Friday, February 25, 2011

Managed to drag myself out to attend a genuine world premiere screening last night but it didn’t take place at the Glasgow Film Festival, this one went down at the Bo’ness Hippodrome.

Northside is the first feature by a couple of local chaps (Bruce Strachan and Simon Beattie) shot in this area rather than being a documentary on the Factory Records post-baggy (?) band. Brought this far on what must be considered fumes as compared to a real budget, it hangs together pretty well. Like a darker aspect of Take The High Road intersecting Glen or Glenda with a rumour of Bill Forsyth. If The Broons ever made it to “the pictures”, the lady that plays Mrs McLeod would make a “braw” Maw.

It was the first time that the makers saw it on a proper (big) screen too and even though the date is 2009, this was the first time it had made it beyond family and friends DVD players. The venue really adds a sense of occasion to something like this. Not sure where it might be seen next but maybe you can find out here.

Brother David Alvin... Justified! (thanks to HT)

I’ve had to face the fact that I can’t head out for any the Palmyra Delran shows with Stupidity & The Cocktail Slippers!.

A mix of vacation time conflict and most damaging, the escalating over-budget of upgrading the bunker in recent times, means that I have to sit this one out. Guess the fact that I’m actually typing this rather than thinking it makes it all final.

While I’m not altogether relishing hearing about how I missed out on some real big fun – that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go. The shindigs start tonight!

Fri Feb 25: VIRUS, Örebro, Sweden (plus the Satans!)
Sat Feb 26: NEW BOWL HALL, Stockholm, Sweden (plus the Satans!)
Tue Mar 1: REVOLVER, Olso, Norway
Wed Mar 2: VERTSHUSET, Sarpsborg, Norway
Thur Mar 3: HOUSE OF ROCK, Moss, Norway
Fri Mar 4: BRYGGETAKET, Fredrikstad, Norway