Friday, November 09, 2007

The Stereo Total show ran very late so more about that later. I'm almost awake so we'll see how that pans out, meanwhile...

News from Mr Tannock on the New STEREO, opening tonight in ol Glasvegas...

"Hello Everyone,

We are having our opening party for stereo and the ground floor will be open from 8pm, with the basement opening at 9pm.

The Parsonage will start the evening's musical proceedings, followed by many special guests, in particular, Don Don Don, who have come all the way from Bavaria to help make this a great night.

Entry is free. Early attendance recommended.

stereo is a cafe/bar at ground level and a venue in the basement.

The venue will host a variety of events with alternative touring bands featuring heavily and is available for private hire.

The cafe/bar will be open from 8am mon-fri, from 10am at the weekend, and till midnight every night. (only opening from noon this weekend)

The kitchen is based around a small organic bakery and will bring a much needed 'quick & healthy' option to the city centre. As usual, all food will be completely animal free, though we will offer organic cows milk as an option with coffee. The kitchen will be open from Monday.

Hope you can join us tonight, or failing that, can check us out soon.

Please spread the word.



And the word was spread...