Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I’ve been considering making a concerted effort to post stuff here more regularly. The whys and wherefores are irrelevant to a large extent and this is me sort of typing out loud. Maybe it’s part of the process to convince myself that it could happen? Who knows? Last night I burned two hours watching the Indyref debate and  was blazing by the end of it. I’ve grown weary of living in these spoof-like times. Life imitates outlandish parody far too often these days and a refugee from Still Game and another from Yes Minister are wheeled on to attempt to convince us of the advantages of their own particular corners. I don't give a rats chuff who you think won on points, both of them blew it. Pure and simple. This was a storyline that even Armando Iannucci wouldn’t try to pull off. I believe that in the next season Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister of this sceptic isle and much knockabout fun will ensue. Malcolm Tucker is now a Time Lord. What the heck he worry?
Irrespective of what happens on September 18th, aye or nay – this is what will represent us so help us. I’m inclined toward the affirmative in idealistic terms but my died in the DNA cynicism suggests that we’ve been sold down a mighty long river. My taking a chance on the unknown is an adventure however the bigger picture, for future generations is an altogether different story. The gilt might come off the gingerbread pretty quick but it could all turn out fine, in spite of all concerned. The only sure thing is that it’s a gamble. Noble in theory, likely to be hijacked by devious bastards in reality but perhaps not, I’d genuinely like to be proven wrong on this one but it could be the reason I've been needing to  

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose like the song says so lets break out that blue and white face paint and get this thing on the road.