Friday, March 31, 2006

Messthetics make the Guardian.
"..4 limbs! 3 chords! 2drums! 1busted up guitar!...yes misters 'n' sisters the buzz on the streets of old europa is true.Randy "CAPTAIN DYNAMITE" Hornocker of the world famous stage and recording outfit THE COYOTEMEN is headin' out yonder on his lonesome ownsome.The lucky folks of the european union will be the first to taste the sight and smell of this masked master of moron-o-phonic muck, when THE CAPTAIN treads the boards with his old sparrin' partners LOS CHICOS, in April, in the year of our lord 2006.takin' THE COYOTEMEN black 'n' blue print of masked lucha libre garage rock action to it's barest form CAPTAIN DYNAMITE throws in some illegal moves in the form of country/rockabilly and full on punk-ola'n' y'know it goes without sayin' the big.D. will be sportin' his trade mark wrasslin' hood 'n' fancy duds! "y'now son,"CAPTAIN DYNAMITE told BONGO BUTT magazine in an exclusive interview last month,"this is a test of just how far a brave man can go without a 3 man safety net.I guess i'm sort of a ROCK 'N' ROLL EVEL KNIEVEL, goin' out there in front of those crazy kids with just THE CAPTAIN 'n' his old guitar..but hell, it's easy to carry on churnin' out the hits with 3 other masked mooks.This time around i wannatake music down to another level and bring some razzle dazzle to the one man band arena and prove to the world that a simple wrestlin' man can reach his goals...oh yeah, it also means i get all the beer for myself!"


NL - UTRECHT : DB'S 12th April
F - PARIS tba :14th April
F - BORDEAUX tba :15tha April
Thanks to Tom Crossley for doing this at such short notice...

The Jacobites/ Mark Mulholland/Knox - 12 Bar London 29 March 2006

"Due to Nikki ‘s recent passing, a gig I was looking forward to, became one that I approached with a fair amount of dread. Lindsay had asked me if I would write a few lines about the gig and I anticipated a few paragraphs. Once I started, the memories came flooding back and as you can’t put your arms around them I thought I’d share them with anyone that cares.

First, a bit of background - I ’m lucky to have been a friend of Nikki’s since the early 80’s when I first met him at a gig at the Africa Centre in Covent Garden after being persuaded to check out a guy who had been described to me as a cross twix Johnny Thunders and Neil Young by an equally old friend of mine Mr Pedro Mercedes.

Being an obsessive Thunders fan I needed little persuasion, but we somehow managed to miss almost all the gig. Pedro and I sheepishly approached Nikki who called us over for a chat. Such was his easy going nature after a few minutes it was like we were long lost friends, not just fans.

We soon did become friends and had many weird and wonderful adventure,s meeting up at almost every Thunders gig in town and at the especially memorable Heartbreakers reunion gigs at the Hacienda and elsewhere. Pedro was also involved in the legendary Pipeline Club in Soho, one of our happiest nights was the time Johnny agreed to play there - more on that night can be found in Nikki’s book which I am sure will come out one day…

I got roped in to play drums (very badly) in a few ad-hoc line ups with Nikki in the mid 80’s, and in return he would often join my band (Bad Karma Beckons) on stage for the odd Dolls/Thunders/T. Rex cover, whenever we shared bills or if he was in town.

Ironically, I last spoke to Nikki after his recent 12 Bar gig and he asked me to email my recollections of us playing together way back then for his autobiography - emails and photos came back and forth and I was really looking forward to fine tuning my addled recollections in person. Unfortunately, I received a call from Nina (Antonia) about the tragic news from New York.

It was fitting that I met up with Nina and Pedro prior to last night’s gig and appropriate that we waited in a pub called “The Angel”, while Dave Kusworth, Darrell Bath and Paul Caton, tonight’s Jacobites were sound-checking.

Off now to the 12 Bar which was filling with many familiar faces of friends and ex band members throughout the years. As reported earlier , Dave decided to go ahead with the gig in memory of Nikki, who of course would have wanted the show to go on!

The atmosphere in the 12 bar was very strange, almost as though Nikki’s aura remained from the last show. All around people were talking about him, exchanging stories and tales in abundance. Without trying to sound like an old hippy, you could feel the love and affection in those four walls.

It was good to see old friends again, some I hadn’t seen for 15 odd years even though the circumstances were sad. I won’t bore you with names because I’m bound to forget to mention someone.

Sadly there were at least a couple of people that had seen Nikki play a only few days ago in the States and who were here to see him again unaware of what happened.

After being warmed up by a solo set by Knox (of the Vibrators) and Mark Mulholland, who someone informed me, has played with Nikki in the past, a good sized crowd squeezed it’s way in front of the tiny stage.

On the wall behind Dave, Darrell and Paul was a large black and white poster of Nikki playing on stage and by the side of it, a single (yellow I think) flower. The 3 Jacobites were seated side by side with acoustic guitars and Paul’s selection of mouth harps.

After brief intros the band took off and stormed through old faves like Big Store, Pin your heart, Kings and Queens, and Fortune and Fame it all seemed to be a bit of a blur but wasn’t at all a sombre affair. Everywhere people were smiling singing and shouting encouragement, banter and requests. I almost expected Nikki’s voice to somehow join in.

The band took it down a little for a touching version of Johnny Thunders’ You can’t put your arms around a memory, dedicated to Nikki, Desperate Dave and JT, which then segued into Lonely Planet Boy - now I had tears in my eyes.

