Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RIP - Ian Rilen (Rose Tattoo) . I-94 piece.

Thanks to Trevor Block for the links.
If you're still lookin' for todays soundtrack, check session 108 at Probe is Turning-on the People!...

Monday, October 30, 2006


Beatles in Holland Pt 1 & 2 (this one's for Lindsay)
Cuby & the Blizards - doc
Dukes - Friday On My Mind
Golden Earrings - Daddy Buy Me A Girl
Golden Earrings - That Day
Pretty Things in Blokker
Ro-d-y-s - Take Her Home
Rolling Stones 1964
Tielman Brothers - Rollin' Rock
"WMBR 88.1 FM Fundraiser starts November 8th….tune into Gorilla Got Me 2:00-4:00 PM EST…..

The Wednesday, November 8th edition of Gorilla Got Me will involve me begging you for money. It is the annual WMBR fundraiser....the one time of year the radio station asks for listener support. WMBR is all volunteer/commercial-free/free-form radio and relies solely on listener support to keep the station in operation.

There will be lots of great treats and premiums (concert/club tix, CD/DVDs, books, etc.) for your much appreciated donation offerings. Hope you can join me and lend some change or small dollar (or large) amounts to the Gorilla! Tune in 2:00-4:00 PM EST as we let the begging begin.

Go Go Gorilla!
Sara J.

You can phone in donations during the show on November 8th, 2:00-4:00PM EST at 617-253-8810

Sunday, October 29, 2006

News just in via a staysick bulletin, Roky is in Hollywood, Fla - Tonight!

Of course, that alleged "extra" hour that we're supposed to benefit from today went "poot" into the ether. The coming week is shaping up to be another doozy but i'll do what I can to bring things up to some kind of snails pace. See you next Wednesday as John Landis might say...

Jim Lauderdale at Brel in Glasgow on Friday 10th November.
Further information via the Fallen Angels Club or Soundsfine.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The recent practice of not being able to organise a piss-up in the proverbial brewery continues. It hardly seems credible that the London jaunt was a week ago. But it was and in the run-up to now, I’ve caught The Last Town Chorus and The New York Dolls at the ABC in Glasgow. It’s a great venue. Like a non-claustrophobic version of the Astoria in London. Good sight lines and another bar adjacent to the main hall if you want to dodge any of the proceedings, like the gimps that opened for the Dolls. But more about that later…

The Last Town Chorus opened for The Guillemots to a packed house. I’m not terribly familiar with the latter but what I saw of them was OK. I reckoned it might have been horrendous but it wasn’t. I’d have liked to have seen the songs that Megan joined ‘em for but had to cut out because it was a school night. I was knackered from a day trying to sort out stuff here in the bunker too. So anyway, The LTC presented that trademark atmospheric lap steel to an appreciative audience. The sound was great and theirs is music that literally soared under such conditions. The material from the new Wire Waltz set really shimmered and the only bugbear was that some of the audience gibbered too loudly over the quiet parts. The spare, almost orchestral nature of this demands a certain respectful silence. Why do people go to see shows and slaver their brains out during a performance? The LTC return to Glasgow in December and elsewhere in the UK too. I’ll post the dates when I get ‘em.

Thursday was The Dolls. Ever since the Arthur film I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t go to the Royal Festival Hall. Then I remembered that one of the main reasons was that they had the drummer from The Libertines. The opening act was something called Towers Of London. First I saw of them was the cover of the Guardian Guide last Saturday. Apparently there’s a “reality” TV show on Bravo which gives these no-hopers a platform for their charismatically-challenged punk metal by numbers. They make McFly seem like the fucking Allman Brothers. Identikit safe rubbish for the Big Brother generation and utterly devoid of any redeeming features. Apart from that, they’re great. This is where that other bar in the venue came in very handy. The Dolls on the other hand were absolutely fabulous and the intro tape really set the tone for a set that mixed plenty of old and new. Like I’ve said before, the new album is damned good and concerns in some quarters that it veers too close to metal in parts are unfounded in my opinion. They’re having a lot of fun up there and I think that there are good vibes involved with this particular resurrection that don’t apply to the dollar-grabbing actions of some “living legends”. Like The Fleshtones the Friday before, this is a band that puts on a show. The version of “Piece Of My Heart” would have been trite in lesser hands but it was fantastic situated as it was in the set. The version of “(Fucking) Pills” was incendiary. The band are full on and have their own identity. It’s not just a hollow homage to a bygone era. It was like an old fashioned Glasgow night out and a lot of the throng had been waiting a long time for this show. Johansen is one of the great frontmen, his gurning and presence is a reminder of what this game is all about. I think that the reaction on this last night of the tour surprised them. In a just world, the NY Dolls would have played at the old Apollo back during the pre(UK) punk wars but I’m glad they’re still around and pounding it out with this much gusto. It restores one’s faith to some degree.

