Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I just got the new new Fatboy album, "In My Bones" which is out on September 24th. More when I've been able to digest it's charms. And while we're on the subject of charm, the more eagle-eyed will notice that is the same day as the Hello Saferide album. And have you sprung for a signed copy of that via Bengans yet? Procrastinate no longer and do it.

Been a funny sort of a day and there's humdrum guff I need to attend to so this missive will be short. Today there was supposed to be a blitz on people using hand held mobile phones. Too bad I wasn't an undercover polis because I clocked a couple on the way home. Wonder how many points they get for each idiot they snag?

Theres a new Matt and Kim track available for download here, "Good Old Fashion Nightmare" has a GRANDiose chinatown undercarriage on it. Groovetastic.

I think you'll dig the heck out of Hyper Plastic. "Ron Asheton's Loafers" anyone?

And to sign off, here's a version of the song that kicks off "More Modern Short Stories From...". It's a cracker. Not a rock monolith but mighty in many other respects.