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Is punk deid? Or does it just sometimes smell funny? The Phobics are often lumped in that particular pigeonhole but what they are is an archetypal rock n roll ensemble. It’s  a common mistake though and perhaps there’s a hint of a resemblance to that 40 year old plus neighbourhood disturbance but truly what they do bucks any trend brought upon by nostalgia. They belt out the truth with no small amount of love without giving a hoot about what purists or your average thumbheid (of which I’m one in the haircut department). Their joyous racket must surely appeal to anybody with an ear for rambunctious pub tuneage. 

Short, sharp and bloody furious, these Phobic fellas might well boot your jaded arse into action because you plain figured that this stuff wasn’t made anymore. “Whatever Comes My Way” is as good as anything yon alleged ‘last band that mattered’ ever recorded while the title track borders on pushing Scandinavian Rock to the man. 

As good solid rackets go of the sound variety - not the ongoing fleecing - the band is steeped in the stuff it takes to crank out anthems that might just restore your faith in a band’s ability to give you a good-natured slap about the hearing gear. The band is incapable of putting a foot wrong to my mind. they’re doing it for themselves. I can tell you from experience that you’ll have no finer time than to witness them in a London boozer or some other such hostelry.

"Burning Rubber" is something I hope these fellas will continue to do for a bloody long time to come. You can get a copy of this (CD only for now) direct from them if you drop a line to Tom via Ten quid postpaid in the UK but tell him where you are and he’ll sort you out.

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