The clocks go back tonight and I have to bloody work tomorrow. So much to do and way too little time. Now it’s time to check out the new Peter C. Johnson album “Yaka Yaka” and to watch the Demolition Doll Rods dvd as an antidote to the excrecable Saturday night TV roster. All going well there’ll be another missive soon, after all there’s an extra hour coming up…
No luck with uploading images, if this appears then at least the ordinary post facility is operating. Or is it?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

http://blahparty.org/ Captain Sensible enters the political arena...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Detroit garage rock scene exposed in local documentary...more

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monk time? Well that kicked off about 11pm last Thursday. The Dome above the DWC was reverberating as the great and the good paid homage to something they thought they'd never see. PJ's persistence paid off and three of the original 5 were bringing down the musical equivalent of what Buckfast will do to you in musical terms. I have to state here that I was in the minority at this particular sermon. While all and sundry were having their minds blown to lesser or greater degree, I was thinking "wait a minute" the sound in this place is pish. Or at best soup. And not one of those nice broths either. How To Do was as close as it got to the realisation of the BMT experience for me. For some reason, I wasn't included in the party everybody else was having. Mr Duff told me they were vicious when he saw them but I have to say that the teeth they presumably had in during that service must have been in a big glass at the side of the stage. Maybe it sounded OK from where they were too? Maybe I just expected too much. I had no problem with the ticket price like some. It may be considered hefty but not for something as perceivably special as this turned out not to be. Like I said, I was very much in the minority. That is my dime in life. They didn’t do that one "Nice legs, shame about the boat race" either. Oh yeah, that was another Monks. As is Tony Shaloub, singular. Openers were Blacktime (no Monk) who were OK in that primal lo-fi Cramplike arc. A concise short set. Dirthole are an ensemble piece who Mr Cruickshank reckons sound like dual dimensional versions of The Fall each playing a different set at the same time. Believe me that concept is much better in theory than it is in hard racket. They have fun though and I'll be damned if that ain't the main thing.

Friday was Fleshtone time and I really wish that these guys could command the attendances they deserve because they were literally smoking in comparison to anything from that previous night. I hadn't seen them for more than 10 years. Since they opened for The Cramps in Amsterdam and the Nomads played upstairs afterwards. There are so many copy bands out there that have taken the routines and some of the sound but they can't, not one of them, ape the finite superrock ingredient. Like whatever makes Coca into Cola or Irn into Bru. Hadn't seen them perform material from the last few albums either so it was all good. Got more exercise during this hour or so than I have in recent living memory. They got a decent crowd but there should a been a line around the block, locked out. Such is the power that they wield. Yes I'm biased but ask anybody who was there. Hardly anybody even comes close. Not ever. 30 years and counting. Never less than supreme, the never lost that american beat because they fucking ARE it! Cool supporting roles from The Grease Monkeys and The Dexateens made this the preferable of the two DWC anniversary nights that your old codger here attended.

Now to the e-mail backlog, if this steam modem has enough puff.

My Two Cents. Posted 8:20 PM by Jeroen Vedder

As we were unable to get to London in time for the Monks and Black Time I can only vouch for Lindsay's take on the 2nd night and as par usual he's pretty much on the ball. Tho' mention has got to be made of the soundguy who figured that the Fleshtones are best appreciated at distorto level and Alfonso from the Parkinsons who wrecked Zaremba's organ early in the set...

The third night was a hoot as well mainly c/o the Priscillas, an all girl 4 piece who's Ramones/Runaways hybrid is as predictable as it is contagious. All dolled up and with choreographed stage-moves, they delivered a great set of uber-catchy tunes.
Proof positive that there is a God came when the Parkinsons hit the stage and the P.A . and lighting-rig gave up the ghost halfway their first song. Mucho fuss was made of audience members throwing beer, but it was obvious that the band was soley responsible. Hey, that's what you get for messin' with Z-man's keyboard!
Anyways, the Parkinsons sweaty/shirts-off/male bonding take on R&R complete with terracechant-style choruses is hardly my cup o' tea. Tho' most of the crowd seemed to think otherwise... Opening act Thee Exciters were fun for a while, but really should take note of Black Time's dictum of only playing short sets and crampin' all your good points in that brief timespace...

A short note on the fact that London might not be that big a city as is often believed: The girl who was selling tickets at the DWC on Friday, looked very much like the one who sold me some records at Sounds That Swing on Saturday afternoon and the one playing rockabilly 45s at the Elephants Head on Saturday night...

Congratulations to P.J. and here's hopin' for at least one more decade. A tip of the hat goes out to Steve, Lindsay, Matthew, Jos and Coen.

Pictures c/o Jos De Groot
Update: Some Youtube links: Monks, Parkinsons.
OK, so it took a wee while but the HS jpeg appeared eventually. Apparently there's a connectivity problem in these parts, it's certainly been taking the mick outta me for a few hours. The Last Town Chorus is opening for some trendy, down with the kids band called The Guillemots. More about them after a couple of songs. Their recorded work certainly leaves me thinking nothing in particular. But it's sold out so that provides a whole new canvas for Megan and her crew. Might even get around to putting the last few days into perspective soon. I need to watch a Demolition Doll Rods dvd first though.
Your Uncle Joss wants a word...
"Hello cheeky,

Those dashingly rum coves, The Stripchords, return to the stage at the slinkily seductive Lady Luck club on October 26th. Having enjoyed a summer sporting across the London, around domestic provinces, in Europa, and up the New World, a fully refreshed and highly manoeuvrable handful of Stripchords are scheduled to take to the stage ofthe London's top burlesque review at the stroke of midnight, Thursday next.

