Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've made a smidge of progress today. Both with the state of the drive and with filing records. Nothing too drastic but something.

Was reading the Lefsetz thing where he was getting all moist about “twitter”. This is the same guy that’s putting the boot into Record Store Day for whatever reason. Something to do with the internet? It generally is with him. Greetin’ faced is how we’d describe him here in Scotch-land. I’m guilty of being the same (stop smirking) myself but recently this guy has taken the art form to a whole new level. To tear something like RSD a new one is his most flaccid tirade yet. I actually find his attitude to this somewhat wretched, as I do his attack on (Elvis) Costello for something that has less than sod all to do with anything.

Yes, we know the web is killing music (sales) in terms of stores. That’s like a ripe plook on your schnoz that’s just about to burst but we must apply balm to those outlets that are left. If, for no other reason than the sheer joy they’ve given us over the decades. Some will survive and although it’s pretty tough, the hardcore hardware dealers are a fairly resourceful bunch themselves. It’s all a fairly romantic notion, I know. The ensuing generations have no experience of the finer aspects of hanging around in record shops. I could get all nostalgic at this point but will spare you that for now.

I was feeling pretty mellow before I read his pish. His angle on things used to entertain me but now the Apple groupie bit coupled with the continual mantra going over and over and over the same fucking thing has me reaching for the unsub link. His recent rankling of Gene Simmons bought him some time but even that was kind of sullied by his own seemigly creepy supercilious agenda. He has some answers but not them all. I do like clicking on songs that he recommends though, these are (almost) always horrible.

Anyway, RSD is presactly one week away, this time next year there will probably be less of them than ever. Celebrate this vanishing breed and pray that there’ll be a spike – something like the cinema industry experienced – when people started to go to those places again. There’s nothing like a cinema screening and there’s similarly nowt like going to a proper shop to pick up your music. Not Tesco, not Asda, not HMV. And as handy as Amazon or wherever may be, give that a rest, at least next Saturday.

If you have a store - or work in one, and you’re doing something to mark the occasion then please send details and I’ll compile a wha’appen, where in the middle of the week.