Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My favourite new band!

Flagged up by Long Rydin' Sidney Griffin... I do like me a good mash-up.

“It just ain’t dignified, ain’t dignified!”  So shouts ex-Coyoteman, Captain Dynamite.  “It’s a cryin’ shame to see a loved one in their Autumn years, shoe-horned into Lycra, sportin’ a thread bare mask that’s seen better days and stinkin’ to high Heaven of bath tub gin, Deep Heat ‘n’ Werthers Originals - an embarrassment to the family.  Hell, I’m not saying she wasn’t a good mom, but it just wasn’t dignified, wasn’t dignified.”

It seems with Los Coyote Men’s NARC.-sponsored retirement riot over and done with, a light bulb went on over the Captain’s ungainly head. Reborn as The UNKNOWN PRINTER, the Ladies’ Pet and the Gentlemen’s Threat sets out his stall at the World’s First Rumble Sale; hawking his shoddy goods, his child like scrawl plastered on such reduced-to-clear items as Mexican wood cuts, hand-screened t-shirts ‘n’ G.G. Allin underpants... while for the less punch drunk shoppers/gig-goers, entertainment includes: Two live bands! 
El Heft, the masked chef!  Bubblegum Vegas,  rockin’ jewellery!  Racket Clothing, Anarchist attire!

Also, new and second hand clothing, records, books, and musical instruments galore! 

“It’s what Mom would have wanted.”
Sun 4th May  (50p)
11am until 2pm
The Sound Room
Redheugh Studios
Gateshead NE8 1PH
To book a stall or more info go to