Lady Luck is a most hip night of hepcat 'n' kitten thrills, held at Too Two Much (the former Raymond Review Bar), and presided over by DJ/hosts Nino, Jake, Ronnie & co. Expect:* World-class burlesque turns. * The Stripchords with Mr Bishop's saucy 8mm fillums. * Real fine r'n'r 'desk jockey' action - Louis Jordan to Louis Louis.* Cocktails, cigars, etc. Dress to impress and let Lady Luck do the rest at London's most hellishly swinging night.

The Stripchords have put aside time to thoroughly Shake'n'Vac their stageschmutter before kicking off a new season of top tits 'n' twang action at Lady Luck, so shape up or schtup out - no serge denime, gymnasium shoes, etc. Indeed, the run up to that most filthy of festive seasons (mistletoe, lingerie, stuffing, etc) is set to be a busy one, as The Stripchords are already engaged to play the following jollies. All jigs in the London, unless noted:

* Thu Oct 26th - The Lady Luck Club, Too Two Much, Berwick St, 10pm 'til very late, £9-£13. Plus live burlesque and Lady Luck DJs.

* Sat Nov 4th - Gutter Ball @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, support by The Creepy Morons, Honkeyfinger, and Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs.

* Fri Nov 17th - Stamford Hill Sports Club @ Hoxton Bar & Grill, Hoxton Sq, with The Penetrators, and SHSC DJs.

* Sat Nov 25th - Mods Vs Rockers @ International Student House, Gt PortlandSt, with The Five Aces, plus DJs Dr Robert and co.

* Fri Dec 8th - A XXXmess @ Cube Cinema Complex, Bristol. Live burlesque,plus support TBC, and Off The Cuff DJs.

We do hope you'll come join us for one, or all, of the above wingdings.Stay cool, won't you?
Video, downloads, pictures and virtual navel fluff at:www.myspace.com/thestripchords"

Monday, October 23, 2006

That's me on the left, with Blacktime's Lemmy Caution and the A Fistful Of Records crew pictured somewhere in Soho last weekend...
Howdy. I'm not long "aff the train" from London. Came home to several logistical problems with e-mail, etc. The modem is finally ready to give up the ghost methinks and the prognosis for a visit from the engineer is sketchy. That coupled with my mobile-phone challenged ways over the past couple of days has kind of made me seriously consider spurning this technology lark once and for bloody all. But anyway, that's the score for now. Wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't post into the bargain but let's hit publish and see shall I...

RIP: Sandy West.

Just got off the plane back from London and word reached me that Sandy West has passed away. This is sad news of course. Just this Saturday night I was enjoying London's Priscillas playin' at the Dirty Water Club, and was reminded once again how big an impact the Runaways had on the music scene and esp on girls wantin' to start a R&R band. Not that the Priscillas were direct clones or anything, just that they'd obviously took some cues from Sandy & Co. and found their own direction from there on...
I only got to see the Runaways once as a 13 year old, and you can probably imagine the impact that had on me...

Here's a bunch o' Youtube links:

Come On, Rock 'n' Roll, Cherry Bomb, Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin, All Right You Guys, American Night, Schooldays (on Dutch TV!), Queens Of Noise, California Paradise an I Love Playin' With Fire.

Update: There's a great Runaways history by Phast Phreddie Patterson on his Myspace page.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The NBT staff is off to London for both it's annual meeting and some Superrock action. Please check back after the weekend for updates...
If, like me, you were unable to catch the Dictators at CBGBs last week, you might derive some comfort at The Official Dictators Website were you can find reviews, pics and best of all Youtube links of the event...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

OK, the news is finally here, the hottest ticket in Glasgow this coming November!..
Sounds of Sweden and Dolly Mixture present:

"Sexy Stockholm star *Hello Saferide*, angelic Swedish SAMI award winner *Maia Hirasawa* and Glasgow's super secret, super sweet supergroup *The Poems*

Wednesday, November 15, 8pm to 12am, Admiral Bar, 72a Waterloo St, Glasgow, G2 7DA
Tickets 4GBP, available at Tickets Scotland, Monorail Records

Sounds of Sweden have teamed up with the lovely ladies of Dolly Mixture to present our best line-up yet – a trio of amazing female-fronted bands from near and far.

