Wednesday, June 04, 2008

There goes another one. (Gracias to Mrs Stim for the link)

RIP - Alton Kelley

and another...

RIP - Mel Ferrer

I've been at the pointy end of them horns what be connected to a dilemma for about a week now. Not really one who is given to bursts of spontaneity, I finally folded. Do a hit and run on Stockholm next weekend or not? That is the question or rather was. Key to all this is a "secret gig" by possibly the only band/artist left on earth that I really want to see in a perfect location, i.e. a wee place before they go stratospheric. In addition, there are opportunities to see The Nomads and I Are Droid too. Maybe even The Hellacopters and The Hives but I have no desire to watch the Foo Fighters or QOTSA so we'll see. Most importantly, I get to hang out with friends I see all too infrequently if hardly ever. Add a handy flight from Edinburgh to Arlanda to the mix and we're off. Not exactly flush financially but as they say hereabouts, "you're a long time deid". As is proven by the rash of shuffling off this mortal coil that people have been doing of late.

Plus, as the fuel is running out and there's gonna be no food to speak off - I figure I should make the proverbial hay. While the sun is still visible to the naked eye.