The band requested and received refreshment in the shape of a glass of JD and ice each. And then surprised everyone by playing Peter Sarstedts’ 1969 hit "Where do you go to my lovely?" Slipping in a lovely touch by changing a line the 2nd verse as follows

"You live in a fancy apartment
Off the Boulevard Saint-Michel
Where you keep your Jacobites* records
And a friend of Sacha Distel, yes you do"

(originally *Rolling Stones )

The night finished off with "Silver Street" and "First cut is the deepest", "Bring it on Home" The Faces’ "Debris", "Shame for the Angels".

I said my goodbyes, liberated a poster from the door and bought the latest issue of Bucketful of Brains, which, to cap it has Nikki on the cover and an interview inside.

While writing this, I received an email from the New York Dolls Forum as follows:

Speaking of "old days", the fantastic NEW YORK DOLLS performed a hot 'n' nasty set of classic tunes as well as at least a half dozen new songs at the legendary CBGB's on Tuesday night...Overall, this was a perfect evening of "punk music", and it was nice to hear them dedicate songs to the likes of Nikki Sudden, Arthur "Killer" Kane, and of course, the late, great, Mister Johnny Thunders...

I think Nikki would have felt so proud to get a dedication from a band that meant so much to him.

He lived, breathed, ate and drank rock n roll 24/7. He’ll be sadly missed but thankfully leaves a fine legacy of written and recorded work that deserves your attention.

It’s a shame for the mortals now Nikki’s an Angel."


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From the Dirty Water newsletter/mailout...

Romeo Prado, leader of the horn section for Los Angeles band THEE MIDNIGHTERS sadly passed away last weekend. Thee Midnighters, one of my favourite bands, scored a minor hit in the USA with the instrumental "Whittier Boulevard" and also with their version of "Land of 1,000 Dances". With their horn section, they achieved a fantastic mix of garage rock'n'roll and soul, equally adept at knocking out fuzzed-out stompers like "Love Special Delivery" or "Never Knew I Had It So Bad" as they were at lovelorn ballads. These guys were of Mexican heritage and were proud of their background, later recording the funky "Chicano Power". Do yourself a favour and track them down online to read more about them and hear some of their tunes.
HELLO SAFERIDE is Annika Norlin and if there's any justice then this album will make her a huge selling artist outside of Scandanavia. There's something about these songs that really carry. That get under your skin. Not just with the tunes but with the simplicity of the arrangements too. Very quiet and understated but somewhat twisted. A very classy debut chock full of wry little ditties that play out in the dead of night and in the middle of the afternoon with equal aplomb. Like The Concretes or The Wannadies channelled via The Modern Lovers maybe. All I know is that this is a great way to spend 35 minutes. No having to skip tracks. A keeper.

"Hey DollSters!

If you are not busy come along to our farwell show and see us off in style with a sensational line up of supports. All ofr just $10 at the door.

We are off to do 30 shows in Europe and details can be viewed here

See you all at the gig!"
Joey Ramone performs "Eighteen" with Raging Slab and Rick Richards (Georgia Satellites).

And also two Suicide clips here and here

Brought to you by the wonder of YouTube and the good offices of 25million.

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The very Reverend Patrick B has had another run in with those Doll Rods...


Sunday 26 March at the Dum Dum, Châlon Sur Saone (France) DDR are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a new album “There Is A Difference” and a European to be followed by a US trek. I caught them in Châlon Sur Saone. This time, Christine, who is gonna have a baby (in May) lent her drum kit (no cymbals but who needs them, same for a bass guitar) to another doll, by the name of Tia. "We didn't try out anybody else. Meeting her seemed to be divine providence" declared Danny.
It was the original lineup : Danny, Margaret and sis Christine - who recorded the new album, soulful garage punk blues gospel ... and best album so far. It begins with Margaret's sexiest as ever anthem "Take You Home" and features all time classics like the Gories "Baby Say Uhn !" (90's), Richard and the Young Lions "Open Up Your Door" (60's, other Detroiters – personally, I can’t name one group/artist from Detroit that I don’t like at all, same goes for Memphis) and John Newton "Amazing Grace" (1779). “Difference” is mostly composed of original songs like "Booty Call", with Danny on vocals or "Lil Piece Of Leather" (that already featured on "Broad Daylight" soundtrack, with weaker production. The best way to savour DDR is to see them on stage. That’s the place where they really drive you out of your mind and etch themselves into your soul. The Dum Dum (tribute name to the French group Dum Dum Boys) is a cool place, and so is Michel, the boss. The Vibromaniacs opened with a set composed of 60’s classics (He’s Waiting, Your’re Gonna Miss Me, I wanna Be Your Dog ...), punk covers (Commando, California Über Alles) and a few originals – well, not original but entertaining.
As usual, DDR organise their own equipment. After a quick soundcheck (I didn’t know that had soundchecks, eheh), just time to dress (!) and they’re back on stage. Well in fact the most important in the way they dress is rather what they have not than what they wear. All 3 wear boots and tiny shorts, plus leather bra for Tia, a lace shirt for Danny and a 100 % see thru scarf for Margaret (no pix, sorry).
Tia is very young, adorable, shy and too cute to be a minute over 20 (maybe). Her drumming is simple but effective and her empathy with the others is obvious, especially when Margaret and her make fun of Danny durin his Jimi hendrixesque solo. She also sings during “Baby Say Uhn !”. Margaret is always generous to show her ability as a go-go-goddess. She often drops her guitar, to dance or play the maraccas or to crack the whip. Danny is singing a lot more than on previous tours and it suits him. Being asked "Which musician have you ever wanted to be?" in a recent interview in Mojo, Asia Argento answered, "Danny Doll Rod especially when he used to be in The Gories. You just have to see him playing guitar on-stage in his leather underwear to want to be him." It was a great show and the DDR credo to spread the gospel of rock'n'roll continues unabated. Catch them if they play near (or even far) from your place. At the upcoming show in Ljubljana, Margaret will open the evening with a solo set, her second solo album will be issues soon, the recording is done but a few photos are required to complete the cover. I can’t wait to hear her cover of Roy Orbison’s "Dream Baby". She told That her personal faves were Jonathan Richman and Hasil Adkins and sang one of the crazy songs that Hasil wrote for her."
The news of Nikki Sudden's passing threw me for a loop this morning. He was a tireless and passionate practioner of the rock'n'roll arts and was always a staunch supporter of this NBT shennanigan that's been going for longer than any of us can imagine or perhaps care to remember. My thoughts go out to his friends and family, he was a great bloke and a believer.