Behind stage name *Hello Saferide* (inspired by an intelligent bus driver in a drug-addicted small town) is songwriter Annika Norlin, a musical version of Holly Hunter who has become the veritable darling of the Swedish music scene in the past year. She'd been writing songs since the age of seven, never aspiring for anyone else to hear them, when she recorded the song *Highschool Stalker*, about a young girl stalking her crush. It was an instant Internet hit with its handclaps, Shangri-Las ask-and-tell chorus, scrunched-up trumpet, and rollicking guitar pop. She immediately got a record deal and her first single, *My Best Friend*, featured the lyrics "Damn, I wish I was a lesbian/so I could fall in love with you." It immediately got radio airplay and had the toughest of tough men crying they, too, wanted to be lesbians. She released her debut album, "Introducing...Hello Saferide", in late September 2005, to a massive critical acclaim. "The strength of this album is that there are no weaknesses", wrote one reviewer. Her summer has been spent playing in front of thousands at nearly every festival, and her anxiously anticipated follow-up, *Would you play this EP ten times a day*? has catapulted to number three in the Swedish charts, well on its way to gold. Annika was even declared the fourth sexiest woman in Sweden by QX Magazine, and song *Long Lost Penpal* featured in a recent episode og HBO hit Big Love. And all the hype is well-deserved. Annika's songwriting is sharp as a needle, packed with finely-wrought storytelling and deft turns of phrase, couched impossibly catchy melodies and just the slightest tinge of bedroom melancholy, causing the all-mighty Pitchfork to proclaim a "cuteness alert!"

Maia Hirasawa is a half-Swedish, half-Japanese singer with a background in jazz who has a knack for writing some damn catchy songs. She first came to attention as accompanying singer/instrumentalist extraordinaire in Hello Saferide, and is now starting to make her own
mark as a solo act, recently winning the 2006 Swedish Roland/SAMI award (for unsigned Swedish bands). As Annika herself says, has got the voice of an angel gone to hell and back - and the melody sense of Burt Bacharach. She has drawn comparisons with Regina Spektor, and like her, charms the crowd with her strong self-confidence and winning stage presence - and adorable smile.

The Poems are Glasgow's best-kept secret. The reclusive quintet rarely play live, and are better known across the pond, thanks to the US label Minty Fresh, which released their debut album 'Young America' . They deliver lush, low-key chamber indie, with angelic sighs from Kerry Polwart and Amy Ogletree (daughter of Simple Minds drummer Mike Ogletree), existential philosophy from songwriter (and ex-Bluebells frontman) Robert Hodgens and the instrumental mastery of Adrian Barry (The High Fidelity) and Bobby Paterson (Love And Money). Full of chiming acoustic guitars, sweeping vocals, and grand arrangements, The Poems wear their gentle melodicism proudly on their world-worn sleeves. Their album features contributions from many of their famous friends, including Isobel Campbell, Norman Blake and members of Del Amitri and The Proclaimers, and their songs have even featured on US TV show Grey's Anatomy."

Internet resources:

Hello Saferide

Maia Hirasawa

The Poems

Sounds of Sweden

Dolly Mixture

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Six months down the line I'd like to toot my own horn here once again about the Chiswick Records blog. I'm down to posting pics of stickers 'n beermats right now, but figure that you'll all understand the cultural significance of these items...
OK, it seems to be working so let's try a couple more...

When I discovered this at Stereogum last night, my flabber couldn't have been more gasted. CBGB's may be gone but the tuneage is going CBeebies!
More info here. And at Go-Kart

Fancy Hallowe'en in Madrid? If only... but if you're there...

This is still acting up so i'm gonna quit while i'm ahead. I've added those Brat links three times and they keep "not appearing".
I was trying to upload pictures at about this time last night and the bugger wouldn't let me. So, I thought, sod it. However, i'm about to have another go. If pictures appear then it worked if not... altogether now...

First up some news about a bogus Beat Poets...

The Beat Poets vs The Beat Poets, Glasgow, Friday October 20

"Scotland's top surf instrumental band has thrown down the gauntlet to a group of upstarts from across the Irish Sea who are using the same name. In a row reminiscent of a spat between supermodels over the use of the title The Body (although visually not quite as stimulating), Glasgow¹s Beat Poets are taking legal advice over use of the name.
Events are likely to come to a head on Friday October 20 when the Belfast band make their first visit to the Scottish city. On the same evening as they play a support slot at Sauchiehall Street venue, Firewater, the REAL Beat Poets have arranged a rival gig at the much hipper Universal bar in Sauchiehall Street Lane. The Beat Poets were formed in 1986 by guitarist Tom Rafferty and saxophonist Keith Bruce. One of their first appearances was at a Glasgow Style Event at the Third Eye Centre (now the CCA) in Sauchiehall Street. The band made its first recordings for seminal 53rd and 3rd label co-founded by Stephen Pastel of Glasgow group The Pastels. Their debut EP Glasgow, Howard Missouri now commands a high price among collectors of authentic instrumental rock'n'roll, as does their debut album Totally Radio on Imaginary Records. The band were instrumental (dearie me) in bringing over the surf guitar legend, Dick Dale for shows in Scotland after "Miserlou" was featured Pulp Fiction. The band opened for his trio at the Glasgow Garage and in Edinburgh.
The Beat Poets have also performed with legendary Memphis singer and songwriter Alex Chilton. Famous for their immaculate stage attire and short snappy sets, The Beat Poets were once described by Tom Morton in Melody Maker as 'the best band in Glasgow'. Presented with a copy of their 45 Rebel Surf, guitarist Link Wray, who sadly passed away this year, remarked: "These guys are right now".
Despite inviting comparisons with The Majestics in John Byrne's classic TV and now stage drama Tutti Frutti, The Beat Poets have never stopped gigging and are currently gearing up for a spate of performances in November. The Universal appearance is an appetiser designed to warn off the usurpers whose presence in the city is bound to be confusing to fans of the original, long-established outfit.

