Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Crawlspace CD + Slippy Town Times online fanzine #2

"Hey, yeah, it's been awhile! But things are swingin' again with a brand new Crawlspace CD from Gulcher. Also new is the second online issue of Slippy Town Times with Home Blitz interview by Tony Rettman; reviews of Home Blitz, Bon Vivants, Times New Viking, Jackwacker, Sun City Girls, Tommy Jay, and more; movie reviews; and comix. Plus an online reprint of Gulcher magazine #0, from 1975, with Lester Bangs review of an anti-downer album, Richard Meltzer on a party at Handsome Dick Manitoba's place, Metal Mike Saunders on the Sonics, Eddie Flowers and Ken Highland review of the first Dictators LP, MC5 cover story by Eddie Flowers, Wayne Kramer interview, letters from Cub Koda, Brownsville Station live reviews, Les Variations interview by Ken Highland, Mike Saunders review of Fabian, and lots more!" Check it out here.