And, as we approach the great 30th anniversary of (UK) punk, last night's Eastenders featured the Mitchell brothers heading on down the (2-4-6-8) motorway with a Jam/Clash soundtrack. Not a Bachman Turner Overdrive 8 track to be found. Curiouser still was the background music in a cafe they stopped at, Eddie and The Hot Rods "Get Out Of Denver". Strike a light, Guv.

Ever get the feeling that you're about to be cheated?
RIP - Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo)
(Link courtesy of Trevor Block)

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

All round nice guy Niels from the Sack-O-Woes has gone the bloggin' route as well: Eet U Smakelijk.
Heard Ronnie Spector’s version of Amy Rigby’s “All I Want” on the Tom Morton show t’other afternoon and cool as it is with Keef on it and all, it sounds a little clean compared to the original. However, having your song covered by one of the greatest singers that ever opened her yap must be pretty exciting.

The album “Last of the Rock Stars” is released on the High Coin imprint. It doesn’t seem to have that Elliot Murphy tune on it though. If only it could go as far and wide as Tina Turner, it certainly deserves too. Tony Thewlis figures that Keef got his Ronnie’s mixed up and turned up at the wrong session. As Judy Tenuta would say in her trademark brogue, “it could happen”.

Update @ 6.50pm - Amy tells me that AIW will be the single from Ronnie's album.

And talking of Mr Thewlis who is connected with this post in more ways than one, on Friday April 7th, there’s a case of conflicting gigs in London. Amy had Tony in her combo for yon recent UK tour but said combo will be fulfilling their role within Chris Wilson’s Groovin’ Flames at Dirty Water that evening. Across town (?) at The Plough in Walthamstow. Ms Rigby and Mr Goulden will be providing the entertainment that self same night so fill your boots pop pickers! The latter pair also have shows in Bristol, Brighton and Buckingham around that feted day. Next time they'll be playing places that all begin with C.
Today is a tumultuous one in terms of Scots life with the smoking ban in pubs and clubs coming into play. The practice of coming in from a night in either honking of smoke is likely to be a thing of the past although it'll be weird being in The Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow and there not being a smoke haze. However, running the gauntlet of puffers outside of such establishments might result in the odd waft or seven adhering to your garments as you scuttle past wearing oxygen equipent. Or those masks that japanese people wear to keep out the petrol fumes and day to day guffs that go around. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out. Most probably in fisticuffs but if it can work in NY and Ireland then who knows.
"Hello Friend,
Care to double your hillbilly pleasure? Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. offers two such opportunities in one week, with not only our weekly Rodeo Bar Tuesday, but also our monthly dose of Otto's Shrunken Head, the happiest place on earth!

TUESDAY, MARCH 28th / And EVERY TUESDAY this Spring / Rodeo Bar /
375 Third Avenue (corner of 27th Street), Manhattan / 10:00 sharp until 12:30 / No cover! And, returning to the home of the tiki gods...

THURSDAY, MARCH 30th / And the LAST THURSDAY of every month / Otto's Shrunken Head / 538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B), Manhattan / 8:00 until 10:00 sharp / No cover! / Featuring DJ Scratchy ("He's yellow...he's square...he's solid state") /

Double the pleasure, indeed! Sincerely yours, Michael"
RIP: Buck Owens.

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A Ramones photo exhibition in London. Just shy of 30 years from their Roundhouse debut on July 4th 1976. Time is fleeting right enough... (Link courtesy of Sir Martin of Percival)

This year's TIGERFEST includes a rare east coast show by THE PRIMEVALS. That's the East Coast of Scotland, not the USA. Thanks to Murray for the link.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If you're in the vicinity of Auld Reekie this coming weekend...

"BROTHERS, SISTERS, AUNTS AND UNCLES! It's been long overdue, but the GREASE MONKEYS' first Edinburgh gig of the year's happenin' this Saturday. As well as blastin' out our brand of cranked-up garage punk rock'n'roll, we'll be celebrating/commiserating your last chance to smoke inside a licensed venue in Scotland - so SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM!!!'s yer last chance to light up while watching live rock'n'roll! Supports come in the form of Glasgow hardy perennials, the POISON SISTERS ...long-standing masters of crafting twisted but catchy punk-edged toons and Edinburgh's very own PLASTIC ADULTS who do a good line in hooky rock/punk tunes. Soo, here's the full gen...........

17 West Register Street, Edinburgh (0131 557 4792). Doors: 9pm, £4 entry...hope to see y'all there - remember to bring a spare pack of cigs! Yours in Good Faith......................Jim (Grease Monkeys CEO)"

and if you're not flagging and need to smoke indoors once more before tis forbidden then cut through Waverley Station or head round past the Black Bull to...