The Beat Poets appear at The Universal, Sauchiehall Street Lane, on Friday October 20 at 10pm.

Picture by Marc Marnie. Stuart Morrison, Keith Bruce and Tom Rafferty present surf guitar legend Dick Dale with a Beat Poets trademark Glasgow tartan tie.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Nomads have some dates comin' up that demand your attendance:

061116 - Transilvania Live - Milano (ITA)
061117 - Transilvania Live - Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) (ITA)
061118 - Sonar Club - Colle val Delsa (Siena) (ITA)
061125 - Vooruit - Gent, (BEL)

Damn, Gent is within' traveling distance, maybe it's time to offload some more stuff on eBay so I can head south next month...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

@ Mono, Glasgow on Thursday 26th October
The Dexateens “Hardwire Healing” (Rosa Records) elevates the stakes of this Tuscaloosa, AL combo’s game. While the punk rockin’, honky tonkness still applies, they’ve grown a more overt southern-fried country directness. There’s an Uncle Tupelo Vs Led Zep streak in there. I see mentions of the Stones on the bumf but (to me) that’s more tenuous now. Produced by David Barbe and Patterson Hood (of the Drive By Truckers), “Hardwire” straddles genres and could well introduce an aesthetic to those more familiar with rawk who have no conception of the roll. It’s the familiar picking that’ll snare the former first, they’ll find succour in recognition. This kinda hootch is on the rise and this shows a maturity that the first two didn’t altogether hint at. The sound is way more measured and assured now. Confident even. They also have John Neff on pedal steel. I presume that this is the same guy who made Blue Bob with David Lynch? I’m looking forward to seeing them live to see how it translates to an audience that doesn’t always co-exist comfortably with a Skynyrd/BOC backwash. I’m ancient and can dig it, for me it recalls a better time but could “the kids” ever be down with such a beastie? This is a deep seam to be mined with many influences to be absorbed. It hangs together well as an “album” rather than a bunch of tracks and that in itself is a pretty rare commodity.
My customary traipse of a Sunday morning to the strains of what I’ve downloaded in mp3 form bore a real surprise today. Jarvis Cocker’s “Black Magic” (go to Fluxblog and scroll down to the October 12th post) has taken “Crimson and Clover” and puree’d it with a little Spector and Pierre Henry. Sprinkled on some Suicide dust and come up with a very great pop song. Derivative mayhap but absolutely crying out to be a 7” single. Funny, I heard “Common People” on the wireless the other day. I’ve never been a huge Pulp fan but they've had one or three belters and that was one of them, like "Virginia Plain" by Roxy Music. “Black Magic” is up there with that. Have a listen.

Such longevity – in my opinion - is a thing of the past in terms of everything. In fact, it may have already been removed from dictionaries, etc. because a description is no longer required. Nothing, and I do mean nada - is built, made, designed or worse, even expected to last anymore. Sure, there are things that SHOULD, but the scum have no truck with that. Take YouTube, it was fun while it lasted but is undoubtedly doomed. It may provide a business model but all the good points will be spirited away. Its future is said to hinge on perceived ad "revenue". There's that word "perceived" again. Advertising, other than as a novelty, doesn't work. It doesn't bring the returns it once did and does nothing more than create a ripple of profile, if that. The arse has fallen out of printed real estate, just as it has on TV and radio because it’s way beyond saturation. Word of mouth or bush telegraph can provide the means of mushrooming but ultimately the info overload is just crushing. Even for info junkies. Being bombarded with waste be it of paper or cyber variety has disembowled any possible plus side to advertising, it’s almost all pish. Of course the word has to leak out somehow but lack of concensus means that it can’t be driven. Any kind of splash is just mopped up for the next regurgitation. There's no time to process anything anymore. Trying to make such time is mostly futile. It doesn’t even serve as the next day’s chip paper because the fast food emporiums use those terrible polystyrene cartons. Or white paper. Possibly because the ink will kill us. Whatever doesn’t off you makes you stronger (allegedly). Bring on the ink…
Bloody hell, I didn't realise this started tomorrow... over to Mr Spence...
"Yup Folks, you ain't gonna get more blammo for yer bucks than at any of these select locations next week!

From The South... THE DEXATEENS - full-on three-guitar southern rawk from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, over to promote their new LP, "Hardwire Healing"(Produced by Patterson Hood of the Drive By Truckers). Described as what the Stones would have sounded like had they been from Alabama, ie hot, nasty, gritty, ass-sweaty real deal rock'n'roll. Alabama humidity mixed with whiskey and big amps can only result in earth shaking rock and roll like this!
And from the North... THE GREASE MONKEYS - cranked-up garage punk rock'n'roll from Glasgow; taking 60's garage & 70's punk and putting it thru their hi-octane rawk blender w/ a few neat twists!

Here's the lowdown...


