Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RIP - Doug Meech

"Sad news courtesy of James Booth: Original Chesterield Kings' drummer, Doug Meech has apparently passed away recently.

I don't have much information to go on other than a message from current Chesterfield Kings' guitarist Paul Morabito that Doug was found dead in his apartment after having been missing from work for almost a week.

Doug Meech was the original drummer in the Chesterfield Kings, forming the band with Greg Prevost and Rick Cona even before Andy Babiuk was involved. As the 'heart and soul' of the band, Doug (together with Greg, Rick, Andy and Ori Guran and later Walt O'Brien and Mike Pappert), played with the band from 1979-1988 performing on the bands early single and first few records as well as touring the States and Europe with the band. Since his departure from the music scene in 1988, Doug has lived a quiet life. On Sundays he would frequent the record store i work at (the Bop Shop) after church and buy loads of early 60's soul and r&b vinyl. In fact i just saw him last week and asked him if he still had his original Kings' drums (which he did)."

from a Garagepunkrecords.com mailout