"come and smoke your last nightclub fag, or celebrate the end of passive smoking at...... MONDO a GO-GO - Saturday 25th March, in The Loft @ The Venue, Calton Road, Edinburgh. 11pm til 3am, £5/4 before Midnight, £6/5 after. Residents Tall Paul Robinson and Angus will be there to play; 60's, Mod, Garage, Punk, Surf and Psych. But much more important than that will be the Guest DJ presence of Edinburgh Vinyl Guru, Professor Plastic, spining some mighty 60's European Beat and Pop, Soundtracks and Ska - all from the depths of his vinyl vaults."

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Something to live for... (other than The Sopranos)



Norton Records is proud to announce the signing of Mary Weiss, lead singer of the Shangri-Las, to the Norton cavalcade of stars... Mary is set for a spring NYC recording date with THE REIGNING SOUND... Billy Miller and Greg Cartwright to produce ... Mary is selecting from a batch of great new comps from today's most talked-about songwriters including Greg Cartwright, John Felice, Andy Shernoff, Jackie DeShannon and others TBA... Mary's first album of new material since 1965... Mary is geared up for her return to the studio and STAGE... and so are we! Mary was fifteen years old when she and her sister Elizabeth (Betty) began singing with identical twins Margie and Mary Ann Ganser in their Cambria Heights neighborhood of Queens, New York, as students at Andrew Jackson High School. They soon came to the attention of George "Shadow" Morton and shot into the charts with massive hits on the Red bird label including Remember (Walking In The Sand), Leader Of The Pack, Give Him A Great Big Kiss, I Can Never Go Home Anymore, Give Us Your Blessings and Out In The Streets. The Shangri-Las gave a voice to real teenagers, with Mary's explosive lead vocals delivering emotion packed melodramas that made them one of the most consistently exciting groups of the day. Look for our interview with Mary on the Norton website in April, when you will learn where she's been and where she's going, setting the record straight about her days as a teenage rock n' roll star. Says Mary: "I'm excited by the opportunity to work with Billy, Miriam, some great writers and a kick ass rock n' roll band!" Hail, Mary Weiss, ultimate cultural icon!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Out soon: UGLY THINGS - ISSUE #24 "Special INLAND EMPIRE GARAGE issue with big stories on The Bush and The Mustangs, plus the Rubber City Rebels, Part 2 of Sheridan & Price and Mike & the Ravens, the Flamin' Groovies, the Phantom Brothers, the Stiphnoyds, Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band & more".
New 7”e.p. Digger & the Pussycats, live at World Cup 2006! 4 Kick-ass live recordings from yr favourite World Cup-countries from Group A, Group C and Group F (Germany, Holland and Australia that is) Co-release with P-Trash Records from Bielefeld, Germany
For more info see

Don’t be a moron, catch Digger live on their Eurotour NOW !!! :
Wed Mar 8 - Ekko, Utrecht, Netherlands
Thurs Mar 9 – 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
Fri Mar 10 - Station 77, Wuppertal, Germany
Sat Mar 11 - Kulturpalast, Hannover, Germany
Sun Mar 12 - Patronaat, Haarlem, Netherlands
Mon Mar 13 - 2 Palmiers, Nancy, France
Tues Mar 14 - The Pits, Kortrijk, Belgium
Wed Mar 15 - Tsunami, Koln, Germany
Thurs Mar 16 - Lades Kaelder, Copenhagen, Denmark
Fri Mar 17 - Rock Bottom, Oslo, Norway
Sat Mar 18 - Feelgood, Halden, Norway
Sun Mar 19 – Skylten, Linkoping, Sweden
Mon Mar 20 - Decibel, Oskarsham, Sweden
Thur Mar 23 - Suburbia, Stockholm, Sweden
Fri Mar 24 – Club Idiot, Orebro, Sweden
Sat Mar 25 – Club Showdown, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mon Mar 27 - Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
Tues Mar 28 - Black Fleck, Potsdam, Germany
Wed Mar 29 - Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany
Thurs Mar 30 – Gleis 22, Munster, Germany
Fri Mar 31 - Pretty Vacant, Dusseldorf, Germany
Sat Apr 1 - Dipol, Freiberg, Germany

Punk Rock Comes to Canada. From the CBC Archives.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Destined to be "bigger than gigantic" and coming at you April 10th courtesy of Spit and Polish. Karine Polwart's "Scribbled In Chalk", see the video for "I'm Gonna Do It all" here.
So the intention was to go and see “The Proposition”. However, as it turns out, it wasn’t bloody on so – being in the cinema I decided, agin my inner judgement to see “Walk The Line”. For weeks now I managed to quell the nosey gene but faced with no real alternative I laid the money down. Turns out that my hunch was right all along, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. It’s watchable enough and, though I’m not a fan, Reese Witherspoon really steals the show. Such as it is. That Phoenix guy reminds me more of Morrissey by way of Chris Isaak than Johnny Cash. Of course if you deck him out in black then it’s like a cloak of invisibility but I’d rather that Lou Whitney had done the voiceover. It’s in the same biopic territory as Ray and the superior “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. All very authentic but missing any real heart and/or soul. It’s no “Great Balls Of Fire” and if you thought that Dennis Quaid didn’t look like Jerry Lee then you want to clock the geezer that plays him in this. “WTL” has none of “Great Balls” raggedy charm. The score is good if slightly homogenized but I think that’s because the real tracks are so familiar to me. It’s a seasoned crew including Peter Case and Tony Gilkyson. My favourite was their rendition of “It Ain’t Me Babe”, there was actually some on-screen chemistry there. The practice of making films about people who haven’t long shifted this mortal coil is something I find uncomfortable. If it introduces the music to an audience that hasn’t been exposed to it then fine but the vehicle is too glossy. Too slick. But ain’t those the breaks…

Friday, March 17, 2006

Website coming soon... stay tuned for that link.

