Monday, November 30, 2009

Last night’s screening of “Eating Raoul” went pretty well. A healthy turnout for a “cauld school night”. The reassuring sound of genuine laughter being generated by a criminally unseen gem is a pretty decent tonic for what ails ye, or at least me. If only “Bland Ambition” had gotten off the drawing board. I mentioned to Mary Woronov that maybe she could appear in Curb to sort Larry out. She told me she had no idea who that was. Amazing. Talking of Lar, I’m signing off to watch the remainder of the latest season after I press "publish" on this.

Thanks to those who came along for their kind indulgence...

Never been much of one for setting goals, far less realising ‘em but one ambition is to attend a gathering at The House of Rock in Moss, Norway. Tomorrow – December 1st sees Baby Shakes enter that hallowed portal. Colour me jealous.