Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The latest two instalments in the Feber series are Mats Olsson's "pubrock" and Lennart Persson's "folk/rock". Each 2cd set is curated and sequenced to give them a mix tape feel. That's their ultimate strength. With so many compilations just being thrown together these days, these are up to Ace Records type scratch. There's no booklet with reams of information but all the salient details are there. You can get the full tracklists here, or here, you just have to put the titles in to access them.

Both come in covers designed by Daniel Novakovic, who also did the Nomadic Dementia comp.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) sees the launch of the Edinburgh International Film Festival programme. Here's hoping that the selection and the switch to being in June rather than August will work. This year I'm not going to screenings of stuff that's due to come out within a month or so of the event.

Tickets go on sale this coming Friday...