Soon as it's available!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

An old NBT mucker caught Radio Birdman recently, read the report here...

Also, there's a match update on the Wreckless Eric/Cynical Girls tag team tour on Mr Goulden's site. All of human life is in these tracts.

Not much in the way of gigs around here but further afield, The Alex Chilton Trio will be in Europe and will be Whelan's in Dublin on Tuesday 25th April. Those Fleshtones are headed for Scandanavia at the start of May, Olso (3rd), Helsinki (4th), Stockholm (5th), and Gothenburg (6th). Click HERE for venue info.

In addition to the Link show,The Nomads have a show just outside of Frankfurt called DARMSTADT at Goldene Krone on May 13 together w/ the Doits (also from Stockholm).

Mr Crider tells me that the finalisedMono Men SPANISH ATTACK dates are as follows...
April 12 - Vitoria @ Helldorado,
April 13 - Ponferrada @ Freakland Festival
April 14 - Madrid @ Gruta 77

As always, Stockholm is the place to be for action-packed rock'n'roll antics. Sheriff (I assume that makes sense to the locals?) and Debaser on April 7th for a stellar line up saluting Mr Link Wray.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What's up with that?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wed. 4/19 - Winston, Amsterdam Holland w/ Sonic Litter, Reputation
Thu. 4/20 - Trefkoel, Groningen Holland
Fri. 4/21 - King Calavera, Hamburg Germany w/ Divine Brown
Sat. 4/22 - Club Showdown, Gothenburg Sweden w/ The Shocker
Sun. 4/23 - Elm Street, Oslo Norway
Mon. 4/24 - Sluggy will be DJ-ing at the BUZZCOCKS show in Gothenburg
Tue. 4/25 - WE DON'T KNOW !! HELP US OUT !!
Wed. 4/26 - Feelgood, Halden Norway
Thu. 4/27 - Orebro, Sweden, TBC
Fri. 4/28 - Vernissa, Vantaa Finland
Sat. 4/29 - Vastavirta-Klubi, Tampere Finland
Sun. 4/30 - ???, Stockholm Sweden
Mon. 5/1 - ???, Malmo Sweden
Wed. 5/3 MDC practise
Thu. 5/4 MDC practise
Fri. 5/5 MDC Wasted fest
Sat. 5/6 Tenne Musikkneipe, Hoehr-Grenzhausen Germanyw/ M.D.C.
Sun 5/7 MDC + Nitwitz Rotterdam Holland TBC
Mon 5/8
Tue 5/9
Wed 5/10 - TBC Spain
Thu. 5/11 - Pub Districte, Sant Carles de la Rapita Spain
Fri. 5/12 - Festival, Lleida Spain w/ Saratoga, Primal Fear
Sat. 5/13 - Billy Cool, Bilbao Spain w/ Torazinas
Sun. 5/14 - Sala Jam, Bergara Spain w/ Señor No
Mon. 5/15 - Mogambo, Donosti (st. Sebastian) Spain w/ Señor No
Tue. 5/16 - Edaska, Barakaldo Spain w/ Señor No
Wed. 5/17 - L'Ile aux Tresors, Limoges France
Thu. 5/18 - Club TBC, Paris France
Fri. 5/19 - Cul-de-Sac, Tilburg Holland
Sat. 5/20 - TBC, Hoogeveen Holland
Sun. 5/21 - Amsterdam, Holland
Hey, hey, hey Kits'n'Kittens! There's a double-dose of Sonic Reducer action next weekend! We'll be a-rockin'n'sockin' on Saturday nite up at Filthy MacNasty's, dishing our patented, superlative muss'n'fuss of barmy funk, lairy beat, scintillatin' soul, good-gawd-y'all gospel, gripping garage punk, mutant rock'n'drool, and The Singing Postman, with special guest DJ Captain Rex Standish (RCA MGB RKO DiPso) of the justly-revered 50 Watts Of Power club. As per, we'll be showin' a loada vintage footage on the biiiig screen and, it being St Pat's, there'll also a free packet of Tayto crisps with each pint of Guinness purchased! Gratis potato products AND the Big Beat, free! Truly, we live in wondrous times ...
Captain Standish will also be taking control of rudder and throttle next Sunday evensong, when he'll be piloting The Stripchords through a set of saucy bump'n'grind instrumentals at The Large Club, a hep night at Bethnal Green Working Mens' Club. 'Big' Alan Milliner's shindig also feature the organ styling of Rory More, and post-set tuneage from yer ever-loving Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs.
Having been rehearsing furiously in their North London smut space, The Stripchords are proud to reveal that they'll be debuting some new tunes next Sunday, including "Voodoo Clam", "The Dirty Burglar", and a cover of "Love Potion Number 9". Plus, this tits'n'twang-centric aggregation have collated a fresh'n'fruity line-up of vintage 8mm cheesecake films for your titillation - as ever, curated by Mr Jim Bishop. Check out The Stripchords. So, izzat a double date?

