Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'd ideally be in Stockholm right now. The "Oh No" charabang will be in full swing. It was cool to see "White Christmas" this afternoon but my mind kept drifting. I went into town early, in the hope that I could get a few things but it was a disaster. Jenners food hall is gone! What the chuff is up with that? It's been replaced by a Valvona and Crolla!. Now I like that place fine but not in place of what used to be there. Here is another aspect of change that sucks in full swing.

My other attempts at "shopping" were similarly dismal. Fueled by the fact that I don't think there's anything that isn't available everywhere. I even braved Marks and Sparks only to leave empty handed. I'm really not good at this, never was but have evidently gotten a lot worse.

Anyway, as a closer - I urge you to support your independent cinema and go and catch one of the old films that is playing. The way they look on the big screen is much better than your widescreen LCD whatchamacallit or on your laptop screen. It's like the difference between paste up and photoshop. No comparison. So if you have a "local" that's screening a classic, bodyswerve the multiplex and get in there. I actually felt festive for about 5 seconds until I had to get on the train home with the scumhordes that had been buying up all the shit that they'll pass for gifts this crimbo.

I'm hoping that all you overseas homies will visit the UK in 2009. Our currency is not worth a whole heckuvalot. Time to get your own back and come visit your Uncle L.
It's hard to tell what time it is in the mornings at the minute. Yesterday, it didn't get semi-light until after 9am and it was pretty much the same all day. I have a yearning to be in Stockholm where the Oh No... it's Christmas extravaganza is taking place at Nalen. I think I could get a festive glow on if I was there.

But no, I'm heading for Edinburgh instead and ultimately a Filmhouse friends screening of "White Christmas". I like seasonal films and music but don't care for the other trappings. There are things that need to be got so I figure it's time to bite the bullet. The pre-movie mince pies being the prize that'll tempt me out. How's that on the sad-ometer? It would be way easy to procrastinate on this one, believe me.

Keeping up the festive thing, there's a new version of "It still feels like Christmas" up on Angel's myspace. I can't add it to mine though unfortunately. Hoping that the Ben Vaughn opus from last year might make an appearance too.