played out relaxingly on mandolins and a funny wee toy-like keyboard. We were also treated to rousing versions of ‘The Golden Age Of Rock’N’Roll’, 'The Ballad Of Mott', ‘Walking With A Mountain’ and even a minute or so of Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ which was then roughly pushed aside to make way for one of their most endearing ballads, ‘The Journey’.

Fairly rushing along but nonetheless still magical, were interpretations of two of their biggest chart hits ‘Honaloochie Boogie’, and ‘All The Way From The Memphis’. The former’s ‘well I got this friend and he’s a screwdriver-jiver … spider west-sider…’ vocal interjections performed by Hoople’s original pre-Hunter lead vocalist (then given the task of being the group's road manager) Stan Tippins. Woulda been extra extra super zingy had Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay jumped out of nowhere for the sax solo but alas ‘twas not to be… The group’s backing vocalists were also kept in the family and included Ian’s son Jessie, and Mick’s son Jim.

Then it all got really moving with many eyes welling up and a quite a few gasps being emitted, at the site of a pretty frail looking Buffin being led onto the stage. “Terence Dale Griffin - ladies and gentlemen", Hunter informed us, "Buffin over there on the drums…we’ve got the five now” and in faultless unison with Martin Chambers, the mighty Buff bashed his way through ’73 smash hit ‘Roll Away The Stone’. Hunter’s youngest daughter Tracy provided the ‘I got my invite’…and ‘oh will do’ backing vocal responses. With Buffin still there, it was time for the one tune that allowed them in the first place to go from underground raw ‘n dirty rock’n’roll heroes to being a group who slipped into let's say, a more mainstream pop profile. After initially calling it quits back in ‘72‘, yes of course it’s the Bowie-penned and produced classic teenage riot affair, ‘All The Young Dudes’. Mick Ralphs hit a couple of squalling clunkers here but I wouldn’t’ve had it any other way. Very cool, natural and unstudied. Little Richard’s relentless rocker ‘Keep-A-Knockin’, always one of their stage faves back in the day followed and they were gone.

After a few minutes rest, and much baying from the crowd, the group, minus Buffin sadly – but at least he’d done his bit for the big Mott dream – came back on for a sensational ‘Saturday Gigs’, its ‘goo-ood byyye goo-ood byyye’ finale lending itself well to the ending of what was a thoroughly smoking, not to mention a truly mesmerising display. Age/schmage, this gang was pretty spry and seriously up for it. In the words shouted by a fan as soon as the group took the stage, Mott the fucking Hoople! Thanks for a great trip guys.

Lenny Helsing

RIP - Shelby Singleton

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A colleague sent me this link today and it quite accurately reflects my own current dilemma. My own particular situation is entirely of my own making. I realise that and take full(ish) responsibility. The vicelike headache that wiped out yesterday evening is gone for the meantime. I’m sure it’ll be back but for now things seem to be OK. I’ve been thinking a lot about the 100 item scenario lately. Every time that I try to retrieve an album, cd, book or whatever. Where the hell did all that stuff come from anyway?

It seems like a lot of us are reaching this so-called tipping point lately. I have been giving stuff away but nothing like what I need to. I mentioned the 100 items program before. It was suggested to me by Ulf Lindqvist many moons ago and I really wish I’d taken heed. It involves exactly that number of a certain commodity. If you want to have something new then one of the others has to go. Pretty simple yet so, so hard.

Actually not so hard for movies because I’d always rather go to a theatre these days. The few that I go to are virtual idylls. But music and books and posters and magazines and… well, I’m learning that maybe I can let these things go. With NFS, WFMU and Wreckless Wradio just for starters, I can hear old and new audio sustenance without physically owning a jot. That is pretty appealing. Maybe mp3’s aren’t so bad at all but accessing quality files from a giant global jukebox that accounted directly to the artists/labels would be even better.

There are also individual acts that I’d be happy to subscribe to so they can continue with their art. One thing that’s for sure is that the landfill aspect will have to be bounced. This may cause problems for manufacturers who rely on hungry consumerism but I’ve done my bit and I want off the bus. Prior to it careering over the cliff if possible.

I might be back later, then again maybe not. The A-Bones are in Paris and I'm not there which is a major bummer where my radar is concerned. I'm off into Edinburgh to meet a guy I first saw play in Berlin, October 1988 that the aforementioned Mr Lindqvist attended also. So on that symmetrical note, I'll leave you.

