Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lou Molinaro interviews Mary Weiss.
RIP - Joaquim Costa
Not long back from "the london". Train wasn't as mobbed as it was on the schlep down so that was good. Arrived back pretty close to schedule and caught the connection with just about a minute to spare. Result. I imagine it's all downhill from here...

Anyway, if you are within travelling distance of Brighton then I hope you'll be heading for The Nomads show. It's the second of a quick UK hit and run and their first gigs here in 6+ years.

So last night's DWC stint went spiffingly. Unfortunately The Cannibals couldn't open with a short set like they were supposed to because Mike had to fly back home to the US. So that meant that The Sweet Zeros were first to bat. They bang out a nice line in teen punk that is far more multi-faceted than the "Motorhead with tits" description would suggest. it would be fair to say the none of 'em are teens, or even punks but they embody the spirit and the fun that make this stuff run. By the time they finish with their brudder-ified version of "Rehab", I think they made a lot of friends. I'll be watching their progress closely.

Next it was The Fugitives, who in my opinion were flat out lumpy. An "oldies" band that slung out patently lukewarm versions of songs that deserve better. "A Question of Temperature" had me pining for Brownsville Station and that's about the only positive thing I can say about their set. It seems unlikely that they'll be getting chased anywhere and I'm sure they're doing it for fun but it simply isn't from my side of the fence. You know the one about the road to heck and the main ingredient of that particular asphalt.

So finally it's time for The Nomads and the relief, not to mention the anticipation, is palpable. I'm incredibly biased when it comes to this band. They are dear, dear friends but they'd expect me to be honest if I thought they sucked. And they never, ever do. They set the bar for the perfect measures that all I hold dear about this rock'n'roll lark. they even rolled out a version of "Who Dat?" which I don't recall them ever doing when I seen em before. The kids, as they say, dug it and were baying for more for some time after the last strains of "16 Forever" reverberated through our noggins. I'm always inspired when I leave the Dirty Water. It's my kinda people who go there. We can but dream about having a shindig like that up thisaway.

Missing in action but attending in spirit were Ms Hermansson and Ms Zetterberg. And also Field Marshall Vedder and the very Rev. M. Percival. It was a cracking night of the type that trouble us all too rarely. I oughtta be in Brighton, that reality is burning in my napper but t'was not to be. like I said if there's any way on earth you can make it then cut along now. I think it'll be stowed.

On a related note, The Sonics are now playing on the Sunday night also with The Horrors and another support tba. So if you didn't score tickets for the Friday then all is not lost.