Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Hasil doc "My Blue Star" - coming soon... (link via StaySick)
I'm listening to the first Pascal album and thinking how huge they could be if they sung in English. This Swedish three piece just cut though all the swill and nail it. They make a fantabulous racket that swings like so many faux hipsters simply don't. Listen to them here and order both of their albums here.

So let's play catch up on some stuff you may have some fun with...

An interview interspersed with the music of Danny Federici. An integral part of the E-Street sound.

The Nomads are the kings of rock and roll despite their protestations. But of course - WE knew that!

Back in Sweden, the land of understated band names, Tunic provide free music and you can sample it here on their myspace and download their album for nada. I particularly dug "Seventeen".

This interview with Walter Yetnikoff is pretty entertaining. The link came from a recent Lefsetz mailing but I didn't find the time to catch it until now.

Pascal are still banging away in the background. Fuck the petrol shortage, these kids could light up a city with this kind of energy!! Now if only I could figure a way to harness it as an alternative to fossil fuel...

RIP - Humphrey Lyttelton