Mr Helsing has kindly supplied a Mott report - anybody got any photos I could run alongside it?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I saw this in a store the other day and noticed it had a chapter on The Dictators and The Runaways. Didn't have a spare 20 quid to score it though.

This post is going to be very short because my head is bursting.

You may care to head over to the Wreckless Wradio page because there's a new show up. Bound to be a beezer!

Monday, October 05, 2009

I was thinking that I might go and donate blood tonight. It’s something that I try to do on a regular basis but I don’t care for the venue that they use here . Also, in recent times I’ve gone to both Glasgow and Edinburgh to do the business, tying it in with other activities there. So I’m not sure if I’ll relent and attend locally or not. This is a common trait (with me) these days. Not being able to make a decision and to stick to it. On top of that, everywhere you go there are people sneezing and coughing or even both at the same time and worse. I don’t want to get any of these viruses that are doing the rounds. Swine oriented or otherwise but my fellow travellers on this bullshit exercise would appear to be eager to share.

At this point in time, I'm still waiting on fate to point me in the right direction. Methinks there's still a fair old wad of indecision to manoeuvered yet...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's been a day of mixed fortunes. Great to see The Wanderers/Warriors double feature picture show draw a crowd. Events prior where I attempted to "shop" and also afterwards when yours truly got caught in a monsoonlike cloudburst on the way to getting the train weren't quite as entertaining.

In addition, it took an hour to make a 24 minute journey home so at this point, my intention to come in, make something to eat and get another couple of reviews in - ain't happening. Good old Scotrail or whatever they call themselves and their track maintenance makes travelling on a Sunday a total pain in the arse. Whimpering babies installed in carriages at no additional tarriff to the ticket price...

Here are a couple of Boonaraaa flyers for upcoming shows in France, so you lucky blighters out yonder take note.

Time to pass out in front of the TV then methinks... thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

The wonky road of musical appreciation has never been more twisty and turny than it is right now. With the appetite for back catalogue the way it is, there’s precious little that isn’t available. Strangely though, it’s taken to until now for Roy Loney’s post-Groovies gear with The Phantom Movers to become available, at least officially. Which seems odd because certainly the Solid Smoke EP and album are fine, fine examples of a guy and his band just letting fly. The way only Roy knows how. Raven Records of Australia have seen fit to brandish this material on a compact disc-shaped document entitled “A Hundred Miles An Hour 1978 – 1989”.

These 28 tracks includes all of “Out After Dark” except strangely the version of “Rockin’ in The Graveyard” and “Trophy”. There’s nothing from “Contents Under Pressure” either. Still, the upside is that it’s all primo Loney that runs up to Norton's “Scientific Bombs Away”. His recent reunion with Cyril Jordan have been joyous celebrations of the healing powers of yer real rock’n’roll. It’s a pleasure to see this guy in action and if you haven’t been able to do that then at least now you can hear a bit more without having to scour ebay or wherever. Icing on the cake is Dave Laing’s liner notes, he’s a guy that knows a thing or three about this kinda hooch.

And with the weather acting up the way it is, more music of the type that satisfies like a hearty casserole is in order and that’s where the Young Fresh Fellows “I Don’t Think This Is” comes in. I first wrote about these guys in something like 1985 or something like that. They’ve been in hibernation but have awoken and mean business like always. “Betty Let The Good Times Crawl” is that rare thing in these faux detail times. This Rock & Roll Inc. version of the album is different from the Yep Roc release, "I Think This Is". Consult the websites for details, that's what those links are for.

“New Day I Hate” could be The Fastbacks and should really get the kids from Spain working up a sweat during the upcoming shows out yonder. The Fellows are archetypal exponents of fine pop music, purveyors of the meatiest beats and swingin-est tunes available in this of pre-packaged 21st century. It’s impossible not to have a dirty big grin plastered across your face when you’re listening to them. I imagine that seeing them play might just be too much for anyone with a dicky ticker. I’m wondering if “The Final Tractor” is any relation to “The Final Taxi” right about now as I know these folks have played with Mr Eric Goulden during his forays into the Pacific Northwest.

