Monday, July 14, 2008

The early Dutch punk scene gave us some minor classics, but few discs hold up in this day and age. Ivy Green 's (2) debut LP and The Suzannes 45 come to mind as discs that still sound good. Those, and of course the Helmettes' amazin' I Don't Care What The People Say. Turn up the volume and dig the 2nd part of the guitarsolo that sounds like a friggin' airraid warnin'!
Been listening to some piffle about combating knife crime by taking the perps to hospitals or even morgues and showing them the damage they do. Do the blighters that dream these things up think wir heids button up the back? Perhaps the only solution is to establish "stabbatoirs"? Where what they did unto others could be manifested upon said scum. Actually, I'm only about a quarter kidding here. And no, I don't care what their background reports come up with.

Don't have any time to tap out anything more substantial tonight. Got other stuff to deal with and I appear to be having intermittent e-mail/connection problems. So if you're trying to get a hold of me, for whatever reason, that could be the bugbear.

The thing they call normal service will resume at some juncture. Presumably.
Mr Morton tells me this was blasting off the stage every 5 minutes between bands at "Pee In The Dark"... let me state clearly that I have no interest in you buying a volvo - just listen...

RIP - Nick Sanderson