Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hmmmm, strange that November should be the highest hit rate ever and possibly the least activity-wise for me. The reasons for this are varied and not about to be dragged through this particular neighbourhood. Inclination is another aspect, the nights have fair dawn in to the point that it’s pitch fucking black when I leave the bunker and pfb’er when I return. Generally spark out in front of the idiot box by 8pm til about 11pm and then I can’t sleep so a rather irritating cycle is taking place.

I don’t remember snow this bad since about December 1979. It was rough last year around Christmas but this takes the cake. Compared to other countries it’s nothing but this one just isn’t prepared and never will be. This morning I got out of my drive and immediately got stuck. If it wasn’t for a neighbour and a taxi driver then I’d possibly still be there. This is the earliest period of disruption in my living memory and it’s causing a considerable amount of heartache. Wonder if there’s a way to claim against the council for not providing adequate services?

The economic situation is bad enough but what if a person has had to drop wages because the country is so poorly equipped that it can’t keep things moving?

For instance, Sweden gets many more times the pummelling and things keep rolling. As of this point tonight, Central Scotland is pretty much goosed. Expectations fully delivered.