Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sounds in the Suburbs present




23 June 2007, 8pm - Helensburgh Drive, Jordanhill, Glasgow, G13 1RR

Cost : £10

Tickets available from Alan -0780 444 7511


The 7th of May, 1977: This is the date when everything changed forever, as the Clash’s “White Riot” tour hit Edinburgh. However, it wasn’t the Clash that connected with a bunch of teenage punks in the audience who would go on to form the fulcrum of “the Sound of Young Scotland”; it was Vic Godard & the Subway Sect. Their ramshackle grey-glare/treble-to-the-max guitar sound was THE major influence on Postcard Records’ Orange Juice & Josef K, and Fast Product’s Fire Engines. In recent years, Vic’s output has been more sporadic. 2002’s “Sansend” being his last release. However, a new recording of the tracks that were scheduled to appear on the original debut Subway Sect album, is about to be released. This album was scrapped by Vic’s then manager, the notorious Bernie Rhodes, and has remained in the vaults ever since. In the 1990s, Vic Godard reignited his Scottish connection when he signed to the rescusitated Postcard Records for the Edwyn Collins produced “End of the Surrey People”. This Scottish connection continued when Vic hooked up with the Creeping Bent Organisation in 1999 to release a 7”, “Place We Used To Live”. Vic started working with Creeping Bent outfit The Leopards around this time, this resulted in some of his best recordings and gigs. His 1998 performance at Glasgow’s CCA, where he headlined a Creeping Bent event that also featured Adventures in Stereo and The Secret Goldfish, was truly legendary. More detailed information at

Bricolage released their debut limited edition 7”, “Footsteps”, on the Creeping Bent label in June 2006. Since then, a further limited edition 7”(“Looting Takes The Waiting Out of Wanting”) has been released, this time on the Fantastic Plastic label in March this year. The group is now signed to the Memphis Industries label, July sees their first fully flown single release, “The Waltzers”. Bricolage are the latest in a lineage of Scottish pop groups influenced by the genius of Vic Godard. Live excursions have seen Bricolage support an eclectic array of artists (1990s, Long Blondes, Fire Engines, Sun Ra’s Arkestra), however anticipation in the camp about supporting Vic is reaching fever pitch.

That's this Tuesday coming and a week tomorrow (Sunday)... book here!

So, this seems to be working again... once again dependancy on this sodding box in the corner of my living room has given me cause for concern. On a more upbeat note, my Roky ticket arrived.

Check out this short tribute to BBC Radio Scotland in Queen Margaret Drive by Tom Morton. I think the move to all purpose hell-hole on the south side is complete. I know a lot of you folks that read this have been there, some have worked there and some have some damn good memories from there. There's even a shot of the "Geezer Butler" courtyard but not one of the big studio where they did orchestra recording etc. The first time I was ever in there was in 1967 or something, with my father when he was recording with Muirhead and Sons Pipe Band. I wonder what will happen to that and sincerely hope it becomes a soundstage as was mooted.

The end of yet another era is upon us and Byres Road may never be the same again...