Robyn Hitchcock has prepared a perfect power popping crunch and twang marinade. “Lay You In The Ground” sounds like something The Nomads might like to tackle. “If You Believe In Cleveland” is a hymn to an oft-maligned state that’s given us some seriously great art over the years. The Young Fresh Fellows may not be so youthful at this juncture but they’ll show just about any, no make that any, combo of lesser years a clean pair of heels. These fellows are sounding fresh alright. You can take that in the old fashioned sense or the hippity hop appropriation. It’s all good. Wonder if they’ll do “Teengenerate” live?

Back down under for a cracking little 3 track limited edition (of 500) taster EP by Penny Ikinger entitled “Fragile”. Ms I’s credentials put her in the antipodean rock first division. The sitar-centric, Traffic-like take on “All Tomorrows Parties” gives the song a crucial twist out with the generally faithful boundaries that a cover would usually take. Ron Peno’s duet on “Memories Remain” are a wee bit Nick Cave-like but once you hear it a couple of times, that’s not a problem. I’m not a Cave fan so it might just be me.

The title song is not unlike The Hummingbirds with some serious rock action squalling through and around the basic classic chassis. Kylie goes Magic Dirt even. Penny should have someone present it as something to consider for the next album by Ms Minogue. She must be in the market for a good tune that could reinvent her, right?

Just don’t let the manky street preachers anywhere near it and we're sorted.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The A-Bones are headed for Europe!

Ah Friday. The weather may have taken a decided turn for the stinky and technology may well be kicking my arse but such is the price for relative “freedom”. Heard the Mott show was a doozy last night and look forward to being able to post a firsthand report in due course. Provided this thing keeps working o' course.

Under the circumstances, this could also cause a demand for the tribute combo – Nott the Hoople to read the boards again? Not sure how the next couple of days are going to play out. And, Eddie and the Hot Rods are playing Behind The Wall in Falkirk on Sunday October 11th. That should be interesting. Thanks to Murray for the heads up.

At this point I'm going to fire up the gramophone and see where that takes me.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Great news about The Nomads/Sonics show in Stockholm. Not so great that I won't be able to make that particular scene but there you has it. It will be a historic night for sure, being that our Solna friends kept the fire burning these past few decades.

The news about Amy Farris was a little jarring. Just yesterday, I got a poster for the latest Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women shows across the USA from Amy Allison and was wondering how we could pull off getting them over here to play. Bleery eyed, I noticed Gregory Boaz’s facebook post and had to read the link a couple of times. It’s getting to be that every day we hear of someone passing that still has a heck of a lot of living to do.

Having some difficulty firing on even one cylinder at the minute. There’s not enough time to assimilate all the info that comes in to get it on here. And there’s a lot of pish to wade through that I guess comes with the territory of being added to mailing lists without asking to be on them. It’s quite a time consuming practice trying to unsubscribe and, when you do, I’m sure it makes some people more determined that you will remain on there for all eternity. It’s not quite at the level of calls to upgrade my kitchen but it’s getting there. How much would you like to garrotte these buggers that try to keep you on the phone?

I know, the individuals themselves are only trying to eke out a crust. It’s not actually them that should be hurt. It’s the people who run the companies. I imagine this happens everywhere and that it’s not just a symptom of UK desperation. As if anybody would ever do business with a “cold caller”. Must have needed to get that out of my system following a run over this past wee while. My means of call screening are pretty antiquated at this point in time and well, some of you know that I haven’t exactly embraced mobile technology with open arms.

Anyway it's apparently October and, as London goes under the thunder of Mott - here's a few things that are coming up around these here parts...

Black Time at Dows in Glasgow on Saturday October 3rd.

In the other coast, The Go Go.

Sunday October 4th, east coast has a double bill of The Wanderers and The Warriors ar The Cameo. In the west, King Khan and the Shrines make their Scottish debut at Stereo in Glasgow.

Thursday October 8th - The Obits are at Mono in Glasgow. Tickets from Monorail (maybe?)

Friday October 9th - Mudhoney, The Vaselines and St Deluxe at The Picture House, Edinburgh. And finally, for this missive Eddie and The Hot Rods at The Citrus Club also in Auld Reekie. That would seem to be enough to be going on with...

The Nomads and The Sonics in Stockholm (Debaser Medis) - November 27th!

RIP - Amy Farris