Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The uploading of images seems to be knackered again. I've had umpteen goes at loading the poster for Friday's GREASE MONKEYS show at The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College Of Art on Friday coming (18th) but it's not working. But head along for a good pummelling why dontcha...?

Update at 6.47am 17/11 - It's working now...
This Cameo thing is really bugging me and has prompted consideration of the following. Based on the ramifications of business and the murky worlds that inform it, this might be completely naïve but here goes…

Couldn’t the Filmhouse mount a campaign to buy the place and absorb it into their portfolio? It would be good to see independent cinema grow and not the multiplexes.

What if everybody who objects pitched in to buy The Cameo and run it as is? Maybe even as a club whose members would support it?? Big Sean could make an investment instead of wasting his money on the SNP?

Judging by what I heard on the wireless this morning, this application has been made by the seller, City Screens. Their angle is to set up the equivalent of 4 home cinema systems to take over from a world-class screening space. The representative of the seller tried to make a case for their proposal but failed to mention that they hadn’t actually applied for a Change Of Use for the building. This could offer hope

Whatever, there are rumblings now that Edinburgh’s great family cinema, The Dominion is not long for this world either. The demise of these two East of Scotland establishments is not progress. More like slapping a band-aid on a festering wound. I figure that the Edinburghers would be better trying to sort out Princes Street and leave The Cameo alone. Quietly doing more for the place than a whole boxload of Hogmanay shennanigans.

Anyway, some further tactics for the campaign which is gaining momentum...

Please note the following:
1. Shortcut to the facility to object to the application.

2. It's absolutely vital that everyone who objects completes the Comments box on the form by making a specific objection - if you leave it blank or make a general objection then your objection will not be registered. It's best that your objection is on a technicality rather than about the loss of the Cameo as we know and love it (which would be ignored). Here is a suggested objection: (please vary wording!) :

I object that this application is being submitted under Listed Building Consent when it is a clear CHANGE OF USE application. The proposed use will be as a public house with film screening facilities, not as existing cinema with bar facilties.

3. It is also essential to write to The Clerk of the Licensing Board, 343 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1PW as they have approved the first stage of the licence to turn it into a pub, without any questions. They must be pressured to recognise that it is not a simple extension of the existing Cinema Liquor Licence but instead an application for a public house licence.

The deadline for all objections is December 9th.