Saturday, June 13, 2009

You have to watch this... Gary Lucas and Alan Vega from yesterday... courtesy of NoFoSo!

I’m sitting here contemplating things to blog about and having a first spin of the Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women album. Regular readers will be aware that I consider Dave to be the master wordsmith. Bobby Dylan and Neil Young have their moments but ye cannae whack the real thing. Anyway, more of that later.

I didn’t get back here yesterday but it all turned out pretty good. The buzz created by the surprse special guest on Tom Morton set the tone of the day. Didn’t get along to donate blood like I intended but I can reschedule that, maybe for next weekend prior to the film festival action on Saturday. On the way home, I stopped in at what is probably my favourite chip shop in this area, Enrico’s in Larbert. I used to dine on their "produce" just a little too often when I worked along the road but it had been a good year or so since I had anything. Even although the wafting smell when waiting for a train was VERY tempting. It’s a pleasure to report that the high standard is being maintained and damn, those fritters looked good.

So among the stuff that’s coming up is some news on shows and things, particularly in this area with the various festivals and stuff coming up. Picked up a fringe programme yesterday and see there are a couple of things worth your attention, I need to scan the Book Fest info too. Didn’t get around to the end of the week reco’s either so I plan to do something about that also. Just need to recover from my latest tussle with what’s left of the hedge and I’ll be back with more info and gear to check out than you can shake a big stick at.