Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Roky in NY the other night over at North Fork Sound...

A strange thing happened yesterday. Nothing to do with the event that hijacked our namesake but the stats recorded the largest hit rate in (our) history. The reason for this is that Mr Paul Lukas gave we a shout out at UNIWATCH. A site that - on the face of it relates to sports - but underneath is so much more. I’m not sure that those visiting were or are looking for the stovies recipe but they’re welcome nonetheless. Maybe some of ‘em will even come back now and again. One thing is for sure that Paul’s site has some hardcore clickers going on and I thank him for his indulgence. I think I might start a band called The Vintage Stirrups...

Tried to collate a PDF of the film festival programme but it’s all skew wiff. In addition to "Cigarette Girl", I notice that "The Runaways" movie is on. Word on this ranges between stinker and pretty good but of course I have to see it. This could of course be problematic because it has that “Twilight” bint in it. Another minus is that it’s playing at Cineworld. Chances are it’ll be at “Best of the Fest” so maybe I’ll wait and see. I was at the band’s first show in the UK (Glasgow Apollo) and also The Roundhouse back in the olden days when they actually existed and also stood behind Joan Jett at a Sire Records party where the Flamin Groovies played.

It would be fun to ask the director why Lisa Fancher and Phast Phreddie are not portrayed. Most likely because no actor or actress could do them justice but I won’t accept that as an excuse.

Chugging a little of that Fridayness in these latter stages of Wednesday and a host of stuff to complete. Whatever I’ve done to my back isn’t getting a whole lot better but I’ll live. And meanwhile, some excellent news so it’s worth hanging in until September kids!

A letter from Säkert!:

Hey. Just wanted to let you know that we made a new record with Säkert! It's called “Facit” * and it's due September 15. The first single, “Fredrik”, will be released in August. This is new: we worked slower with this album. We even had some sort of plan before we started recording it. That plan obviously didn't work out, but still! Producer Henrik Oja also wrote some of the songs with me. This is old: we're the same people. Henrik, Mats Hammarström, Daniel Berglund. Lovisa Nyström and Jakob Nyström. (They are all involved in a lot of different bands incl. Isolation Years, Two White Horses and The Spacious Mind.) The songs are bigger than last time around. The production is bigger and the topics are huge: funerals, weddings, elections. Oh, and also we'll be recording the songs in English, especially for those of you who liked last Säkert! but got sour you didn't understad the lyrics.

All the best,
Annika Norlin

PS. My other project, Hello Saferide, is still around as well.

"FACIT" is the Swedish word for "result" or "answer". The correct pronunciation using phonetic symbols is [fa:sit]. The "A" pronounced like in "father".

Educational and informative. Meanwhile, I have a Film Festival programme to trawl through.