Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been an odd couple or three weeks around these here parts. Definitely not enough hours in the day and in the scrambling to at least try and cover many bases, it's be'd a tad scattergun. For instance, I still have to list the issues of Mojo so that you folks can score the one's that you want. Travolta - shut it!

I also asked somebody else who is looking to unload too so all of that info is coming soon. Something else that's been coming along is the PDFing of NBT back issues. Not an easy task and somewhat uncomfortable because I didn't half gibber some pish back then. You think it's bad now? Whoa Nelly and all of her tribe. Not entirely sure how I got away with it, some of it is off the scale ridiculous. To what's left of my mind, it doesn't travel well to my mind at least some of you might get a laugh out of it. In the interests of balance, there was a time when articles on bands I actively dislike were included too.

The events of recent times have also resulted in a backlog of stuff that'll be brought to your attention in due course. It's always a consideration just to list'n' link but I figure it's always an idea to give you at least an inkling as to what you might find prior to the click.