Mon 16th - LONDON w/ ANIMAL MATHS opening -
Windmill Brixton 22 Blenheim Gardens - £5 (£4 advance)
Tue 17th - HIGH WYCOMBE - The Roundabout, Bridge Street - FREE
Wed 18th - BRISTOL w/ DA CAPO opening - The Junction, Stokes Croft - £5
Fri 20th - LONDON w/ THE FLESHTONES headlining -
Dirty Water Club at The Boston, 178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park - £6
Sat 21st - BIRMINGHAM w/ DAN SARTAIN (headlining),
THE SUGARS, THE BIG BANG, & COPTER opening - Cold Rice Underground - further info/membership from there, details unavailable 'cos it's a sorta "secret" gig!)
Sun 22nd - GLASGOW w/ BABY JANE opening - 13th Note Cafe,
50-60 King Street.

...see y'all there!"

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Time to interuppt the silence. Thanks to all you folks who have swung by the myspace thing. Generally when I try to make "comments", this bugger crashes. Fucking annoying, let me tell you. In addition, budgetary restraints and sundry conditions have meant that my abilities to live beyond my meagre means have been somewhat curtailed. This means that i'm operating very close to the "midden heid" and in some cases considering filing an application for full "shut-in" status. I managed to clock all eleven episodes of "Brotherhood" over the past week. (Thanks H). It's a good show that will probably appear on UK screens via satellite or cable or whatever. As post Sopranos TV goes it's very watchable and kind of like a modern day western in feel with organised crime and politics taking the place of cattle rustling and robbing banks. Season Two is due sometime in 2007 and i'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Of course, January is coming up fast and that means the final 8 eps of The Sopranos. Brotherhood suggests that there will be TV life after that event has passed. In fact Tony and Co's last season finale was something of a damp squib so hopefully the blue touch paper will dry out and provide what we expect from the show. Other stuff you should check out if you're futzing about on yer ‘puter...

In Brazil, there's a soap opera that has The Bambi Molesters providing the theme music. Thanks to Lada, and to YouTube, you can check it out.

The Spangler continues to weave his musical web to provide you with a soundtrack to spending your existence online.

Munster Records are branching into the DVD sector, sample the upcoming Beasts of Bourbon, Black Lips and Demolition Doll Rods releases. Visit the website for availability details.

Brother Randall has made the following available for your viewing pleasure…

Jack Starr: Masters of the Sky

Jack Starr: Chicken

Mack Stevens: Porn Again

Uncalled 4: Grind Her Up

Uncalled 4: Cotton Fields

And as CBGB’s goes under the thunder of The Dictators again tonight, and Patti Smith will be playing out closing time tomorrow, Duane sent this link

And Ramonesmania continues unabated. (Thanks Tom and Martin)

Time to draw breath now, I’ll be back soon with the Dexateens dates and whatever else sooner than you, er, think… Just daydreaming here, wishing I was in Valencia watching The A-Bones and Co. Hello Saferide is headed for Glasgow in November also. Perhaps there is hope...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Crawlspace CD + Slippy Town Times online fanzine #2

"Hey, yeah, it's been awhile! But things are swingin' again with a brand new Crawlspace CD from Gulcher. Also new is the second online issue of Slippy Town Times with Home Blitz interview by Tony Rettman; reviews of Home Blitz, Bon Vivants, Times New Viking, Jackwacker, Sun City Girls, Tommy Jay, and more; movie reviews; and comix. Plus an online reprint of Gulcher magazine #0, from 1975, with Lester Bangs review of an anti-downer album, Richard Meltzer on a party at Handsome Dick Manitoba's place, Metal Mike Saunders on the Sonics, Eddie Flowers and Ken Highland review of the first Dictators LP, MC5 cover story by Eddie Flowers, Wayne Kramer interview, letters from Cub Koda, Brownsville Station live reviews, Les Variations interview by Ken Highland, Mike Saunders review of Fabian, and lots more!" Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

True Testimonial update (thanks to DD Banter for the link)

Monday, October 09, 2006



"As the bearded Beatle bard George once bemoaned, all things must pass....

Thus, on Saturday, October 28, 2006 at The Khyber, 9:00 PM sharp, with ghouls and fools lurking in the belfry, the quasi-legendary punk rock ban, SICKIDZ, will present The Last Show on Earth: A Halloween Rock 'N' Roll Circus, and desecrate a stage for what could be the last time.

Conspiring with the group for this final Rehearsal for Retirement will be the garage rock heroes The Jukebox Zeroes, the wonderfully eccentric King of Siam, the strange and sensual femme fatales who are The Flys, a resuscitated version of the immortal Warm Jets, a special acoustic performance by national treasure Palmyra Delran, plus appearances by Dingal and McGuffrey, Remi Shinguard, Slash Shakir, Yokohohohno, Dr. D's Tijuana Donkey Show, as well as prizes, surprizes, giveaways, and contests.

The Sickidz, of course, got a reputation. The original Band That Can't Play, they are a local institution and embarrassment, accused of inciting mayhem, apocalypse and redemption. They've been around forever, played any/everywhere that would have 'em, put out music produced by The Cramps, opened for Iggy, gave Ben Vaughn his only one shot at fame and fortune, endured deathdarkness, became internationally famous, split up, spit up, reunited and have finally determined that enough is indeed enough.