See ya at the bar(s)! Selah Joss & Joe

Sonic Reducer @ Filthy MacNasty's, 68 Amwell Street, London EC1V

Nearest Tube is Angel / King's Cross

Saturday March 18th, 7pm-11.30pm, FREE ENTRY

The Stripchords

March, 19 2006 at The Large Club

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, E2 6NB 7.30pm-midnite

Cost: £4, free before 9pm

Further info

The Sonic Reducer Tag Team will also be spinning 45s after The Stripchords' set.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bettie Page in the LA Times
(Thanks to Lisa F. for the link)

THE GREASE MONKEYS are supporting UNCLE JOHN & WHITELOCK this Wednesday at Oran Mor (on the corner of Byres Road & Great Western Road) in Glasgow

WEDNESDAY 15TH MARCH at ORAN MOR, Great Western Road, doors: 7.30, first band: possibly as early as 8, tickets: £7

...yeah, I know £7 is pretty steep - there's a big buzz around UJ&W at the mo' - they sold out King Tuts early January, but they're actually pretty damn good!"
A Fleshtones tribute?
Although it'll probably be Slush Central in a few hours, there's a veritable Billie Jo Spears situation out of doors. A blanket on the ground (for those not familiar with the country chanteuse). I made the antarctic trek for the Sunday paper and got splattered by a show plough for my trouble. Anyway I is back, dried off and not planning to leave the ol' "midden heid" again today. Compared to some places this 6 or 8 inch fall is nothing but it's causing chaos throughout Central Scotland today and certainly the most snow I can remember since maybe 1992 or thereabouts.
"Greetings, dear friend, from your trusted source in Hillbilly-styled entertainment, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.!

Please join SIT & Die Co. at the RODEO BAR on TUESDAY, MARCH 14th, for the opening night of our new rootin' tootin' Tuesday residency, won't you? It'll be our first show of the year -- and on hand will be everyone's favorite gypsy, THE BABY MARIA, joining us for three colossal sets beginning at 10pm sharp. The show's free and so are the peanuts!

TUESDAY, MARCH 14th and EVERY TUESDAY this Spring!

Rodeo Bar
275 Third Avenue (corner of 27th Street), Manhattan / Three colossal sets, at 10:00, 11:00 & 12:00 sharp / No cover!

Also, for the tiki lover in you...

THURSDAY, MARCH 30th and the LAST THURSDAY of every month!

Otto's Shrunken Head,
538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B), Manhattan / 8:00 until 10:00 sharp / No cover!

Sincerely, Michael, "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Death rattle from the tombs...


The Doll Rods will be making an assault on sections of Europe as follows... their new album "There Is A Difference" is heading your way courtesy of Swami.

Shows list updated 18/03

march 24 France tba
march 25 France St Etienne Thunderbird
march 26 France Chalon Dum Dum
march 27 Switzerland tba
march 28 Switzerland Zurich
march 29 Croatia Varazdin Gimnet
march 30 Slovenia Ljubljana Orto Club
march 31 Italy Cineglio Zion Rock Club
april 1 Italy Cavriago Calamita
april 2 Italy Roma
april 3 Italy Lecce Candle
april 4 Italy Madonna del Albero Bronson
april 5 Italy Torino Spazio 211
april 7 Italy Vitoria at Helldorado
april 8 Spain Santona Tropicana
april 9 Spain Castellon Ricoamor
april 10 Spain Madrid at El Juglar
april 11 Spain Madrid Gruta 77
april 12 Spain Caceres Belle Epoque
april 13 Spain Ponferrada Freakland festival
april 14 Spain Orense at Rock Club
april 15 Spain Andoain at Gaztetxe
april 16 France Marmande garorock

Photo by Fabrizio Costantini

Thursday, March 09, 2006

No this isn't a radio show about me, PRETTY ANCIENT was discovered by Martin Percival because those REZILLOS have been asked to participate.

I hope that BBC 6 have asked Wreckless Eric along... anyway, I suppose we're gearing up for a 30 years of scenario as 2006 unfolds. Christ, NBT is nudging that vintage itsel'.

Hello Cleveland.... if you're in the vicinity of this establishment then please take a wee schlep along to see my buddy Jon's fine work. He da man!

THE STRIPCHORDS comin' atcha courtesy of myspace... for once my pc never crashed when entering that stratosphere.

Dollsquad have a release coming up on the Teen Sounds label outta Italy and will be hitting up Blighty on Friday 14th April at DIRTY WATER with THE HOLLYWOOD SINNERS (Spain) + THE HIGHER STATE with Mole & Martin (both former membes of The Mystreated) DJing.

Mark it in what's left of yer mynds...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A death in the Scotch Sitting Room. RIP - Ivor Cutler

Incase you're not familiar with his work visit
RIP - John Junkin
Hey y'all. Just a little note to let you know about the new online version of my Slippy Town Times zine:

There's reviews of sounds and video, Bruce Cole's photos of the '74 Stooges, hot pix, spam pomes, some stuff from the archives (Creme Soda & Buffalo Rock Writers Symposium) that used to be at the site, etc. And more on the way!

Also note that the first Gizmos CD (complete studio recordings from the original '76/'77 band) is back in print (third pressing!). Plus I've got the new Magik Markers CD from Gulcher, MX-80's latest from Family Vineyard, etc., etc. Buy stuff, so I can keep doing this forever!

Rock on.

send stuff here:
Eddie Flowers
16473 McKeever Street
Granada Hills CA 91344
"Geographic is proud to announce a limited edition 7" single commemorating the imminent visit of incredible Maher Shalal Hash Baz. How's Your Bassoon, Turquoirs? was cut in Belle & Sebastian's rehearsal space and is Maher in rough-hued folk-pop mode with Tori Kudo imagining a new sound in part influenced by something his friend, Keiji Haino told him about the Only Ones. Already this track is legendary amongst Maher fans, so if you want one you better get on it quick. The single will be available at concerts, and from the Domino website, Monorail Music, and a few other strategic suppliers in April. The b-side is also amazing, a new Bill Wells composition called Banned Announcement, performed with Maher Shalal Hash Baz in Kyoto, Japan.

