Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday night and no place to go, that works for me. And If I did, I'd probably have found a way out of actually turning up by now. Not sure if it's a strain of agoraphobia or just the onset of another level on the antisocial ladder. Actually, I'm not entirely antisocial, it's just that me 'ate having to put up with putz and putzesses en route to hanging with folks that I dig to be around.

At this point, the usual proverbial high hopes of achievement for the unfolding weekend are marinating nicely. The end result will likely be altogether different but it's sometimes OK to harbour delusions, right?

Short and sweet tonight, nip over to Tim's place and take a look at "The A&R Guy".

Pretty funny.

Also on a non-music related note... Being There 2010

and Andy Kershaw on his experience of Haiti and the people there.