Thursday, May 20, 2010

I purposely didn’t post anything else yesterday because I didn’t want anything to detract from the Ramones clip(s). I mean, you did look at the other part – right?

Having linked this thing up to facebook, I can’t figure out the intermittent manned in which “posts” appear over there. Sometimes two days later at the moment. It’s no big deal, merely a little annoying. I expect instantaneous blanket coverage, don’t you? That’s easily preferable to privacy surely. What is that these days anyway? The whole methodology of contact has changed. The only time I can get to the post office anymore is on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. I used to be in there every day.

The volume of actual mail has reduced to a trickle across the board. That which comes in is a high percentage of junk mail and circulars. And the semi-recent shift to pricing in relation to size and bulk has really ramped up the cost. It was originally meant to rationalise not fleece. Or maybe those are the same now. In this day and age of drones being surgically attached to mobile phones and other devices, most no-one notices that they’re being turned over at every opporchancity. It's been a slow news day and there's something I need to do so I bid you farewell until sometime tomorrow. At that point, I might feel like yapping.