Maher's visit this time is at the invitation of Bill Wells, and is a one-off opportunity for British audiences to see a stellar cast of Japanese musicians, including Tenniscoats, Kama Aina, and Kazumi Nikaidoh, not only playing their own, incredible musics but collaborating with each other, and with Bill. Charting landmark to landmark."

Fri 7 April, Bush Hall, London (0208 222 693)
Tue 11 April, Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline (01383 314000)
Wed 12 April, CCA, Glasgow (0141 352 4900)
Thu 13 April, The Tolbooth, Stirling (01786 274000)
Fri 14 April, An Tobar, Tobermory (01688 302211)
Sun 16 April, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen (01224 642230)
Tue 18 April, An Lanntair, Stornoway (01851 703307)
Fri 21 April, Lyth Arts Centre (01955 641270)
Sat 22 April, Woodwick House, Orkney (01856 751330)

And proving that we are a cross-cultural smorgasbord or whatever... an eye witness report on the Cynical Girls + Wreckless show in NY by Annmarie Pinarski.

"The Cynical Girls (Amy Rigby & Marti Jones) with Wreckless Eric opening, played to a SRO crowd at Joe's Pub Friday in Manhattan, NYC.

Eric opened with a solo set from his impressive and ongoing songbook and punctuated his stint by reading aloud from his extremely entertaining autobiography in hopes of, according to himself, adding a little class to the evening. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

The crowd at Joe's seemed to breakdown as follows: 60-65% familiar with Amy and/or Marti; 35-40% on hand for the low booze prices of Happy Hour (the show started at the ungodly hour of 7 p.m. as it was the first of two for the eve.).

Of the portion of the crowd familiar w/ some aspect of the Cynical Girls about half apparently knew nothing before or beyond Amy's Joey Ramone song as they relentessly shouted for it between and during numbers. The Cynical Girls focused on tunes from Amy's first LP with a sprinkling of Jones' salt. Oh, and back to crowd percentages--about 95% drunk.

Part way into their solid set the Cynical Girls surprisingly offered a bit of skit humor with Jones and Rigby as painters in a quandary because they had no model. In walks Eric, clad in a bathrobe, to save the day. He strips down to a t-shirt and skivvies and launches into an epic nearing-10-minute version of 33s and 45s, by far the highlight of the evening, even though many in the crowd were distracted by Eric's "massive package" on clear display behind the flimsy cloth of his knickers.

For better or worse, the question most on hand will take away from the evening is, was it real or was it fresh produce artfully stuffed? The package, not the music. As always with this bunch, the music was as real as it gets."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My absence on this here NBT blog is generally due to my ongoin’ travels thru’ the mid-70s US underground. Diggin’ thru’ yellowed magazines, searchin’ the web and usually comin’ up with more questions than answers. Over the past week one label in particular has kept me occupied, that bein’ the Kiderian discerry outta Chicago. Seein’ the Boyz 1975 single Laughs On Me described in Bomp magazine as “acid folk”, my interested was peeked and I quickly located a copy on the web. And a pretty good disc it is, hardly “pre-punk punk” as it’s often listed, but a solid pop tune anyways. A review of this in a 1976 issue of New York Rocker mentioned that these guys had more tracks available on a label-sampler, which again was not too hard to find on the web. Goodbye Dolores – A Kiderian Records Sampler is none too spectacular, some nice enough 70s pop, but the two songs from the Boyz 45 are the only stand-outs. The sleeve is something else tho’, my first impression was that it was the soundtrack to some cheapo soft porn flick, but as there is no mention at all of this bein’ so, I guess there’s gotta be some other “theme” here. The main guy in the pictures has enough hair to start a carpet business and I’m guessin’ this is label owner/producer Raymond Peck. But who’s the girl in various states of undress? Could this be the Dolores mentioned in the title? And what has she got to do with anything? Did she die? (there’s a pic on the sleeve of the guy sittin’ behind a tombstone). The final song on the album is titled Goodbye Dolores 72-76, which might indicate that the “Goodbye” is merely referring to a broken relationship. Who knows.
Anyways, I was intrigued. Thanks to the wonders of Google I soon found out that Kiderian was launched somewhere in the mid 60s and released some authentic garage 45s. Their second release was Girl I Need You by Nobody’s Children, who’s singer did a remake of that tune for the 1976 comp (or is it the original version?). Some of the other releases by Mourning Daze and Creme Soda are high priced items these days as well. Back to the Boyz, according to Fuzz, Acid and Flowers this band dates back to the mid 60s, with two release on Destination and an earlier issue of Laughs On Me on I.R.C., it then goes on to state that “this outfit was supposedly born out of The Phaetons and from The Boyz went on to Grim Reaper, Fuse and eventually Cheap Trick”. One of their earlier tracks can be found on Highs in the Mid Sixties vol. 4, which also mentions the 1976 sampler. Not too surprising tho’ as that LP gives the Bomp PO Box in Burbank as contact address. And since we sadly can no longer ask Greg for some more details I’m hopin’ that some of you NBT readers might enlighten me further in regards to this label and it’s bands. Any info is welcome, as are MP3s...
Below is a first attempt at a discography. Again, any additional info is more than welcome.


