Sunday, September 09, 2012

Andy Shernoff’s “Not Fade Away” EP has just become available in download format. All four songs for a measly $3.99 (£2.58 UK scratch) at his site and I urge you to pledge your allegiance via paypal right now. It finds one of America’s foremost songwriters teaming up with Springfield. Mo’s finest to come up with something that almost made me have to stop the car the first time I heard it. The gear was mixed by former Skele-sound man and all round top geezer, Vance Powell too.

I can only dream that one day I might see them all on the same stage together in some part of the world but for now Andy is saving rock’n’roll remotely from his Brooklyn base with the primo help of the band that resides around the buckle of the bible belt.

“Let’s Get The Band Back Together” rips out of the blocks and will have a video accompaniment in due course, watch this space for the link. “Laugh and Walk Away” is something I’d like to learn to do, particularly at this moment in time. The interplay between Joe and Donnie on this made me plotz. The reinterpretation of “Hey Boys” is served up like The Del Lords might have performed it had it made it to “Frontier Days” instead of “Manifest Destiny”. The short set closes with title song “Don’t Fade Away”, a jangling bittersweet hymnal that in another time could have be all over the radio if such a medium still existed.

Despite the fact that none of these guys have ever gotten what they truly deserve, they continue to make music of a calibre that I truly wish the world would catch up with. Hopefully there’ll be more coming around the pike in due course...

You can get the angle on this gear from the man himself... here.