Friday, October 10, 2008

As doom, despondency and a couple of their mates line up to spice up our lives a bit, there's a reasonable degree of buoyancy here. And I'm not talking about that pop singer either. Our visitor figures are up a wee bit too. Can it really be a week since Sidecar? Apparently so.

Thought about walking into town but it's absolutely pissing down. It's Friday night and I need to take stock of what needs doing. Of course I'd rather still be in Spain. The Funtastic Dracula shindig will be in full swing and by all accounts, some surprises are in store.

Other than seeing "That Sinking Feeling" on Sunday, I'll be sticking close to the midden heid so all going to plan there'll be something to read appearing here from time to time.

Kick off as you mean to go on with the Prissteens clips posted on North Fork Sound on October 4th.