Sunday, January 14, 2007

Info via Chip @ Videocrypt...

From: Dead Flowers Productions

Date: 1/13/2007

"A terrible tragedy has befallen our good friends ? & The Mysterians. This past Tuesday evening, the home of ? and his manager and manager's wife, burned to the ground. They have lived in this house for the past 30 plus years and everything they own, gold records, photos, everything was lost. They are uninsured. They raise Yorkshire Terriers and lost four of their seven dogs and other pets in the fire. They are now trying to survive by living in their tour bus parked at their farm. They were off the road so the bus was not stocked with anything at the time. No food, clothing, or any thing that will allow them to exist for long.

They are in need of everything. Also any photos or recordings anyone can supply them with as they were not able to save anything except the three of his dogs, two of whom are eldery and blind and one boot he could slip on before running out of the fire. Please help if you can. Any donations can be mailed to ? & The Mysterians at: PO Box 96, Clio, MI 48420.

If you can help in any other ways, please contact us at and speak with us. We can put you in direct contact with ? if you would like to help him directly. We'd like to see about putting on a few benefits for them so they can rebuild. Anyone interested please please contact us quickly. If you'd like to put on a benefit for them yourselves, any and all help will be greatly appreciated."