Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stomp! Shout! Scream!
Synopsis: In 1966, an all-girl garage rock band is on tour. Their van breaks down in a small southern beach town at the same time as a huge mass of mysterious debris washes ashore. Mangled bodies start showing up on the beach. Could it be the Skunk Ape, the Everglades' Bigfoot?

The film looks like compulsory viewing for all fans of horror B movies and teen exploitation trash if the synposis is anything to go by. More information, including video clips, details of cast members and reviews, is available on the Stomp! Shout! Scream! website.
The Radio 2 documentary 40 years of Monkee Business is worth a listen, should you be that way inclined.


...dig all things past, present and future when you clicks NEWS on the top menu bar at and just up for you kiddios...

• ROLLING STONE (Sept. 21) David Fricke picks THEE MIDNITERS- IN THEE MIDNITE HOUR!!! (Norton 315) as one of his favorite releases, dubbing the group "classic garage rock in sharkskin' and declaring their live 1964 Land Of A Thousand Dances "...true east L.A. anthropology..."
• MOJO (October) Sylvie Simmons spills on the top secret MARY WEISS sessions underway now. Dig a boss snap of Mary with her producers Billy Miller (a/k/a Shadow NORTON) and Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound)! We're sworn to silence, psst... but I guess it's safe to declare Mary the best singer in the whole wide world and to blab that this shebang sounds fantabulous!! March release, kiddios!

• ARTHUR LEE & THE AMERICAN FOUR Stay Away/ARTHUR LEE & THE GRASS ROOTS You I’ll Be Following (45-7N7) Unissued 1965 demos from Arthur’s pre-Love gangs!
Dig this posh package (interview notes w/Johnny Echols!) of surly unknown bad mood anthem plus early pre-Elektra version flip! THis black wax version will be available at Norton! Super limited color vinyl version still available exclusively at
• THE ALARM CLOCKS Marie/Gloria (45-129) Yeah! Cleveland’s wildest rock n’
roll no-counts are back with their first record since 1966-- two snarly fuzz-fledged originals that defy all odds! A-side is from upcoming album THE TIME HAS COME, B-side unavailable any place else!
• FIGURES OF LIGHT It’s Lame/I Jes Wanna Go To Bed (45-130) First time re-ish of totally unknown supa-rare 100-press local NJ teen snot home dub dud blows the doors off the garage and into the viaduct with this pair of total thud get-lost anthems! Essential! Sadistic? Natch!
• THE SONICS Busy Body/The Witch (45-133) Brutal unissued live recording
burners from Nov. ‘64 Tacoma Sports Arena battle of the bands blast! Dig this tease from scorchin’ upcoming live Sonics full-length-- clear a path!
• BUNKER HILL Hide & Go Seek Pt. 1/Hide & Go Seek Pt. 2 (45-134) Killer ‘62 noggin smashin’ 2-part whomp from poundin’ DC area pugilist turned R&B shouter backed by Link Wray & the Ray Men! Neither side is on Missing Links sets!
• THE JADES Surfin’ Crow/Blue Black Hair/Little Marlene/Shake Baby Shake
(EP-135) Two-pair 1964 Minneapolis double shotters hit hep hi-fis by popular demand! Wailin’ Trashmen style tempo-tramplin’ wild ones-- The Bird is the word but you’ll have it made with the Jades!