45111 Night Shift – I Call Your Name/ She
45112 Nobody’s Children – Girl I Need You/ inst. (1967) (produced by Raymond Peck)
45113 Ray Peck & Placy Anatra – Makin’ Up And Breakin’ Up/You Must Believe Me
45114 Conquest – Is I Right?/Look At Me
45115 Mourning Dayze – Fly My Paper Plane/Sad Man’s Madness (1968)
45116 Don & the Dilighters – Pretty Black Girl/Fighting For My Baby
45117 Roy Manning – I’ve Got My Thing/
45118 Dottie Marie – Did I Ever Care/Burning Bridges
45119 Roy Manning – Pride/
45120 Gollum - Desert Heat/Prayer of Despair (1974)
45121 Creme Soda – Keep It Heavy/And That Is That
45122 Creme Soda – I’m Chewing Gum/Roses All Around
45123 Diana Frazer & Crosstalk – Just Another Day/Come Walk With Me
45124 Geoffrey Krafitz – Harder To Do
45127 Sonic Prism – Your Time Is Going T Come/Situation
45129 Rick Karas – Sun Up, Me Down/
45130 Boyz – Laughs On Me/Charlotte (1975) (produced by Raymond Peck)
45131 Damrod – Twelve Hour Man/Once Again

3335 Various – Goodbye Dolores, A Kiderian Label Sampler
Still grappling with the computer problems, hence the guerrilla posts here and there. Hope to straighten it out this week. This and life continues to hamper any consistent reportage from this end but there’s nowt else for it but to muddle in the direction that one presumes is forward. Doesn’t exactly feel like it from where this guy is sitting. Anyway a few bits’ and pieces, Mike McEchron reports on the Staysick list that “Don Willis died in Memphis March 1st. Maker of one of the all-time great rockabilly records Boppin' High School Baby/Warrior Sam”.

Was walking past Queen Street in Glasgow's answer to Hot Topic yesterday and saw a CBGB's shower curtain (at least that's what I presume it was). Oy and indeed vay. It does have The Fleshtones listed on it and everybody else that's played there in the trademark Village Voice ad style. It also reminds me of the funny MC Lars track about the Corporatising of Punk and Goth and reminds me that a Sex Pistols pencil case, as well as SP boxer shorts is NOT punk rock.

Monorail has a wad of the Yeongene & BMX Bandits cdEP “Save Our Smiles”, that’s come out on the Korean label Beatball. It’s an upbeat hullabaloo and includes a version of Daniel Johnson’s “Do You Really Love Me?” and a song called “Come Out and Play” which is not a Twisted Sister cover. Maybe they could have a stab at “We’re Not Gonna Take It” at some juncture…? I’m happy to pick up copies of this for anyone out there who might want one so e-mail if you fit that bill. Wish it was on vinyl but in this existence, as we all know, y’can’t have everything.

Inebriated is the condition that South Filthy’s "Crackin’ Up" was very possibly conceived in. The exit stage left of any inhibition which has resulted in a kind of gung-ho bizarre world take on something like The Highwaymen. A malcontent supergroup, sozzled and out for kicks as they loosely interpret a set-full of hugely enjoyable runs though a jungle of covers (Marvin rainwater, Ian Hunter, Tom T. Hall) and originals. They fall on their bahookies a couple of times too but that all adds grist to the rabble-arousing mill. This latest Licorice Tree release and continues that label’s high-scoring batting average. SF include Msr Jeffrey Evans, and Jack Yarber who corral in a seasoned bunch of reprobates like Mike Buck and Eugene Chadbourne amongst many others. Their interpretation of "Wimp" isn’t a patch on The Nomads but that said it must be a helluva sight to hear and behold the Filthy in a roadhouse or similar such establishment. I imagine that’s where it really comes intae it’s own. Their take on Gino Washington's "C'mon Let's Monkey" sounds like it was culled from the Venusian pressing of the Grease soundtrack. With extra grease.

Boonaraaas photos from the recent Gloria Club show in Paris. This one by Eric Gill can be viewed along with many others by clicking on the links of the latest entry on the band's news page.

Check out Tom Morton's "Learning To Hate The Beatles".

US readers, only a week until the start of Season Six...

And finally…

"Album Release Party Number 2 for the world famous SHOCK AND AWE

The new SHOCK AND AWE album - "SHOCK AND AWE GO HOME" - is released on Saturday April 15th, 2006. To celebrate we're having a party that night in the Subway Cowgate with completely FREE entry and special offer CD's for sale

A full night of entertainment starting at 7:30, bands all over by 10:30 but you can stay in the subway until 3am closing if you like. We'll be aided and abetted yet again by the legendary Paul Research doing his multi media art/punk/disco interface experience.

Next gig is at Queen Margaret Students Union in Corstorphine on Friday, 10th March (next Friday), meant to be students only, but if you fancy heading along, contact the band via the link above and they'll see about getting you in."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Monorail Music is proud to announce that the fabulous Concretes, from Stockholm, are to launch their new album, In Colour, in Mono on Sunday 12th March. We declared their self-titled debut a 'creepy masterpiece', and it was our album of the year in 2004. In Colour is even better; a rich mix of folk-pop, traditional northern music, and slightly wonky soul. From 9pm, with The Concretes in colour in concert and The Pastels on the decks.

This is a free event but you need to collect a ticket from Monorail.

Monorail Music, 12 Kings Court, Glasgow G1 5RB. 0141 552 9458

Friday, March 03, 2006

TRIPTYCH programme now available!

Thursday, March 02, 2006