So, it's goodbye baby and amen. Arrive early, leave late. The Sickidz wish to bite you and bid adieu.

Got anything better to do?"

The Khyber , 56 S. 2nd St. , Phila, PA 19106 215-238-5888 Tickets on sale now.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Whilst looking for stuff a wee while ago, I found this. Never found what I set out to, but this confirms my whereabouts on the evening of July 4th 1976.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


The Dictators' Oct. 13th show sold out in 15 minutes, but those shut out have another chance to see Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross the Boss, Andy Shernoff, Scott Kempner and J.P. "Thunderbolt" Patterson in action: The Dictators now also will play Oct. 14th -- the last Saturday night ever at CBGB -- along with Blondie's Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, who will be performing an acoustic set. Tickets go on sale Sunday, Oct. 8, at noon via TicketWeb.

Brother Patrick sent me these flyers of events coming up in Paris...

Born To Louvre website.

Additional Jack and Harlan shows + more...

I keep hearing about how popular Lily Allen is. She seems to be a bit of a pain in the arse too but that's not a hanging offence in this day and age. However, her Edinburgh show has been downgraded to Studio 24. No dis to S24 intended. Presumably because of less than frantic ticket sales that recalls the time when St*ng first played solo north of the border. "Police Star Can't Get Arrested". Weren’t those just the days... this perceived popularity thing is a real bugbear. Soon as there's a song on myspace, it gets done to death. As a means of spreading the word it's very efficient but there's no longevity, but some tenure over 6 weeks is important, ain’t it? The actuality of this particular situation matters not a jot, tis merely a bleery observation. There's just too much stuff and to be honest, I can't get a beat on much of any of it. I'm wrung out, oversubscribed and somewhat champing at the bit for some sense of order to be restored.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The MC5 are playing the Paradiso in Amsterdam on December 5...
Lust For Laughs; Iggy & the Stooges' concert rider...
Well, much as i'd like to be seeing The Come Ons take the stage at midnight tonight at Barfly in Glasgow, tis not to be. A seems to be my fate at the minute, nothing goes quite according to plan. I use "quite" in a lame attempt at irony... anyway, it'll mean that maybe some of the crap I have to do around here might be taken care of. However, as a master of procrastination that may manifest itself in watching a couple more episodes of Brotherhood (as sent to me by HT).

Murray has checked in with this info...

"Live action at the Tunnels in Aberdeen this Saturday (7th) in a tag team wrassling frenzy - Edinburghs Shock and Awe & Paul Research take on Aberdeens The Needles & AKA the Fox in a 4 bout thrills and spills action packed stramash, doors open 8 first band on at 9, dancing till the early hours and all for only 4 quid, thats just a pound an act - who could resist! nevermind youtube - google video is the place to be - heres the rockers gig in full if you've got 28 minutes to waste on 13 songs."

Whilst we're on the subject of "wrassling"...


And if you're down in London yonder, Phobics action...

"OK kids,

Tonight (Friday 6th) we are on stage at the Venue Basement Bar in Clifton Rise, New Cross. The night kicks off at 9pm and goes on til 3am and we hit the stage at 11:30pm ish

Come early and stay late for a night of Stooges inspired punk and roll from The Moon, The Uptown Decadence Unit, The Penny Reds and The Fuzz Pilots.

Get in for £3 if you are wearing 60's /70's threads or pay £6 or £5 with a flyer - check the local bars out as we'll leave a few around.

Next up after that is Friday 13th October, 2006 at The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Brixton /Stockwell SW2Cost: £5 or £4 with a flyer Doors 8:30

STRIPLIGHT "Noir-wave angular artsters" featuring ex curve/mekons
www.myspace.com/striplight THE PHOBICS (ON 10PM) "Deptford fun city punk guitar slingers" www.myspace.com/thephobics NIGHTFIGHTERS "no one can do the blues so wrong" www.myspace.com/nightfighter

The Grosvenor pub is on Sidney Road, just 1 block off of Stockwell Road (the A203). Sidney Road becomes Robsart Street and runs East-West between Stockwell Rd and Brixton Road (North of Central Brixton half-way to Kennington Park & Oval.) . Stockwell Tube: Go to Stockwell by tube and then walk South (walk straight out of the tube station's only exit and directly across the street... towards the Swan pub Once across the street keep heading down this road straight ahead (it's Stockwell Rd) and after a few blocks cross the street. There will be a 4-way intersection after a few shops (there's a pub being renovated on the corner that used to be called "the Plug" and you need to go East (left) onto Sidney Rd.
Brixton tube: Walk out of the only exit for Brixton tube. Take a RIGHT and walk past Sainsburies Go a few blocks in this general direction (north), under the bridge, past the Beehive & a few cashmachines & take the LEFT at Bernardos charity shop (towards the BRIXTON ACADEMY). Follow this Road around past the Stockwell Skate Park a few blocks up and take a RIGHT after the first estate block onto Sidney Road. You're there! "

