Monday, July 23, 2007

Still somewhat out of sorts, I saw a movie yesterday called The Chumscrubber. Once again duped by a comparison to Lynch on the poster, it was OK. More post-Donnie Darko or maybe an episode of the OC that Mark Frost could have had a hand in. It was sharing a bill with DD but I didn't stick around for that. A mix of couldnae be arsed tempered with just wasn't up to it, and besides I've seen both "cuts". I'm not altogether sure how much in charge of my own destiny that I am at the moment. Circumstances and situations could be better but on the other hand, worse is always a possibility. Driving to the stalag this morning, it was sunny then foggy then a few spots of rain and then sunny again. All in just under 20 miles. Listening to the radio it was all about the flooding down south. That's where the "could be worse" swings into view. And now it's thunder and lightning. I don't think it's climate change, maybe we're just fucked?

It's as good an explanation as any, right? Certainly this carbon offset scam, "pssst gimme 20 quid and I'll plant some trees to compensate for your flights to all over the shop", needs to be kicked into touch. I mean do you trust anybody to do that on your behalf? Aye thought so.

Was a tad distracted by the new Magic Dirt video on their myspace. Adalita is wearing a Cramps "Bad Music..." T-shirt in it and it's a Motorheadophonic stonker! I may have told you before that this combo should rule the earth. Or at least large chunks of it.

I also have a lot of time for the Soho Dolls. Some synth haters might be skeptical but give 'em a chance, they list Suicide and The Nomads as influences on their myspace domain. Irrespective of that, they're headed your, mine and everybody else's way. The Tuts show in Glasgow is with The Vivians.