Monday, December 07, 2009

I’m completely stumped as to exactly why, on 6th December 2009, the hit rate on this thing would surpass the day after Lux died. Nearly 900 on a Sunday? The second slowest day of the week. Are you impressed with regard to how I interpret the stats? Probably not. But really, I’ve become a little interested in how this information comes together. To the extent of following where this web traffic comes from. I don’t understand it but I’m a little fascinated by the process. Of course, the novelty will wear off. Soon. Still, it looks like this month is flying out of the traps with having clocked up the highest visitor numbers ever in our history.

There’s a Red Star rising tomorrow when the erstwhile imprint assumes a digital position with its debut release in this new-fangled format that’s all the rage with the young and old ‘uns alike. Sonic luddites like myself just have to live peaceably alongside such “progress”, not owning a Pod or a Phone or anything else with an i-prefix.

The first of this wave is the Whisper EP by the Rt Hon Jeremy Gluck. More details here.

And then have a wee listen here...

“You can’t go back, you can never go back” or something approaching that quoth Don Henley. He who Mojo Nixon’s Fatwa upon appears to have come to sod all. Not that I wish the Eagles guy any harm or owt. There are far more more deserving of offing than him to my mind. It’s just the other day when I had to turn off my car radio when Jamairoquia or however you spell its came on. And then there’s the spawn of Glasgow’s Kane brothers – guaranteed to send me into a rage (and not in a positive sense). And lo, a positive tone is what the emergence of The Chairman’s new format shall begat.

And finally for this portion of the evening... Sir Duglas T Stewart would like to see those of you that can, bring yourself along to this...