• THE ALARM CLOCKS – THE TIME HAS COME (CD/LP 321) Unreal NEW recordings – that’s right – gotta hear this to believe it! Fourteen flipped hits including a dozen tough originals inked by Mike Pierce, the genius behind the immortal No Reason To Complain! Dig It’s About Time/More Money/Don’t Get Left Behind and a snot filled Like A Rolling Stone and more! Recorded in true Nortofonic sound in Freddy Fortune’s basement studio. You wanna hear a sixties band actually come back from the grave? Yeah!! Wake up to the Alarm Clocks! NOW!!! 'Twill be available on footlong LP and also handy CD pocket rocket!
• THE BIG ITCH VOLUME 8 (Mr. Manicotti 347) Just when you thought it was safe to go near the speakers – the Loyal Order of the Howlin’ Banana convenes once again! Spend some quality time with Radioactive Flip Flop/Hairy Lumpty Bump/Time Machine/Zoola Zooky and many mo’! Can your heart and stomach stand it?!
• GO GO GO LITTLE QUEENIE! Rambunctious Norton canine Little Queenie is doing well after being hospitalized Friday! Successful midnite emergency surgery went well and she should be barking out orders here at HQ very soon.
• SUN. SEPT. 17 ATLANTIC ANTIC ROCK & SOUL SHOW (Brooklyn NY) Free annual daytime show features a bandstand set up in the street outside Magnetic Field!
Non-stop shows start at 11 AM ! Check out (in order of appearance) Boss Tweed, the Coydogs, the Fabulous Soul Shakers, the Dansettes, the Reigning Sound, and the Fleshtones! Plus, party inside the club afterwards! Magnetic Field, 97 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY (
• SAT. SEPT. 23 ALLENTOWN 45 RECORD FAIR That’s the night/day/weekend to howl! 45s and 78s only! Swing by the Norton/Telstar stockade, load up and help Billy and Todd offset their spending on rare records they probably already have! Free earplugs to first 45 customers. See you bright and early at Merchant's Hall on Vultee Street in scenic Allentown, PA.
• SAT. SEPT. 23 LYRES AT DING DONG LOUNGE (NYC) Local lads Chandler and the Chasers join Boston's most-excellent Lyres for an Uptown showdown at the Ding Dong Lounge, conveniently located at 929 Columbus Avenue, NY NY 10025 (212) 663-2600.
• WED. OCT. 11 NORTON ALL-STAR REVUE! ANDRE WILLIAMS/A-BONES/GREAT GAYLORD AT UNION POOL (Brooklyn, NY) Join in a star studded night at Union Pool as the Norton All-Star Revue prepares to vacate the state for sunny Valencia, Spain!
Special guests, the sensational and legendary ANDRE "MR. RHYTHM" WILLIAMS and local fan fave THE GREAT GAYLORD (a/k/a THE SULTAN OF SQUAT) join THE A-BONES in making a farewell ruckus- A-Bones back the stars, too! ID required- seventeen and a half is still jailbait, people! 9 PM- Midnite at Union Pool, 484 Union Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn. See ya there!
One night only…and only in Spain! Star-studded all night Valencia romp n’
stomp boasts Norton legends Andre Williams, the A-Bones and the Great Gaylord!
This is a soopah exclusive and extremely greasy engagement-- one mad, mad night in Europa and then jet propelled back to Stateside hubs in Joliet, Brooklyn, and Jersey City, USA before they knew what clobbered ‘em! Whatta way to say OLE!
Pre-show ravin’ rev-up bash on Friday the 13th celebrates the Norton label’s big 20th Anniversary with a record hop blasteroo to end all record hop blasteroos with Miriam and Billy blastin’ spinnables all nite long at the usual maximum voloom at 45 RPM! Book ya tix! Dig all the details at:
• FRI. NOV. 3- SUNDAY NOV. 5 WFMU RECORD FAIR Dig all the new Norton
releases and much more! Supreme holiday stock up event! It don’t get bigger than this, friends! Start ya engines-- forty-seven days and countin'! Metropolitan Center, NYC Info at:
• THURS. NOV. 9 NORTON RECORDS 20TH ANNIVERSARY RADIO SHOW! Dave the Spazz hosts a live broadcast featuring THE REAL KIDS at WFMU with the Norton crew on tap with special guests and tons of call ins! Join the party as it happens with the miracle of the worldwide internet! Tune in manually on your Motorola at
91.1 FM or krank ya keyboard over to on Nov. 20 from 8-11 PM EST!
• FRI. NOV. 10 REAL KIDS AT MAGNETIC FIELD! One night only! Welcome John Felice and the Real Kids at this rare appearance in New York City! It's the anniversary of the invention of the phonograph people- dig the fact that the Real Kids are the only Norton combo to have releases on all available phonograph
dimensions-- seven inch, twelve inch, and most recently, their earliest material on, what else, ten inch! All hail the Real Kids! Magnetic Field, 97 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY (
• May 16-20th 2007 ROCKIN' FIFTIES FEST III This is three seasons away, but we thought we'd mention it now and often 'cause this is gonna be a week to remember, with just about every rockin' artist on tap in one place- the rockin'
Oneida Casino in exciting Green Bay, Wisconsin! You have plenty of time to find tix, plan a honeymoon, buy a car, and saddle up for some quality time with Little Richard, Jack Scott, the Five Keys, Marvin Rainwater, the Collins Kids, Wanda Jackson, Dale Hawkins, Johnny Powers ... oh man, just check out the cavalcade of stars at:
...see you there!

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