I think that's about it for this bulletin. If I forgot anything then I wouldn't be surprised...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Destination - Moss, Norway (45 minutes from Oslo) Should be of some interest for the Scandinavian readers of your blog. The 16th annual Rock Mot Football masterminded by Morten Henriksen (Cosmic Dropouts, Yum Yums, Twistaroos etc). Check out this year's line up appearing On October 14th and 14th... The Swingin` Neckbreakers (first time in Scandinavia), The Cynics, Nikki Corvette & The Stingrays, The Goo Men, The Yum Yums and Camaroes. (Thanks to Kjetil for the info)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rock 'n' Roll Poison #4

Latest issue of this fine Dutch mag features stuff on Bob Log III, Deadly Snakes, Miss Alex White, Sweet Faces and Viva L'American Death Ray Music. It's in English so alla you foreigners can read it as well. (contact or myspace)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

That's A Fistfull Of Records label-boss Jos there with Bill Wyman, pictured last Thursday at the opening of Bill's photo exhibit in Rotterdam.
Yeah, you figured that with my absence on the NBT blog my life was pretty lame right? Not so, me 'n my friends are hanging out with the stars!

OK, truth be told; I just took the pic and got a nasty look from Bill when the flash went off...

Right now it's rainin' outside, complete with lightnin' 'n thunder. I guess the summer's finally over 'n done with. Time again to fire up HQ's hi-fi and return to this bloggin' biz. Maybe a good start is try 'n give you a rundown of what's been doin' the rounds on my trusty ol' Thorens.
Minor keys 'n vocal harmonies have topped my personal charts in recent weeks; the Zombies, Impressions, Hollies, Everly Brothers, Paragons and Searchers, they seemed to make plenty sense in that Indian summer daze...
The Music Machine's The Ultimate Turn On 2CD on Big Beat has also been takin' up plenty o' time, as did the amazin' Garagemental! comp on the same label. Thee album of this summer has been Johan's THX JHN, A-grade six-0 tune-age w/ hints of early, pre-lame, Undertones and REM. Not really sure what to make of those new Radio Birdman 'n New York Dolls discs... Some good tunes obviously, but taken in the grand scheme of things I'm not too sure if any of those will last alongside their past glories...
Wednesday the Dolls 'll play Amsterdam, and it'll be curious to see how things will turn out. After that we'll be leavin' for London later this month to catch the Fleshtones at the Dirty Water Club, and (hopefully) an NBT staff meeting...
From the same stable as Hello Saferide, Razzia continues its foray into providing quality Scandanavian pop with The Plan. “Walk For Gold” moulds many influences into a rich tapestry and at first listen, the title cut sounds like an Arctic Monkeys pastiche. However, it soon mutates far beyond that. It's most likely coincidance but maybe it'll have the desired effect on radio producers ears who are conditioned to that "phenomenon"? This album is a little Luna-esque in places too, cool and dreamy. The organ sometimes makes me think a little of Procol Harum too. But that’s only because I’m old, no reflection on the finished product being some retro retread. The Plan is the alter ego of one Theodor Jensen. He’s assembled a cast of players to punctuate his songs with an orchestral dimension. It isn’t rock’n’roll. Anybody who can’t take something a little richer should change channel now. However if you want a breather then “Walk For Gold” will hit the spot. If this can be recreated live then he’s sorted. The cd single has a version of "Tonight You Belong To Me" as the additional track. You may recall the Steve Martin/Bernadette Peters version from "The Jerk". Nice Edward Gorey style jacket logo too.
Two new 45’s out on A Fistful Of Records! (Thanks to Jos for the info, e-mail for availability...)

Hipshakes / Stick Around e.p. (AFOR 008)

These South Yorkshire young hopes spit out some short and shambling punkrock stompers , all packed with an excess of nervous energy. Daniel (gtr, vox) Andrew (bss, vox) and Bruce (drms, shouts) are barely in control. Crap attack punk without fake anger. Yep, easily the coolest thing on vinyl to come out of Sheffield since “Being Boiled/Circus of Death’ by The Human League way back in ’78. The Hipshakes play this year’s Gonerfest III in Memphis, a euro-tour will follow later this year.

Movie Star Junkies / Dolls Come In 7” (AFOR 007)

Straight outta the Italian Alps come Movie Star Junkies. Not many will have heard from these guys but they did do a UK-tour already ! Their songs are all Farfisa-drenched-madness, it sounds like they drank just a bit too much of that Suicide/Scientists-potion and are freaking out on it. At the same time they won’t deny their mountain-village backgrounds, I mean places where people still rape pigs and eat them afterwards….hell, what more do you need to know, huh ? Anyway, you won’t get it any Bruttier, Sporchier and Cattivier than from these guys ! Tour of Germany, France and Holland by the end of October/ early November.

Both records come in the trademark Fistful no-bullshit, hand-screened, hand-numbered, garage-de-luxe stylee.

Still available:
AFOR 006 Burning Bush – As I Went Out One Morning e.p.
AFOR 005 Digger & Pussycats – Live at World Cup 2006 e.p.
AFOR 003 El Zombie – Amongst Nobodies e.p.

Further info... (thanks to Monika for the jpeg)