Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ever felt like you were going no place fast? Jeroen might have given in to the magnetic pull of myspace but not me. Anyway, I can't get into it anyway. Tried to access the Hello Saferide page five times over the past couple of days and it no workee. I also tried J's which I presume has no music on it(?) but the browser freezes and I have to shut it all down and reboot. Message to self. Stop trying to access myspace...

So Lordi won the ESC eh? It's only right, I mean anybody that can walk on those platforms should be rewarded? The radio reports and newspapers are crawling with stories about their "day of rockoning" and "arockalypse". The actual performance was nothing compared to the video and it's "Faculty"-like setting. Still the cod-Def Leppard riffage and Gwar suits were entertaining for a few minutes at least. In the grand unravelling, I guess that has to count for something.
The Tom Morton Two
A Complete and Utter History of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Lo-fidelity folk tales of High Fidelitesque obsessive type antics all the way from The Shetlands. A couple of them would make fine high octane fare for any self-respecting rock’n’roll band to work up into a full-bloodied onslaught. As it is, the simplicity gives the songs an endearing charm that a proper production might have choked the life out of. Funny and poignant, a song called “Learning To Hate The Beatles” was a racing certain to strike a chord with me. Like “I wish Sergeant Pepper never taught the band to play” did. “The Ballad of Johnnie Notions” is like an Alan Vega song being played by Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor. Oor Wullie fans will get quite a charge from “That’s Braw”, about Mrs McGlumphie and her haggis quiche. You can check out some of these wares here (scroll down to the April 23rd entry) prior to any prospective purchase.

And if you find yourself in or around Shetland next weekend… The TM2 have a big gig next Friday (26th May) in the Eshaness Community Hall - a benefit for a local CT scanner appeal. The evening will incorporate "The Vinyl Choice: remember those 45s and 33s if your loft? The ones you haven't played for decades? Bring them along and have them spun at high volume on the wheels of steel by DJ Tom Morton....50p contribution to CT appeal per side! No Sydney Devine!"

A Steak and Kidney free zone? The European Court of (in)human Rights might have something to say about that. And it’s unlikely to be “jings, crivvens or help ma boab”.
Done 'n did it; In an attempt to keep up-to-date I'v joined Myspace...