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Last night in Glasgow, as Kid Congo and those Pink Monkey Birds were doing a nice line in “Can’t Find My Mind” and later “Green Fuz” transported me back to December 1980 (or was it '81? My mind done shunted off, pretty sure it was the former though) at the Lyceum in London. This was Blighty’s first encounter with the man in question, when he was drafted into The Cramps after Bryan baled. So it’s nice to see a packed house, once again on a Tuesday night, come out to welcome him. I like Nice’n’Sleazy as a venue but the name always makes me shudder, being that I actively loathe its source - both the band and the particular song. However, I realise this is a prejudice of my own manifesting – nothing against the establishment itself.

If Kid is coming anywhere near to you then I do believe you’ll have a high old time should you find it within yourself to drag yourself out. There’s a show in London at The Pipeline on Thursday (Newcastle tonight!) and you can get the other show details here.

In other news, the winter of my particular discontent is in full swing. Hibernation might be an option but I’m sure it would all just kick off again when I did wake. The latest issue of Mojo and all this best of the year guff depressed me today and further fed my belief that the much-touted acts of today are mostly not anywhere near up to snuff. I never really had cause to dislike Arcade Fire because I never heard them but now I’ve heard enough and it’s really nothing special. I feel kind of burned out at the best of times but just lately, swimming against a tide of constant underwhelm has made me feel like taking time out. In addition, sitting in front of a screen isn’t something I want to be doing too much of in my so-called leisure time so much less facebagging will be done for starters . I did think about canning it altogether but it does have a few uses (he grudgingly agreed).

As we descend into the stupid season, a recent attempt to go “Christmas shopping” was utterly thwarted by the stuff in the stores being total crap. Why would you give anyone that just for the sake of going along with it all? The thing that I’d most like is to feel like there was some kind of purpose. Not and never to be confused with “porpoise” – just in case some smartarse was thinking along those lines. Although, thinking about it, maybe even that would be something.

Beyond all this, there are decisions to be reached. How the heck one tackles that particular bugbear is another can of wigglys altogether.

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22nd November  - Sonic Ballroom · Köln GERMANY
23rd November  - Alte Hackerei · Karlsruhe GERMANY
24th November  - Sedel · Luzern SWITZERLAND
25th November  - Feierwerk · Munich GERMANY
26th November  - Chelsea · Vienna AUSTRIA
27th November  - Chemiefabrik · Dresden GERMANY
28th November  - Wild At Heart · Berlin GERMANY
29th November  - Glocksee · Hannover GERMANY
30th November  - Café Excelsior · Brussels BELGIUM

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It’s 5 weeks ‘til Christmas Eve. For me that means an extended period away from the day prison. I’m trying to figure out what might happen in 2014 and how I can maybe circumnavigate the rat race. Plans are one thing, schemes are another. Seriously pondering out a way to bring these things together is not entirely straightforward but then again, what is? Take blogging for instance, I can’t claim to have writer’s block but attempting to steer clear of a computer screen is another of those dalliances. I spend 8 hours a day in front of one at work and the last thing I want to do is several more at home.
And now that people can hear virtually anything for themselves, is there any point in trying to cajole them into listening to something? Actually, there is. We all rely on filters. Recommendations. Pointers. You can’t rely on what passes for conventional media, that’s for sure. Although sometimes I figure that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to be a lemming. Don’t fancy being a sheep though, all manner of unpleasant activity can be directed at those poor creatures.
It was very dark tonight on the way back to the bunker. Driving in the dark is no fun at all. Even less so when idiots coming the other way won't cool it with the full beam. Shut-In status is looking pretty damn good right about now.


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The Crunch album “Busy Making Noise” finally made it through my letterbox.  A “supergroup” of sorts that ought to strike joy into the hearts of those that reckon “Give ‘em Enough Rope” is the best Clash album and that “Only Lovers Left Alive” was the best record Dave Tregunna ever made. Add a wee dash of Mott and Lizzy and we’re all set to revisit the heady heights of 1978 when anthems were a lot less complicated. Clocking in at 40 minutes dead, this is a rip-roaring adventure from start to finish and the icing on a very tasty cake is Idde Schultz weighing in on backing vocals. I’ve long considered her the Scandic Ellen Foley and the “duet”, “A Little Bit Of Grace” pretty much vindicates that notion. If there was ever such a thing as a pub-punk rockin’ take on Roxette then this is the blueprint.
The band is Sulo Karlsson, Terry Chimes, Mickey Geggus and the aforementioned Dave T and absolutely yes, they’re all old enough to know better but thank fuck they didn’t let that get in the way. You can just tell they had a ball making it to the extent that it’s almost like an “original cast” recording of some kind of crazy musical celebrating an era that’s unlikely to be better represented. Authenticity is one thing but it’s the spirit that makes this bugger fly. Maybe I’m just a sad sack clinging on to the past but I swear, as clichéd as some of this might seem – it made me misty-eyed. If they’re half as good live = and I suspect they'll be better - then I can’t wait to see them, preferably in Spain where the kids appreciate this type of ruckus. As it is, they’re in London this impending December and I’m otherwise engaged that weekend or my bahookie would be on the train for sure.

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Solo UK tour by Eric in December:  

 08 WORCESTER, Marr’s Bar
Woodend Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club
13 EDINBURGH, The Citrus Club
14 GATESHEAD, The Central ...

15 LEICESTER, The Musician

on 5 December, live session on The Marc Riley Show, BBC 6 Music

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I can't get the embed code to work so go check out The Wrecking Crew Kickstarter deals.

If you've seen it then you know it's worthy...