Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dealing with cable service providers makes my heid nip. The latest saga is that my phone service was gubbed AGAIN. Plus the continued red rag that is dealing with call centres on another continent – that’s what really has me considering changing who has my business. This however throws up multifarious things that can go pear shaped and most often just ends up in my doing nothing. The concept being sticking with (the) status quo.

Service in general, through all corridors of existence, would appear to be on a downward trajectory. Expectation that is already scraping the ground has pretty much come to a grinding halt. There is the odd glimmer here and there though and the case in point is my gas and electricity supplier. Their centre is based around 40 minutes from the bunker and this morning, I had an exchange with a lady there who sorted out my account matters in literally minutes. Even if it ended up that I had to pay a little more then I would to get this level of service.

Going to try and sort out some pre-rupture music stuff. Probably after I come back from seeing “Source Code” at the Hippodrome if there’s time. And if there’s not, WTF?

I’m thinking that maybe I should write a couple of paragraphs about Lady GeeGaw too. After all. she needs all the publicity she can get. Actually, I have no problem at all with her “music”, or her really but everywhere I fucking turn this past few days there she blood was. One aspect is that her machine can fairly put in the column inches. It all sort of niggles me but being that this skin seems to be thinner than ever, it doesn’t take much. See you on the flipside of the pictures – I wasn’t that enamoured with Zowie’s “Moon” but this one looks like a big budget episode of “Chuck”.