Thursday, March 29, 2007

So there are some bells and whistles with this new set-up that'll take a wee while to settle into. Hopefully the flush-out will have rectified the ongoing bollocks that seemed to be dogging what seemed like every second keystroke. I'm not big on change and am approaching this new adventure with a mix of cautious optimism and the regular low expectations. I'm hoping that by the time I have to do anything else, that there'll be one screen to watch TV, dvd, video, etc and deal with the web. I doubt i'll ever be down with the notion of a handheld portal but that's an issue for another day. Information technology has been hijacked by gadgetry and the standard of material available is largely less than authoritative. All I ask is for the kit I use to do the job. Remember that? And that's yer lot for tonight. I have to try and figure out my address book or rather where the feck it's at. Meanwhile enjoy this blast from the past, Alan and Marty's first visit to Scotland as a headliner in, I guess, 1978!?