Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will the new Wirelessnapper album be the soundtrack to the Big Society clambake that’s supposed to go down on this sceptic isle? And also in the news, the word that we’ll all be able to score our tickets to the 2012 Ollimpix soon – I typed it like that to give particularly inept spellers a chance when they’re googling.

As if I wasn’t down in the dumps enough, this is almost grist for outright killing one’s self. I dread to hear what’s next. The western world is unravelling at a rate of knots that far outstrips anything global warming is ever likely to achieve. Did you see that chump Cameron on the TV last night? I actually had to switch the box off just in case the Grundy effect got to be too much and I kicked the set in. We’re living in an extended, Rory Bremner-fied spoof only it’s for real. I’ve tried what Chance the gardener might have done with the remote control and it can’t be changed. It just rattles on.

Don’t think I’ll put the telly on at all tonight actually Because I’ll end up watching the Brits and getting wound up even tighter. Does the expression “hair trigger” ring any bells.

So there’s really only one avenue left for me this evening...