Monday, January 12, 2009

Tis the right end of Monday again and this will be short and sweet. I really hope that I can wake up tomorrow and not have to post another RIP. Phast must be working overtime on the Grim Reporter right about now. Mr McLean tells me he has "the Munster Velvet Underground book" for sale and it's £35 for shop callers (Avalanche, Glasgow). I've never seen it, nor did I know anything about it but maybe you do and maybe you want it so Sandy's yer man.

Received my Rezillos download today, it really doesn't have the razzle of going into the store and coming out with a bag containing vinyl. Forget cd-ingles, we don't need that landfill. Proper music should be presented in a proper manner. Don't you think?

Time to turn this and the radio off. I might even go for a wander seeing as it's not raining...
RIP - Claude Jeter (Swan Silvertones)
RIP - Freddie Mack (Mr Superbad)

Info courtesy of Stewart Cruickshank. Link to obit will be made when available.