Thursday, September 15, 2011

I heard an expression today, “Too much history”. This implied that someone who was very familiar with a particular organisation would not be able to take hard decisions. While the actual phrase resonated with me to some degree, it made me consider loyalties in general. And in that area there can never be too much history. Of course opportunists will come and they will get the out of dodge but I think loyalty is important. Especially in these times when it regularly seems like it’s a forgotten art.

And this also made me think of this 10,000 hours premise. That to be any use at something, that’s the minimum tenure to gain any sort of expertise. Hell, that’s just over 416 days. I considered the amount of slog that I’ve put in with regard to this NBT shenanni and at a small c – conservative estimate – then I reckon maybe just shy of four times that. If I’d committed armed robbery, or even murder, that I’d be out by now. But anyway, that’s fine. Low expectations and a general disdain keep me grounded. It could be worse.

Are you going to the 100 Club tonight – or The Cluny tomorrow? I’m a little peeved that I’m missing a rare visit to these shores by Tav Falco and his eminently unapproachable Panther Burns. However, Mr Duff will be in attendance at either one or both of these and he’ll be making us all wish we’d been there in due course. The reissue program of the PB oeuvre is underway now in league with the good offices of the Stag-o-Lee imprint.

And talking of which, The Fuzztones are set to drop into Englandshire too in the not too distant future too. Me, I’ll be taking in the immensely, sensurround-tastic Bambi Molesters and Los Fantasticos with Surfin’ jam-master Clive G down “the Brighton”.