Saturday, June 23, 2007

RIP - Kai Davidson

When I got back from London there was a message in my inbox from Sandy McLean about an old associate of ours, Kai Davidson.

I met Kai when he belted out the truth on bass with The Cateran, a band from Inverness that was at the forefront of what would eventually catapult Nirvana into the bigtime. Their debut mini-album “Little Circles” remains to this day something way more dear to me than a truckload of Orange Juice or Josef K singles. Sandy and I, er, “produced” the band’s “Last Big Lie” single. Of course neither of us will be bothering Tony Visconti anytime soon but it was fun. I remember being a bit pished one night and doing a HDM with them for a rendition of “Search and Destroy” at Potter’s Row or someplace too. Crivvens. One day the rest of the world will rediscover that band. Kai also managed The Proclaimers in their early years and also went on to be in The Joyriders with fellow Cateran-er and amigo Murdo McLeod.

He was a very nice man. I can’t even begin to understand the turmoil he was in this past few years and my thoughts are very much with his friends and family. I’m sure they're utterly devastated and wondering what they could have done to prevent such a tragedy. I imagine the answer is nothing, which makes it all the more bloody heartbreaking.

Here’s the link provided by Sandy. I didn’t want to post it raw.